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I don't watch Stranger Things, but your harringrove reblogs/tags might get me watching just for Steve and Billy

The Billy and Steve dynamic doesn’t happen until season 2 (which is the season Billy is introduced), and even then, there aren’t too many scenes with the two of them (like, my love for them comes from the fandom more than the canon). 

But s3 is next year and Billy will apparently have a bigger part (and hopefully more scenes with Steve) so. Go for it! If only so you can dive into the fandom and appreciate it fully~

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Hannibal growling out sleepy threats to a laughing Will. Eventually Will takes pity (not really but his stomach hurts from laughter) and calls the dogs over for their morning feeding.


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about the last hannigram gifset you reblogged [the one with hannibal looking at will under the primavera]: look at how hannibal plays with his sketchbook because he has to refrain from touching him - i want to die!!!!!!!!!!! i love them sm ahsjkd

I love love love the contrast between the two of them–

Will so calm and collected, he went on an epic journey of self discovery across the sea, to the royal castle, and finally to the canniprincess himself.

Hannibal fidgeting with his pencil and sketchbook from excitement, Mr. I-am-in-complete-control-of-myself-except-for-when-it-comes-to-my-feelings-for-the-graham-cracker, going ‘Will!! is!!! here!!! adkdjfhdfh!!’. 

Way back in season 1, we got to see Hannibal fidget–even hesitate!–because of his Will feelings (and because, unlike the above gif, Will wasn’t there)

This is such a small tell, but it’s such a big important tell for his emotional state and where the story is going–that Will Graham has thoroughly wrecked Hannibal the Cannibal Lecter with the power of ~*~*~*love~*~*~* from day one.

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Hi! New around here... May I ask what do you like about Madancy? Mads sure seems to fancy Mr. Dancy, Hugh.. not so much )=

My dear sweet baby fannibal, I need to stop you right there. 

Since you say you’re new, I’ll help you out.

“Well, it came about because one of the things that was very important was that Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter have a likeability, not only on screen but with each other. The fact that Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are very good friends in real life cinched the deal, in my mind. That was important because I knew it was going to translate to screen. We wanted the audience to like these two men liking each other.” — Bryan Fuller on how he ended up casting Mads Mikkelsen (x)

“Hugh Dancy was the first actor cast and that made the project all that more appetizing for Mads Mikkelsen, who knew Hugh and worked with him in the past and rightfully adored him.— Bryan Fuller (x)”

“Me and Hugh (Dancy) were two of the knights (in King Arthur). So we were sitting for half a year on horseback and we became friends way back then. It’s just been a gift. We’re doing a show like this where you’re working so close together. It’s nice to be comfortable with each other, and that was just a gift that it turned out to be me and Hugh”— Mads Mikkelsen 

“Mads is a remarkable combination of things. He’s more than capable of fighting for what he wants. He’s amazing.”— Hugh Dancy

“Well obviously what I’m going to miss is just sitting down in a chair and having chit-chats with Hugh Dancy.” — Mads Mikkelsen on Hannibal S3 (x)

“It’s great. The very first time we sat down, talked about the show, Mads came up at the conversation. I worked with Mads nine years ago now on ‘King Arthur’. Completely different. Could not be more different. But during that period I got to know him and really like him. As a man as an actor. And had followed his career ever since then. I knew it was going to be great. That relationship is so complicated and interesting. It has to be believable. That’s one of the highlights of the show for me.” — Hugh Dancy

“So, spending that much time with a fellow actor, as I knew I would do with Hugh, it was just a fantastic gift that we knew each other. We are not only in the room, but to a degree, we have to be emotionally naked in certain situations.” — Mads Mikkelsen spoke about friendship with Hugh and cast (x)

(Mads Mikkelsen from Red Dragon Con, post)

(Hugh Dancy, The Path interview, post)

He’s worked with the actor Hugh Dancy previously and agrees that such a genuine friendship lends something special to their on screen relationship. “It was a great gift for both of us, that we were able to spend some much time together on the show. We were kind of in a boat of insecurity from the beginning, but it was nice to have a friend there, if you go down or you stay up. To be able to be comfortable with someone in a room, day in, day out of filming, 12 hours a day, was an extreme gift for both of us. We found a way of working together really fast. Hopefully I’ll get to spend time with him during the third season as well, but if not I’ll just have to go drink some beers with him!” — Mads Mikkelsen (x)

“I would say an actor like Mads, but there aren’t any, there’s just Mads.” — Hugh Dancy during the SAG Foundation interview (x).

