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Fake? Pt. 2 || Calum Hood

Part 2 (of 3) (of 4 aha) of the request Fake? Pt. 1

I M A G I N E 

After the long, dreadful drive with Calum and the management, you guys finally made it to the festival. You look out the window with pure smiles, seeing thousands of people walk around with joy. A series of cotton candy colors were seen with stands to buy just about everything. Your shirts were worn all around, and many were dressed as you from previous performances. 

“They look so excited and beautiful,” Calum says, smiling fondly out the window as well. You roll your eyes, giving off a bitter chuckle before glancing at the Maori boy. 

“Reminds you of that girl you cheated on me with,” you began, giving Calum a fake smile. “Ah, what was her name? Lucy, right? Wasn’t she an absolute saint? She looked of an angel!” 

“Holy shit, Y/N, are you fucking serious?” Calum asked, giving you a cold stare. “She came onto me, Y/N, get that in your thick, dense skull already!” 

“Oh yeah!” You say excitedly, clapping your hands together while staring at Calum. “Because moaning her name in our hotel room right as I was coming in was totally her coming onto you. Oh wait, quite literally– she came on you!” 

“For fucks sake, Y/N!” Calum growled, his teeth gritting as you laughed at him. You were recalling how he broke your heart, and he was mad? How absurd, you thought, as you shook your head and resumed smiling. Of course, your little joy ride down memory lane came to a quick end when you received a glare from your manager. 

“Y/N, cut it off right now!” Your manager scolded, having you slouch into your seat and pout. “Keep in mind that you are to do this for more publicity and money, okay? I chose Calum because the fans will react heavily to this, so please work with me here.” 

“Awesome, force me to hang out with this asshole for a day so everyone else is happy but me,” you sulk, having Calum roll his eyes before putting his shades back on. Fans begin crowding the car, having hundreds hitting on the car for yours and Calum’s attention. You loved your fans, truly you did, but you wanted to be happy with them. Grabbing on your shades, you reluctantly take Calum’s hand and allow him to lead you out. 

Paparazzi and fans were now around and blasting chants into your ear. Security was everywhere, keeping them back as you walked down the clear path with Calum. As you did, you felt him squeeze your hand. Irritated, you look over and glare. 

“What?” You say through your gritted teeth. 

“Smile and laugh, okay?” Calum said, giving you a wide smile. “If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do this right. Now laugh and smile and pretend you actually like me.” 

“This would be so much easier if I actually liked you,” you say while smiling. Calum starts laughing, causing you to roll with him and laugh as well. As you guys were nearing the stage, you glance back at your manager, who was giving you a look. She was following you two, of course, but began indicating for you to make more moves. As much as you wanted to vomit and do nothing, this was your career on the line and you had to obey. 

You let go of Calum’s hand and wrap your arms around his. His bicep was large, making you seethe from familiarity and joy from the recognition. But, you shook the thought off as you giggled and smiled again while placing your head on his arm. 

“What are you doing?” Calum asked quietly. You noticed that his cheeks tinted pink. Your heart slightly jumped as you looked down and ignored Calum’s distant stare on you. 

“J-just making it more believable,” you stutter as you put on your fake smile once more. 

Finally, after a series of camera flashes and name calling, the two of you made it backstage. But the intriguing part of the journey was the questions from the fans. They all looked pale and in shock to see you so cuddly and close with Calum, as they know your backstory. It just makes you feel odd that thousands, almost millions of fans know your life love and are just as shocked as you are in this situation. 

If only they knew why. 

“Alright, guys have a fair 30 minutes to eat and prepare yourself for the performance,” your manager begins once you two were at the lounge with other performers. But you were disappointed because although you guys were no longer in public exactly, the both of you still had to be affectionate and loving to other celebs. “So keep up the act and I’ll see you two on stage.” With that, your manager fled and was lost in the crowd of crew member. 

“Alright, c’mon princess,” Calum grunts as he stands up from the comfortable waiting couch. Your hands were still interlocked, having you stand up with him.

“Stop fucking calling me that,” you whisper as you shake your head. “Anyways, where are we going?” 

