Top 10 Granok Drinking Games for Wednesdays

10. Every time an Aurin cries.

9. Every time tragedy strikes Lazarin.

8. Every time Malvolio sneers.

7. Every time Kevo bemoans his fate.

6. Every time an Exile military commander beats unbeatable odds.

5. Every time the Caretaker snaps.

4. Every time Judge Kain gets ambushed.

3. Every time an Explorer double-jumps.

2. Every time a Draken says “hunt.”

1. Every time a Granok drinks.

Bottoms up!

Top 8 Most Terrible Granok Puns (That Secretly Rock)
  • Number 8:You know what makes Granok mad? Taking them for granite.
  • Number 7:Why are Granok so tough? They come from the school of hard Gnox.
  • Number 6:Granok may have tough exteriors, but they’re soft on the inside – real sedimental types. In fact, you’ll find most Granok are gneiss guys.
  • Number 5:How do Granok prefer their drinks? On the rocks.
  • Number 4:What do you call a Granok in a Chua's kitchen? The countertop.
  • Number 3:Why did the Granok kid win the bravery contest? Because he was a little boulder!
  • Number 2:When a Granok declares their love, it's to their one and stone-ly.
  • Number 1:Why was the Granok feeling down on his luck? He was stuck between himself and a hard place.

“Aw no, babe, not in front o’ the guys. Yer gonna make ‘em all jealous.”

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a hoot. <3”


Lord deliver me from myself

last night I went to another server on Wildstar and made another six characters (well, five. i had darsela already once before), including a Granok medic with all these chunks out of his head named Crevasse. Then a certain song came on iTunes and I was thinking about my aurin Darsela asking him about the holes and it wasn’t my fault big burly granok getting blushy around his tiny aurin girlfriend dfjsfds/froths at mouth

(honestly though I am, if nothing else, predictable. This was inevitable)


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Oh how long I’ve craved to draw her in side view because its looks just godlike! Also, my fave revolwer-resonators. I’ve never thought that MMO character would ever appeal to me so much, Carbine, I blame you for being so awesome!