And finally:

“Collaboration with Mads, who I love, who’s a wonderful actor and incredible partner in that respect “ — Hugh Dancy on what the show means to him

Hugh has become one of my very, very, very good friends. We knew each other from before, but it’s been so intense to spend three seasons together. I was there when he had his first little baby. It’s been a fantastic journey. We were just very, very lucky that we ended up with each other. Imagine if we had ended up with someone we didn’t like.” — Mads Mikkelsen (post)

Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy are friends. I’m not sure where you got the impression that they aren’t or that one dislikes the other.

Mads likes Hugh. 

Hugh likes Mads. 

They’re friends.

And their amazing chemistry and friendship (and various aesthetic reasons) is why I ship the fleet of ships that belong to Hugh and Mads and their characters.

So, after all of this, if you’re interested in some more Mads and Hugh liking each other and goofing around together goodies, check out my tag ‘danish crumpet’.

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I'm your Harringrove anon of a while back and I'm neck deep into this shit and fantasising about a 10 things I hate about you AU but set in the 80s and with more secrecy and fights and gay and sex... Damnit.

I tried. 

  • Nancy and Steve have broken up, but they still hang out because when they were together they talked on the phone every single night and they were each other’s best friends and it’s sort of hard to just not be friends at this point (also Steve’s only other friend is a thirteen year old boy who keeps asking him to play dungeons and dragons and Steve isn’t ready to go full-nerd-mom just yet and Nancy isn’t doing much better when it comes to her place on the social ladder of Hawkins)
  • It’s late, it’s a school night, Steve is playing third wheel to Jonathan and Nancy and he’s the drunkest one out of all of them when he breaks down out of nowhere and says ‘I think I’m queer’ and Jonathan and Nancy have a silent conversation all with their eyes (Jonathan: ’I don’t know how to react to this???? Please help me??’ Nancy: ‘My heart is literally going to explode from all of the feelings I’m feeling right now.’)
  • Nancy being Nancy and feeling guilty about how their breakup happened becomes determined to get Steve back on his feet (except they’re in Hawkins and the only gay person Nancy even knows is her uncle and he’s fifty and lives in Florida with, what her dad calls, his ‘best pal’ so pickings are slim)
  • There are rumors though and the only rumor that has some chance of being credible is that Billy Hargrove will fuck anyone–anyone–and Billy may not be her first choice when it comes to men who are good enough for Steve, but Billy is Hot in that way that makes even Nancy mad and seems to have some sort of thing for Steve and somehow has a 4.0 GPA (something she is not jealous of, she isn’t, don’t look at her) 
  • It’s a delicate proposition and one that, if it got out, would cause problems for Steve and he’s already got enough of them and keeps walking around school like a perpetually moping puppy, so Nancy tries to be as cautious and hypothetical as possible
    (”If I were to say another guy liked you, what would–” 
    “So Steve likes me, huh?”)
  • It’s a productive and irritating conversation because Billy Hargrove needs to be difficult and doesn’t bother hiding how much he enjoys being difficult, but the deal is struck by the end of it (”Just make him feel–better. About himself, you know?”) and it only costs Nancy thirty dollars and a good chunk of her and Steve’s dignity–which he will hopefully never find out he’s missing 
  • Nancy is hiding behind an old Ford Bronco in the parking lot, close enough to just about hear Billy when he approaches Steve and she doesn’t know what she expected, but it isn’t Billy with that swagger that isn’t remotely subtle and it isn’t how he juts his hips out and licks his lips and it isn’t how he hooks his fingers into Steve’s belt and isn’t how Billy gets in Steve’s space like he never left it and leans in and whispers into Steve’s ear and it definitely isn’t how Steve seems to not be surprised by any of this (and it’s in this moment that Nancy starts to wonder why Steve had suddenly said he was queer and why Billy didn’t put up much of a fight when it came to, essentially, being nice to Steve who everyone in Indiana at this point knows he antagonizes on a daily basis)
  • When Steve looks around the parking lot and Nancy ducks behind the car, hiding herself completely and peaking out only a few seconds later to see Steve tugging Billy by the front of his shirt and kissing him like it’s not even their first kiss that day and Billy grinning into his mouth, waving to where he–somehow–knows Nancy is hiding, Nancy realizes she just paid Billy Hargrove thirty fucking dollars to make out with his own boyfriend.

