granny heart

  • Aladdin: if you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
  • Aurora: how's your sleep pattern?
  • Belle: favourite book(s)?
  • Captain Hook: if you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
  • Charming: do you have a good relationship with your siblings?
  • Cora: what's your greatest ambition?
  • Cruella: favourite drink?
  • Elsa: do you enjoy winter?
  • Emma: ever had a brush with the law?
  • Grumpy: ever had your heart broken?
  • Granny: favourite thing to cook?
  • Henry: what's your favourite fanfic (yours or another's)?
  • Hyde: if you could split yourself in two, what qualities would your two halves possess?
  • Lancelot: ever loved someone you shouldn't?
  • Maleficent: if you were a dragon, what would you hoard?
  • Merida: what have you had to fight for?
  • Merlin: what one piece of advice would you give someone?
  • Neal: what is your greatest regret?
  • Peter Pan: do you dread getting older?
  • Regina: what makes a family in your eyes?
  • Robin: what's your idea of a great night with friends?
  • Ruby: favourite animal?
  • Rumple: what is the most precious thing to you?
  • Sidney: how do you see yourself?
  • Snow: If you had to survive alone in the woods, what 3 things would you want with you?
  • Tinkerbell: do you believe in soulmates?
  • Ursula: how's your singing voice?
  • Zelena: are you a jealous person?

we made each other better || a hollstein s3 fanmix

1. sick of losing soulmates - dodie clark // 2. tearin’ up my heart - kina grannis // 3. ease my mind - hayley kiyoko // 4. talking body - tove lo // 5. drunk in love - mackenzie johnson // 6. potions - see // 7. heartlines - broods // 8. high hopes - kodaline // 9. blood love - young summer // 10. you and i - pvris // 11. lovesick - banks // 12. without you - oh wonder // 13. latch - daniela andrade // 14. will you still love me tomorrow - sweet talk radio // 15. a million drums - claire // 16. gimmie love - carly rae jepsen // 17. still falling for you - ellie goulding // 18. dance with me - sweet talk radio // 19. forever falling - mia wray // 20. there’s nothing better - shake shake no // 21. i will go anywhere with you - julia nunes


Graeystone: This will be the last time for now @moemneop and I will show how bad the Changeling Infiltration. It should be obvious by now the Changelings are EVERYWHERE! I notice certain Ponies wear glasses like Vinyl Scratch…maybe they need these type of eyewear-

A gift from mad-eggs-onthewall to harroe~~~

Granny White-san in granny clothes, talks like a granny and gives candy to little girls like a granny. (」・ω・)」 Granny Granny Granny……( ๑‾̀◡‾́)σ»
Stop ^$**^$ my mind!!! it’s creepyy… I can’t imagine him laughing as a granny..

Okay time to sleep.


I had some free time on my hands this evening and thought it would be fun to make some Ash VS Evil Dead Valentines. I could’ve made so many more with all of the great one-liners but I settled on these. I hope everyone enjoys them. Please feel free to use them or share :)


“I certainly wish I could have gotten my act together five years earlier so he could’ve seen this, you know? Logically, I know that if I’d started five years earlier, I wouldn’t have met Brian, I wouldn’t have met Arin, things wouldn’t have intersected the same way, but it’s still a regret of mine.  I feel like maybe something would have happened where he could have seen his faith get more rewarded. […] I’m very fortunate.”

My heart will be forever ruined by the sight of Danny tearing up because his grandfather passed away before he got the chance to see Danny finally realize his life’s dream.  

Even more ruined when I realize that that dream was us, being there and listening to everything he has to say and appreciating what took years of training and practice and strife and sacrifice to finally bring to fruition. Moreover, seeing how fucking humble and grateful he is that he’s made it this far. 

I’m basically never gonna recover from this.