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The entire Fa (Hua) family from “Mulan” in 1/6 scale (11″) doll form! We recently made these on commission and I absolutely LOVE how Granny came out especially!!!! She’s my favorite!!! I also love Matchmaker Mulan—her ‘white’ makeup and uncertain face was really fun to do and I loved making her gown more accurate style and colors. Fa Zhou (Dad) and Fa Li (Mom) were also incredible to make! I was so pleased and honored to have the opportunity to bring these wonderful characters to doll form! We also made all Mulan’s outfits from the film, too. :) Hope you like them!!! (What do you all think of Granny?! Isn’t she soooo cute!!!?!?!?

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❛ You were wonderful, I was so pathetic. ❜
❛ I will not hit on you, I promise. I swear. ❜
❛ I am single since yesterday, fuck it. ❜
❛ I cannot raise children. ❜
❛ Hey! Come back! Just five minutes. ❜
❛ I didn’t insult you. ❜
❛ I am polite, well-mannered. ❜
❛ You’ve got other things to do. ❜
❛ And I’m quite a bit drunk. ❜
❛ Look at you, you think you’re beautiful. ❜
❛ You think you’re beautiful because you got married?! ❜
❛ It’s only a ring, dude, dont get carried away. ❜
❛ She/he will drop you, they always do. ❜
❛ The other girl/guy, have you mentioned her/him? ❜
❛ If you wish I’m going to tell her/him. ❜
❛ I’ll tell the kid too, well, if you have one. ❜
❛ You know in life there is no good and evil. ❜
❛ Why did you blush? ❜
❛ Come on, get back here. ❜
❛ Why you look at me as I was a monkey? ❜
❛ Sure, you all are saints, bunch of monkeys! ❜
❛ Give me a baby monkey and it will be wonderful. ❜
❛ We we’re wonderful, wonderful. ❜
❛ You were wonderful. ❜
❛ I was so pathetic. ❜
❛ If dad’s cheating on mom, it’s because mom is getting old, that’s it! ❜
❛ If mom is in pain it’s because she fears to be a granny. ❜
❛ Come on, get back here kid. ❜
❛ And what are you all doing… ❜
❛ Ah, sure, you all are saints. ❜
❛ Wait three years, seven years and then you’ll see if it’s wonderful. ❜

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good luck on your new blog! <3 the rfa reacting to their innocent looking mc having a sailor mouth maybe?

Thank you! Wish us luck :D 
I’ll add V later, because right now, I still can’t think about it >.<

I had to google what is sailor mouth lol XD

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Voltron Spy Au Headcannons:

as promised I’m gonna drop this au on y’all I yelled to @voltron-guilty-pleasure at the crack of dawn