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What exactly is Killing Stalking and where do you read it?

Killing Stalking is a Korean webcomic by the artist Koogi you can read on Lezhin (the first few chapters are free, but you do have to pay for the rest).

It’s about a man named Yoon Bum who likes/is obsessed with/stalks another man named Oh Sangwoo. One day Bum ends up going inside Sangwoo’s house, creeps around the place, and is caught by Sangwoo. It’s then revealed Sangwoo is not the nice, perfect guy Bum thought he was and is in fact a serial killer and he takes Bum captive. 

This is Bum. He’s around 26 (all we know is he’s older than Sangwoo by at least 4 years). He’s small. He’s sweet. He’s desperate to be loved. By Sangwoo. He deserves nice things and rarely gets them.

This is Sangwoo. He’s charming and awful (like, he’s as awful as he is hot and he’s hot) and has the ability to be funny while doing the most heinous shit. While reading he will make you say ‘what the fuck sangwoo’ multiple times throughout a chapter.

Over the course of the series, Sangwoo develops feelings for Bum and Bum is still very much in love with Sangwoo despite it all. Between the two of them they have a plethora of mental disorders and become co-dependent on each other.

Officially, Killing Stalking is categorized as ‘BL’ (which means ‘boys love’) and it has a lot of horror and thriller elements in it as well. 

It’s an Adult comic and deals with a lot of mature issues, such as: graphic violence, gore, torture, sexual assault, forced feminization, dubious consent, abuse, and mental illness. 

It’s a beautiful and erotic series. The story is intense. I’ve never seen a comic, or really any piece of media, utilize tension so well – Koogi is a master at building tension to the max, she will have you on the edge of your seat the entire way through. It’s thoroughly fucked up. Saying it’s a rollercoaster is putting it mildly.  

It’s a wild ride and it’s a comic that’s definitely not for everyone. 

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I scrolled and saw the prompt but idk if you are still taking them but here it is anyway: Mrs. Wheeler flirting with Billy, bUT she finds out Billy is gay and in love with Steve. And Billy is all like wtf?

This is sort of, kind of what you asked for: 

Karen knows she isn’t being subtle. Mike rolling his eyes tells her that. Nancy cringing and glaring absolute mortification at her tells her that. Ted, well, he’s completely oblivious and that’s the point. That’s the problem.

Being married to a man like Ted means having her needs ignored unless she turns into a nag and Karen doesn’t want to be a nag. No one likes a nag and Karen Wheeler especially doesn’t like being one. She’s still the cool girl. The popular girl. The prom queen. The girl who’d stay out late at night to go on dates with the handsome older guy. The girl who ignored gossip because she was the center of gossip.

And Billy Hargrove is–he’s a lot of things that remind her of who she used to be and who she still thinks she is underneath being a mom to kids who completely disregard her and a wife to an oblivious husband. 

This thing wouldn’t have become a problem if she’d only ever talked to Billy the one night or stuck to just noticing, idly, the blue camaro parked around town reminding her of their little late night conversation, except Billy at her house isn’t a one time deal.

