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🥄Healthy Granola Breakfast Cups🥄 

Hello my hurricane-naive friends!

As a born and raised Floridian, I’m pretty familiar with hurricane prep. But I’ve noticed many in my class who are out-of-state are woefully unprepared. So, here’s some tips if you’re in an area that might be possibly affected by Irma or other future hurricanes:

  • Do all your laundry now, so you can evacuate whenever needed and have clean clothes and underwear
  • Buy non-perishable foods and foods that make good car snacks if you’re evacuated: fresh fruit or fruit cups, granola/bars, cereal, jerky, nuts, etc. Also get canned food and a can opener
  • Stock up on things like first aid supplies, feminine hygiene items, soap, flash light with extra batteries, matches, scissors, plastic garbage bags, cool clothing (in case the air conditioning breaks so you don’t sweat to death), can opener, duct tape, rain gear, snearkers/socks, and battery operated lanterns and radio
  • Get gas ASAP it’s already crazy in Florida and gas stations will run out of gas
  • Get two coolers, one for cold foods in your fridge like dairy and veggies, and one for drinks
  • Cold brew coffee or instant coffee may indeed save your life
  • Freeze your water bottles and/or buy dry ice if you can’t get ice
  • Pick up an extra bag of food for your pets, medications, etc., and make sure their vet records and important documents are safe
  • Take photos of your large expensive household items and store them in the cloud, google photos, or even a Facebook album set to private
  • Bring inside or secure any outdoor items that might become projectiles: statues, patio furniture, potted plants, outdoor water bowls, bird feeders, etc.
  • Have books, puzzles, etc. ready so you don’t go insane
  • Take pictures of your important documents and scan them into your computer, and then store them high up in plastic bags or tupperware
  • Sanitize and fill bath tubs with boiled water for you to clean yourself with, brush teeth, etc. and for your pet to drink
  • Get cash, usually a few hundred will work
  • Put extra phone chargers in your car now so you won’t have to scramble later
  • If possible, get a portable charger for your electronics
  • A battery radio will keep you up to date if the power/internet goes out
  • For my over 21 friends, alcohol and books by candlelight is the best way to get through a hurricane
  • If you do evacuate, don’t forget things like sneakers, first-aid kits, nonperishables, etc.

Stay safe everyone!


No running tonight either… Thinking about the road trip is seriously taking all my brain power. I did some more walking and did weights. Plus there’s a tropical whatever going on so the weather has been super funky today and the mosquitos are OUT OF CONTROL. I am a mosquito magnet and I freaking hate it I cant be outside for more than 2 minutes without getting attacked.


So I went to Target and took all of your advice @armsintheair @lizzielosing and @aywaitforitla. I am definitely going to see where there are Subways or Paneras on the road before we leave, based on the towns we are driving though. But some of the places we will be driving through, I have a feeling will not have a Subway or Panera.. Especially when we drive through Nebraska and Wyoming. So I bought a buttload of snacks!

I got: beef jerky, perky jerky, popcorn, granola, kind bars, water, fruit cups, Pop Tarts, pretzels, trail mix, and wheat thins. Before we leave I want to weigh out some portions and label the baggies so I don’t even have to think about it.

The only other things I will buy before the trip are apples and oranges, because they travel pretty well and I need to have some kind of nutrients in my life besides sodium and BBQ 😍.

Ok so Miami 🐊 to Nashville 🎸, Nashville to Omaha 🏉, Omaha to Ogden 🚜, Ogden to Portland ⛺, Portland to the Redwoods 🌳, Redwoods to San Francisco 🌉, SF to Grand Canyon 🌵, GC to Dallas 🐄, we will most likely make a stop in Atlanta too 🍑 and then back down to Miami 🌴. 7,201 miles!!

I want to eat some really good BBQ in Texas! We’ll be passing through Dallas/Fort Worth, and Amarillo. O0oo0o St. Louis too! And Kansas City! I think Kansas City bbq sauce is my favorite. Any awesome food suggestions would be much appreciated!! 👌