granny puckett

The Signs as Hoodwinked! Characters
  • Aries: Woolworth
  • Taurus: Granny Puckett
  • Gemini: Red Riding Hood
  • Cancer: Keith
  • Leo: Chief Grizzly
  • Virgo: Boingo
  • Libra: Jimmy Lizard
  • Scorpio: The Big Bad Wolf
  • Saggitarius: Twitchy
  • Capricorn: Japeth the Goat
  • Aquarius: Kirk the Woodsman
  • Pisces: Nicky Flippers

After telling some people about my grandma, I was informed that she reminded them of this certain character:

After considering this, I realised…they were totally right!

Let me make a list of similarities:

They both knit.

They both play a sport one wouldn’t expect of a grandmother.

They both bake.

They both have a granddaughter who is trained in martial arts.

They are both sassy and generally kick-ass.

My grandma is a real-life Granny Puckett!