Once little Maxine joins Mike’s group, Billy is always there at Karen’s front door, nine o’clock sharp, to bring her home. Karen finds herself putting on a new layer of spray and reapplying her lipstick just minutes before she knows the doorbell will ring because Billy doesn’t ignore her or disregard her. He smiles. He flirts. He notices her.

And Karen knows he’s just a cocky kid being cocky. Half the boys in her class when she was his age were like this. Getting off on flirting with a friend’s mom. She would have rolled her eyes herself when she was seventeen. But now she’s the mom and she is so happy with the attention, even if it is from a kid Nancy’s age.

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What's the word on Hugh's height JUST HOW SMOL IS THIS MAN

According to the Internet (Google) which is a fountain of nothing but the truth Hugh Dancy is

Now, there has been some discrepancy here because multiple people who have met him in person have said Hugh is shorter than what his bio may say as well as different sites having a different recorded height for him (for example, on IMDB it says ‘5′ 10″”).

So, what is the truth? How smol is the puppy?

One way to do this is to compare him to Mads, who is

Now, unless we had a tape measure and Hugh, it’s hard to get a correct answer, so we’ll go with the fun and possible-in-reality process. And the fun process is finding pictures of them standing together and comparing them.

That’s a little more than an inch in height difference.

We also should take into consideration if they’re standing on level ground, if they’re standing straight, and if one of them is closer to the camera than the other. 

But mostly, we should take into consideration the fact that Mads thinks Hugh is tiny.

And Scott Thompson agrees


Hugh is smol.

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so in my family we've always checked for fever not only with hands because their temperature can vary a lot, but also with the lips. so basically it's like getting an almost kiss on your brow and it's comforting when you're feeling unwell. now, imagine hannibal doing that to will in season 1. ofc hannibal explains the ~very logical~ reason of why he's doing that while secretly enjoying every second of the moment. and will? will doesn't protest one bit.

An end of a conversation with Hannibal meant being left in a confusing mixture of relief that Will can leave and go home to his dogs and disappointment that it’s over and it’ll be a week before he can have this again.

A week spent muddled in other people’s heads. Without that easy understanding Hannibal gives him without blinking or judgment. 

The days in between have begun to crawl.

Will’s at the front door of the office, he can see his simple station wagon under the orange light of the street lamp, sitting uncomfortably out of place among the Lincolns and BMWs. It had rained all day. Will braces himself for the cold just behind the door. Adjusts his hat. Puts on his gloves. 

Hannibal is standing behind him. Cordial and pleasant. Every time he insists he walk Will to the door. Every time Will tells him he’s all right. There’s no need. He can find his way out. 

Tonight, Will had said nothing. Just smiled. A tiredness behind his eyes and a want to stay in the warmth of Hannibal’s office for a little while longer knowing he couldn’t allow himself such a luxury.

It would be too risky to let himself have a taste of what Hannibal has been offering him with open arms.

“Will?” Hannibal says, stopping Will from opening the door. “This will seem a tad unorthodox –” Will snorts, causing Hannibal to smile, “– but may I try something before you leave?”

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"HANNIBAL! I forgive you." --- When will your faves ever just ... Season 3 is so gay ....

When the show first aired way back when, I never thought anything would top the ‘Did you just smell me?’ moment where Hannibal shows his true creeperness to Will and gets all up in his space and Will just seems amused by the whole thing including Hannibal’s weak excuse about aftershave and then he still continues his conversations with him.

And then this happened.

I thought for sure we had reached the Mount Olympus of Gay Hannibal and Will Moments. It could be no better. No future scene could be more emotional than the quiet, glistening heart eyes filled with relief that they’d both survived Tobias scene. We’d struck gold and the first season wasn’t even over yet.