  • Voltron is the name of their org, and each member has a symbol. The cats are the insignias of each spy
  • Lance has been trying for 3 months to create an acronym for Voltron that works. He pops up every few days with one that just. Doesn’t quite fit. 
  • Coran does logistics and briefs the team before each mission.
  • Allura is the diplomat, and is sent out on missions in which they can resolve things/achieve their goal peacefully.
  • But in the event that they can’t, the crew is ready
  • Shiro is weapons expert. Everything is a gun. Hand is gun. 
  • Keith is 1v1 pro. You don’t want to catch those hands. You’d most likely die.
  • Hunk is a Sweetheart™. Until the crew needs him to blow something up. Then he’s got a homemade explosive in his hand in .02 seconds and no one knows how he made it 
  • Pidge’s nickname on the crew is Ghost. They’re the best at stealth, hands down. Hacks security systems and what have you but definitely has fun in the field with razor wire as their weapon. Pidge has threatened the attack Lance with their wire on plenty of occasions
  • Lance is sniper. He isn’t usually up-close-and-personal with the rest of the crew, but his presence is ALWAYS felt bc he wont. shut. up. over the headsets. He can see everything from where he positioned for his shots
  • “Keith did you just? Slap the guy? My granny can do that.” “What do you call that move, Keith?” “Pidge….I’m scared of you. Please stop smiling”
  • Lance also gets up-close work, bc he doubles as the honeypot. It was a hard process, bc Coran and Allura had to do a lot to help him become a smooth talker, but now he’s good. Scarily good.
  • Shiro sometimes accidentally seduces targets bc he’s Shiro. the team just rolls with it when it happens.
  • Keith one day seduces a Hot Alien Guy, and everyone is so proud. except Lance. Lance is PISSED. Keith thinks it’s bc he took Lance’s job
  • Lance, internally: “He’s into guys!!??! How did I miss this? GDI I had a chance all along”
  • Lance externally: *bickering with Keith increases*
  • Pidge and Allura start a betting pool amongst the crew. The place bets on when they think the two will kiss. Pidge thinks Keith will punch Lance then they kiss. Shiro jokingly says they will kiss after helping each other in a fight. Hunk thinks hey will talk it out first. Everyone else laughs
  • Time passes and they are still Not Together and Being Annoying, so Shiro gives up on his bet and decides they need to just talk it out and shoves them in a conference room until they figure it out and stop messing up the team dynamic (make ‘em feel guilty so they actually try)
  • Meanwhile their base gets attacked by their #1 enemy
  • Keith and Lance go from in each other’s faces to having each other’s backs in .0005 seconds
  • Everything is said and done, everyone is in various areas of the base, breathing heavy but successful
  • Keith and Lance take a step back, look at each other. “oh shit he hot”. Cue “make out after fighting together”. Then they casually stroll out to asses the situation with the others.
  • Everyone is ok. The battle is over. Keith tells everyone “Y’all owe Shiro money”
  • Pidge threatens Lance with their wire again. “You couldn’t keep it in your pants for ONE more day!” Lance is screaming and running. Everyone else is going about cleaning.
Wordgirl Character Asks
  • Send in a name!
  • Wordgirl: If you could choose any superpower what would it be?
  • Becky Botsford: What makes you laugh no matter what?
  • Bob: Who's the most important person in your life?
  • TJ: do you like/play any sports?
  • Violet: tell me about a dream you hope to accomplish!
  • Scoops: [ask any question you like!]
  • Tobey: Do you have a crush on anyone? Who?
  • Victoria: do you have any strange talents?
  • Kidmath: What's your favorite school subject?
  • Doctor two brains: Do you like the person you've become?
  • Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy: If you could choose your own name what would it be?
  • Lady redundant woman: what's 3 things you couldn't live without?
  • Mr Big: What's your ideal job/career?
  • Granny May: Do you have any pets?
  • Glen Furlblam: Name someone you look up to
  • The Butcher: Favorite food?
  • Miss Power: What do you consider to be your biggest flaw?
  • Beau Handsome: Do you want to have children some day? How many?
  • Professor Doohickey: What's your most prized possession?
  • Professor Tubing: Whats important to you?
  • Professor Boxleitner: Name 3 things you love most about yourself

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Headcanon: Aobas goes to an intervention because of his yellow socks but now...he also wears them with a crocs version of his shoes

“Aoba,” Koujaku greeted the blue-haired man as he entered the Seragaki’s living room, rising from his seat on the sofa next to Tae, looking bashful and concerned. Noiz, Clear, Mink, Virus, Trip, Mizuki, Yoshie, and Haga-san were also present, seated in chairs littered around the room. Aoba seemed confused by the odd aura amongst the lot of them. “Huh? What’s going on? Why are you all here?” Aoba questioned. Seriously, he didn’t think he’d ever seen everyone all in one place like this before. Something must be up.

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The Pirate Chef, ch. 3 (3/8)

CS AU: When all her planned work for the upcoming special in the show she produces falls apart, Emma Swan is forced to work with the networks rising star. And she doesn’t think anything good will come out of it.

Shotouts to @fairytalesandtimetravel​ for the amazing art cover (seriously look at it! and this is from a scene in *this* chapter) and both @sambethe​ and @nowforruin​ that have been sounding boards, betas, translators when I ran out of words in my meager english lexicons and cheerleaders to no end. Thank you so much for the support.

This is also dedicated to @kat2609​, @amagicalship​ and @brooke-to-broch

Tagging @kdanna03​, @the-lady-of-misthaven​, @chrissascorner​, @teamhook​, @in-spirational and @mayquita​  If you want to be tagged in future chapters, let me know!

