granola with yogurt


🥄Healthy Granola Breakfast Cups🥄 

Throne of Glass Characters and Breakfast

Aelin: Coffee and donuts, waffles, pancakes– anything overwhelmingly high in sugar.

Rowan: High protein breakfast, bacon, eggs, sausage. Black coffee.

Aedion: Same as Rowan, except like, chocolate milk instead of coffee.

Lysandra: black tea and chocolate eclair. Must be chocolate. Must be eclair.

Dorian: tea and a light, normal breakfast. Eggs and toast or something.

Manon: the blood of her enemies. And a small black coffee.

Lorcan: a protein shake. One that is super high in protein and tastes like crap.

Elide: something small but fancy. Eggs Benedict, maybe.

Chaol: Bacon, eggs and toast. Black coffee but with like, two sugars. Because he’s hard but he’s also sensitive.

Yrene: orange juice with granola and yogurt.