Who knew that we’d go from this subtle ‘I appreciate the company’ line with soft but intense eye contact and close physical proximity to Will asking the woman he has been shown to be jealous of/sass at/hate for her closeness to Hannibal, ‘Is Hannibal in love with me?’ and receive a definitive ‘Yes, you ass’ to Hannibal almost kissing Will and Will nuzzling Hannibal’s chest as they both give up literally everything for each other in order to be with each other.

I thought season 1 was Gay, but then season 2 happened and then season 3 happened and I’ve come to accept the fact that Hannibal and Will and Bryan Fuller (and Hugh and especially Mads) will continue to surprise me and raise and completely surpass the bar when it comes to just how gay can Hannibal get.

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How do you think Hannibal felt when he first heard of the term murder husbands?? I bet he was pleased to say the least

Murder Husbands implies two of Hannibal’s favorite things: 

  1. murder
  2. being in love with Will 

I imagine Hannibal getting his hands on the first issue Freddie unveils the term  and internally flailing as he rereads Murder Husbands over and over again while he writes it out in his impeccable calligraphy next to Mr. Hannibal Graham and Mr. Will Lecter on his notepads like the lovesick schoolboy he is.

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omfg, overprotective hannibal makes my cold heart beat out the flamenco

Yes. Just. Yes

And we actually got canon protective Hannibal and that makes me want to lie down and contemplate how in the world this show exists because it really is too good for us mortals.

Digestivo? Holy shit.

This face, this face right here

This is the face of a man who’s about to raise even more hell than he just did, and he’s already dripping in blood and other human-goo, to rescue Will. This is protective Hannibal without a mask. This is pure, brutal–‘I’m gonna save my Will’–predator. 

This is Hannibal at his most dangerous and his most glorious. Because in his violence, in his true nature he’s able to protect.

This is Hannibal saving the man he loves. 

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If you are still requesting prompts: Will tells Hannibal he always wanted a treehouse when he was a kid, so Hannibal surprises him with one.

Will wakes up to lumber in the truck bed and Hannibal in jeans. The outfit isn’t exactly new, but the novelty of Hannibal wearing denim and plain white t-shirt still is.

Will hides his laugh behind his mug of coffee. Goes back inside. Sits at the table decked out with a Sunday morning breakfast. 

Hannibal had gone and bought wood and tools and made Will breakfast all before he’d woken up from just one softly sighed comment said between satin sheets, childhood memories wafting in like a breeze through the bedroom.

In only his boxers and what will be a ratty shirt if they manage to stay out here in the country for more than a few months, he considers Hannibal and Hannibal in turn smiles as sweetly as ever back at him.

You,” Will says with a wry twist, “are going to build me a treehouse? I didn’t think physical labor was your thing.”

“What is my thing then?”

“Elaborate murders.” Will taps his fingers along the side of his mug, pretending to think. “Me.”

Hannibal’s pleasure radiates, turning the cool October morning warm. He offers Will a forkful of his crepes and Will takes the bite. Lets his lips drag against the metal fork, watches as the red in Hannibal’s eyes darken.

“I like to think I have a very wide skillset that can be applied to many facets in life.” Hannibal says.

“Is murder a skillset then?”

“Don’t be modest, Will.” Hannibal says. “It’s the marking of a modern day Renaissance man.”

Will hums. Sips at his coffee. Eats. Reaches across the table to touch Hannibal’s hand for no real reason. Sweet is new, still, and someday Will hopes this part of their relationship will be worn in and as comfortable as cotton.

“I remember mopping up the word cannibals painted on a garage door and you standing off to the side, telling us if we missed a spot.”

Hannibal’s eyes shine. “I was rather fond of that suit.”

“Me too. It was a good suit.” Will says. Hannibal turns his hand so his palm touches Will’s and their fingers connect and lock. “So a treehouse. And breakfast. And jeans.”

“Have I embarked on a fool’s errand?”


“Did you dislike your meal?”

“I cleaned the plate.”

“Is the outfit not to your taste?”