Ao3  On Tumblr Ch1 Ch2

Week #2: York

She figured it was bound to happen. If she was using Killian’s suppliers list to shop for Granny’s secret ingredients, it was very likely that she’d run into the man in question at some point. Emma and Aurora had been able to dodge him in Edinburgh, but it appeared Emma was not that lucky in York.

It had been an uneventful trip from Scotland to York, and they made it to the inn ahead of schedule. The inn was absolutely delightful, its stone walls covered in ivy and its rooms cozy. Granny commandeered the kitchen, kicking Killian out after he placed his beloved coffee machine in it and claiming the first turn to cook dinner for the crew. She had left specific instructions for everyone to be back at the inn by seven sharp if they wanted to savor the meal properly.

That left a considerable amount of time to go shopping for ingredients, but not enough to also tack on sightseeing or non-work shopping. Emma knew Aurora and Ashley had been looking forward to both - there had been a lot of talk about a fancy lingerie store they had spotted a on their way into town. And since she had no interest, and no one to benefit from sexy lace panties, Emma volunteered to do the ingredient shopping and let them have the afternoon free.

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and for a moment nothing else

summary: Princess Emma and Prince Killian have never gotten along. But it all changes when Queen Regina starts to meddle.

word count: ~9700

also read on:, ao3

Dear Prince Killian,

Undoubtedly by now you’re back home at your castle near the highlands. Thank every god in the skies above. I’ve already been told you’re returning for yet another exhausting visit to our castle just so Queen Regina can discuss the logistics of this ridiculous trade that seems like it will never end. Thankfully, it looks like it’s going to be finished soon.

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‘I’m clever enough to know how you manage not to think of a pink rhinoceros if someone says “pink rhinoceros,”’ she managed to say aloud.

'Ah, that’s deep magic, that is,’ said Granny Weatherwax.

'No.  It’s not.  You don’t know what a rhinoceros looks like, do you?’

Sunlight filled the clearing as the old witch laughed, as clear as a downland stream.

'That’s right!’ she said.
—  Terry Pratchett, “A Hat Full of Sky”
  • [Dinner at Downton Abbey]
  • Mary: So, Granny, what do you think about the upcoming changes?
  • Violet: I don't think we should talk about things that are complete nonsense.
  • Robert: Mama. Changes aren't always a bad thing.
  • Edith: I may remind you that we have a guest. Maybe you could discuss this later?
  • Mary: Oh, Edith, I don't think that somebody cares-
  • Matthew: Mary, Please.
  • Cora: Can we just sit next together and have a nice dinner? Just one time!
  • [everybody's talking - it's a complete mess]
  • Sir Anthony: What is this family even? Im outta here.

MBTI Love Songs Playlist 

Listen to the playlist HERE.


  1. ENFJ
    Ain’t No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross 
    “No wind, no rain
    Nor winter’s cold
    Can stop me, babe, baby
    (Oh, babe, baby)
    If you’re my goal.”
  2. INFJ
     - Delta Goodrem Wanna be transparent - See through, not gonna hide me from you”
  3. INFP
    Heartstrings - Clara C 
    "They’re coming all undone - My heartstrings.”
  4. ISFP
    Underneath Your Love - David Choi 
    “Underneath your love is where I wanna be. Oh I never ever felt this good and I can’t get enough, Oh what’d you do to me..”
  5. ENFP
    Marry You - Bruno Mars 
    “Is it the look in your eyes, Or is it these dancing shoes? Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you.”
  6. ENTJ
    Leavin’ - Jesse McCartney 
    “Why dont you tell him that: Im leavin, never lookin back again. You found somebody who does it better than he can.”
  7. ISTP
    Heartbeat - The Fray 
    “And you don’t look back, not for anything.
    ‘Cause if you love someone, you love them all the same”
  8. ESTP
    Best Day of My Life - Jesse McCartney 
    “Just another day
    Started out like any other. Just another girl who took my breath away…”
  9. ESFP
    Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars 
    “Girl, you’re amazing just the way you are.”
  10. ENTP
    Crazy Beautiful - Andy Grammer 
    “Isn’t she strange, strange and wonderful? I think I love her more than I even understand.”
  11. ESFJ
    Valentine - Kina Grannis 
    “Baby I know what to do baby
    I, I will love you, I’ll love you, I’ll love you.”
  12. ISFJ
    Freefall - Alycia
     “Will you be my family, be my friend and my lover? Will you ride or die for me?” “Now I see things differently. I want simple things - just wanna be happy. Love is what I want..”
  13. INTJ
    Clarity - Zedd ft. Foxes 
    “'Cause you are the piece of me I wish I didn’t need. Chasing relentlessly, still fight and I don’t know why.”
  14. INTP
    The Camel Song - Clara C 
    “Remember how we laughed, our hearts beating fast. It was like a scene straight from tv. We sped away from the cops on our feet. To find a spot on a hill that overlooked the city still, With you here in my arms.”
  15. ESTJ
    Back At One - Brian McKnight 
    “If ever I believe my work is done… then I start Back at One.”
  16. ISTJ
    Singalong Song - Khalil Fong 
    “..and if you’d like to make a song
    and be a perfect harmony with me. I’d find the greatest words to sing
    so we could write our own romance.”