“To eat,” Calum says, leading you to the tables with platters of foods. As he did, you felt his thumb brush lightly on your hand. Just like he used to do, once upon a time. You find yourself going quiet as you join Calum in hunger. “Hey look, they have strawberry granola– your favorite.”

“Oh! Calum, fetch me a bowl of that, please,” you asked sweetly. “There’s the pizza over there, I’ll get you a few slices.” Slipping out of his hold, you go over and grab those promised slices for Calum. As you did, though, you were suddenly approached by a few fans. Backstage passes hung around their necks as your eyes wander up to their ecstatic faces. 

“Y-Y/N Y/L/N?” One of them stuttered in a whisper, having you smile fondly at the repetitive reaction. But it never gets old to you as you love it so much. “Oh my gosh, Y/N, are you and Calum, like…” The others nod as they weave their fingers to indicate together. You blushed, knowing the truth but still felt a bit flustered. Suddenly, an arm wrapped around your waist and held you tightly. 

“I got your granola, baby girl,” Calum said, giving you a warm smile. You were about to push him off in complete disgust until you realized that you were getting paid to do this. You blushed, placing your hand on his back and softly rubbing it with your fingers. You held up his slices and smiled back at him. 

“Thanks, babe,” you force out. “I got your slices.” Calum smiled cheekily at his food as he kisses your temple as a thank you. Calum then turns to the fans and smiles at their stunned reaction to the small show you guys put.

“What’s up, you guys?” Calum asked, letting you go to exchange foods. “Here to enjoy the show?” The fans looked astonish, pointing at the both of us with pure content. You wanted oh so badly to deny it all, but the publicity was so yearned for by your management that you had to go with it. 

“I think they are,” you say with a grin, seeing their happily shocked faces. “And I think Calum here can answer your question.” You went up to Calum’s ear and whispered what the girl had asked before he arrived and interrupted you and the ladies. Calum nodded and had a smirk printed in his lips before he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and placed his lips on yours. 

Memories jolted into your head as you locked lips with your ex-boyfriend. The familiarity of his soft, plump lips and they way they moved upon yours was overwhelming. They were perfect, so to say. Fireworks and happy laughter and chocolate ran around your head as you kissed the boy passionately. You felt his affection just as much, as though he longed to kiss your lips. 

But that likely wasn’t the case. 

“Does that answer your question?” Calum asks cockily after detaching his lips off yours. You were completely flushed, unsure as to how to really react. As much as you wanted to explode at him, you had to keep up the act. The fans nod, taking all sorts of photos before being escorted away by security. 

“You’re performing in 5 minutes!” A worker went up to you, having you flinch in surprise and slight shock.

“But we haven’t finished eating,” you pout at the woman, having her shrug as she left you and Calum to dog your food. Sighing in frustration, you begin to eat the granola. As you did, Calum was giving you a smug look. “Yes?” You asked him with a muffled voice. 

“How was the kiss, princess?” Calum asked, biting down into one of the slices you got him. 

“Revolting,” you blurted, completely contradictory to what your heart was feeling at the moment. “I intend to forget it for the rest of my days. Also, stop calling me princess!” 

“Nah, you loved it,” Calum rolls his eyes as he finished his first slice. “I don’t want to forget it.” 

“And why not?” You snorted, rolling your eyes at the stupid intention. A worker comes around and hands him an acoustic guitar. As the worker puts it around him and takes Calum’s now empty plate, Calum crinkles his nose. He turns to you with a soft gaze, something you haven’t experienced since the day you two separated. Finishing his last slice, he wiped his fingers in the air to rid of the crumbs and shrugged. 

“Because it’s the first time I’ve felt something with anyone since our break up,” Calum admits, having you feel all sorts of things as you two were walked over to the back of the stage. You stayed mute, refusing to talk or even meet Calum’s eyes as the two of you waited for your performance.



A day at the Farmer’s Market with Melina, Shane, and Luca (tumblr:

I’m going to be worthless at work tonight because I didn’t sleep today but we met up with some of our friends from the birthing school and Melina & the gang for some food trucks, shopping, and socializing.

We had a blast and Lindy bought a new baby carrier!

Now that I haven’t slept all day, it’s time for me to go to work for the night.

Lord help me.