“It’s very to my taste, that’s the problem.” Will leans back in his chair to let his eyes roam and let Hannibal watch, doesn’t let go of Hannibal’s hand when he gets up and pulls along an amused, eager Hannibal back to bed. “I think I can wait a little longer for a treehouse, though.”

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whatthefuckwhattheFUck ur tags on the hannibal gif set destrOYED me I'm at the store either leave me alone or write the thing (sorry for yelling I love ur blog)

I’m happy you like my tags (linked here) and I have written the thing~

Will does not bring it up. Hannibal, mercifully, has not once tried to broach the subject though Will can see he wants to. If he did, Will would cancel every appointment, quit his job, and really commit to the hermit lifestyle he is practically living, too embarrassed to go on, but Hannibal doesn’t so Will gets to enjoy this aspect to their not quite doctor-patient and not quite whatever-they-are relationship.

They don’t talk about it and that’s good.

It’s Sunday, nearly seven in the morning. Will still has dried mud on his shoes from the crime scene yesterday. He hasn’t slept and he can hear Jack’s voice in his ear, asking for more and only getting from Will a few grunts and a few jumbled sentences that must have made a passable analysis of their killer for Jack to willingly send him back home.

Hannibal looks less surprised than he should with Will–red faced, sweating, dressed in the day before yesterday’s clothes, and unwilling to look him in the eye long enough to see the red in his irides–showing up at his door without calling.

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Consider: Hannibal AU where everything is the same except Hannibal has a middle part. Imagine this pretentious asshole serving you foie gras and pouring a glass of expensive imported wine and he has a fucking middle part. I randomly thought of this in the middle of Walmart and if I'm going down in taking all of you down with me.

I’m confused, what do you mean by ‘middle part’?

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all i can think about in relation to Hannibal and Will's lives after the fall is how overwhelmed Hannibal will be to be able to see Will doing little domestic things that he didn't have the privilege to see before. Will is fixing the sink? Hannibal abandons making dinner to watch. Will is cursing to himself while trying to change their bedsheets? Hannibal sheds a tear. Will is tired and cranky so he flops onto the couch (and on Hannibal) and silently demands immediate attention? Hannibal weeps.

That is the magic of it all and ‘privilege’ is the perfect word too.

Hannibal does not do the mundane. He makes everything a damn theatrical experience because doing ‘normal, average every day bullshit’ is boring to him. It’s not interesting and Hannibal is all about the interesting (in every morbid and fucked up way ‘interesting’ can be). 

So for him to have the privilege of experiencing Will brushing his teeth and Will scratching at his legs because he walked through poison ivy and Will fixing the broken sink of their new temporary home and to be making the bed with Will and to enjoy the process of Will grumbling about the fitted sheets just as much as a dinner party where he’s serving up a thigh from the UPS man every single time means so much

It’s these little intimate moments with Will that Hannibal never had the chance to appreciate or experience before, seeing all these new nooks and crannies that make up Will Graham.

It’s Hannibal snooping through Will’s house except Will is at the front door inviting him in, showing him his favorite books, what bait hooks he’s working on, talking at length about his dogs and all dog related things – Will has that power over Hannibal, turning the boring mundanity of every day life that isn’t theatrical and isn’t Dramatic and Death Defying into something interesting that captivates Hannibal’s attention like no one else ever has.

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When hannibal said 'going my way' it was a joke/pun?? I didn't get it 😂

It’s a horrible but effective pick up line (because of course they’re going the same way and of course Hannibal cannot let a golden moment like this slip away without saying something). It’s also a reference to the romantic/adult film scenario of driver picking up attractive hitchhiker and they proceed to find love together/have a night of passion on the side of the road. 

Also, you can see in Will’s face that he’s going ‘I love you and your jokes are literally an abomination and I still somehow love you, you giant nerd’ as if Hannibal’s sense of humor is worse than the murder/general atrocities he’s committed. 

So, it’s really a prime example of Hannibal outright flirting with Will and Will making peace with the fact that this is the man, bad pick up lines and all, he’s chosen to spend his life with.