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Emma and Regina are in secret relationship and they get drunk, coming to Charmings' appartment when they have their friends over there and making fun of them for not knowing about them sooner. Giving them examples of where they were nearly caught but others never noticed. And they are like teenagers, laughing and being completely in love. :)

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Twin laughs are what make Snow, Charming and their guests jump. It’s the purple smoke which scares them. In their experience surprise visits and laughter normally equals a new villain or pure chaos.Charming leans forward on instinct to protect Neal and Snow. 

He and everyone else relax when the smoke clears to reveal Emma and Regina laughing and kissing. 

“Whoops!” Emma yells with a chuckle, “Re-gi-na, I think we just busted ourselves!" 

Regina laughs kissing her again, “Well it was about damn time. I can’t believe they don’t know already.” 

"Me neither,” Emma says as they look around at the stunned guests. 

“Emma are you drunk?” Snow asks smelling the cider vapours coming off the two women. 

“Drunk on lurve,” Emma drawls out. 

“Aw,” Regina replies, “You’re so cheesy and so sweet. I love you!” She punctuates her comment with a kiss before koala clinging to Emma, wrapping her legs round Emma’s waist. “I want you,” she whispers, well thinks she whispers but it’s loud enough for everyone to hear.

Snow grimaces as Ruby wolf-whistles. 

“Oops,” Emma giggles, “We forgot about the audience." 

"Uh-oh,” Regina singsongs, “Guess they know now. Idiots." 

"Hey!” Grumpy grouses and Regina rolls her eyes, “Purlease you lot haven’t caught us yet like the time when I ate Emma out under her desk and Snow and Charming walked in and neither of you noticed." 

"You were what?” Snow asks paling. 

“Ooh or like when we were in the backroom at Granny’s and Ruby kept walking past but luckily never came in,” Emma adds. 

“I knew it!” Ruby cries looking at Granny, “I told you that was what they were doing." 

"What about that time at the school?" 

"On the desk or in the closet?” Emma asks. 

“I don’t think I need to hear anymore,” Charming groans as Snow downs a drink beside them. 

“Okay sisters,” Grumpy announces standing up, “We all know you’re together. You’re out. We accept that. Go celebrate at home." 

"Please,” Snow adds. 

“Everyone moans we never come to events,” Emma grouses, “And then when we do they moan again. We can’t win." 

"We can win at home,” Regina points out, “Repeatedly." 

Snow shudders before yelling, “GO!” Smoke surrounds them as they giggle and pepper kisses over each other. They disappear and Snow collapses onto the couch. “Why can’t I have one peaceful dinner party?” she asks her husband. 


(The Next Morning) 

Emma groans as she brews coffee, Regina slumped against her, “Urgh what happened last night?” 

Henry chuckles at his two very hungover mothers, “Well according to this note Grandma left you two came out in way too graphic detail. She also says that you are invited to her next dinner party but to not scar the guests like this time.” 

"Oh god,” Emma pales remembering what they revealed to everyone, “Oh god Regina do you remember what we did?” She turns to see Regina laughing, “What?” she asks. 

Regina smiles, “Oh Emma, I think I just had my best revenge against Snow White yet…maybe we should be drunk at their next dinner party!”

petition for elsa to do nothing but make ice and snow and general cold weather puns literally nonstop in season four.