Crazy Granny Stripe - finished!

I started this in March of last year (!!) and just finished it on 5/6.  Whew!  To be fair, I wasn’t working on it all the time.  I had other projects I was doing as well, and then there was Christmas. 

But it’s finally done!!  :D  Just in time for summer, too, lol.

I decided to try blocking this, and I think it turned out fantastic!  I will definitely be doing that for all the blankets I make from now on.  To block it, I laid down towels on the carpet and spread the blanket out on the towels, then pinned it down and steamed it.  It was kind of a pain to get it all laid out and everything, but it is a ginormous blanket.  I’m sure a regular sized blanket wouldn’t be such a project to block.


External image

It’s 62 inches wide by 91 inches long (5ft 2in X 7ft 7in).  It’s a monster!  But it’s also perfect for cuddling under.

External image

I used border #37 from Edie Eckman’s Around the Corner Crochet Borders book.  Super easy and super fun.  I think it really suits the fun, whimsical feel of the blanket.

External image

And here it is brightening up my couch!