granola bites

Okay but Ransom and Holster feed each other so much???? Like actually preparing food for each other, yeah, but then also like hand feeding???? Like sometimes Ransom will try a new snack and he’ll be like “oh Holtz you gotta try this” and just…plop some,,,right in his mouth, or sometimes when they’re studying together and Holster takes a snack break he’ll come back and see that Rans is working and doesn’t look to be taking a break anytime soon so he just walks over and wordlessly holds out the end of a granola bar which Ransom bites clean in half without even looking. They are also those obnoxious assholes who always have to throw small foods into each other’s mouths from a distance. They are freakishly good and almost never miss. They are only rivaled by Lardo and Chowder who are slowly creeping up on their high score (85 green grapes in a row). Once Holster was sick and Bitty made him soup and Ransom spoon fed it to him (yes he blew on the soup first… and made airplane noises). They always steal food off each other’s plates and they never ask. They know each other’s orders at ever restaurant and each other’s fundamental favorite foods. They know all of each other’s allergies (Holster is allergic to coconuts and Ransom just gets horrible sinus clogging in spring), they are just so in love????? Like honestly wtf.


What I eat on a rest day!
Breakfast: Berry banana bowl (4 frozen banans, frozen blueberries and raspberries) topped with fresh berries and chocolate granola
Snack: Peanut raw bite (the best!!) and a banana
Lunch: Kidney beans, tomato, spelt, cucumber and avocado mixed up with vinegar, olive oil, herb salt and nutritional yeast, ¼ of a watermelon afterwards
Dinner: Stir-fry with beans, tempeh, carrot, zucchini, paprika (+ onion, coconut oil, soy sauce, sesame seeds, coriander) and two slices of whole grain bread
Snack: Rice milk chocolate

Just sharing this simple granola bites recipe I made the other day.  I like to buy granola bars but well, you can’t be a 100% sure about what’s in them when they’re store bought so it’s also nice to make your own granola bars. 

So, anyways, what you need is:

- ¾ cup of oats

- 2 tbsp of milk (any type/flavor you consume)

- 2 tbsp of craisins (or any other fruit you like)

- a bit of salt and baking powder

- ½ banana (the recipe from where I took the idea didn’t use the banana, but my mix needed something sticky).

-I also used a tbsp of olive oil but I think you don’t really need it.

Just smash the banana and mix everything. Make little balls with your hands and put in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 350.