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Granny Ruth posted a pic of all her kids and grandkids together for her birthday on fb, even B was in it, but F was missing so I wonder if she told them she didn't want an unrelated child in her family photo. lmao

That’s Ashley’s friend lol Ruth hates B with a passion 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:“Louis loves his son” the last time Louis publicly saw his son was in January. It’s April. If Louis loved his son he would be with any chance he got. Louis is not the father of that child and wish people would open their god damn eyes and see that Louis would never treat his child like that. For god sake Louis’ said in an interview that he would get married and have kids even as young as he was! Louis would flaunt his child if he loved it. Free him. *** **

I know… I know… It’s like they see a complete different Louis from the lovely one we do. End it 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I’d rather go around claiming a ‘fake’ ship than saying how much i want the boys to fuck me.

Oh god I just had the worst flashbacks to an het harrie tags 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I mean, wouldn’t we have to make it through Harry’s album and tour before we could even hope for a BG end? Antis won’t even let us have a bee, if BG ends they’ll go mad, burn it all down. I’d be surprised if Sony would risk losing them for Harry’s first release.

Not exactly since I’m pretty sure most of them would drop Louis and call him all the names and just go to Harry and praise him cause they never truly cared about Louis to begin with (the amount of antis I saw saying the’d hate Louis if the kid turned out not to be his, because he should raise him no matter what and all that…..)

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:That first reply to that tweet is true “He still ain’t the father” 😂😂😂

Damn right lol 

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What pic of Granny Ruth and a little newborn are we talking about? I haven't seen it on my dash.

Anonymous said: Ruth had pics of her and “Freddie” (the ones from the hospital) on her facebook before January 2016….

@vivillonkisses-and-amwishes submitted: So I just cringed myself into a new century trying to find the pic (in case anyone wanted to compare and contrast), the left is the grandma Ruth pic that she had on FB BEFORE Freddie’s official birth and claimed it to be Freddie at one point when the fans began to question why none of the ‘great-grandmothers’ or extended family met the baby. The Right is one we were given from Briana and Freddie’s ‘time in the hospital’ of Austin 'meeting’ Freddie for the first time, I think from Tammi’s IG.