granny grey


My video review and try out on the new hair dye brand: Herman’s Amazing hair color - Granny Mathilda grey.

I know the quality isn’t the best. Maybe I will buy a better camera if I want to continue doing videos like this. This one was more like a try out, to see if I wanted to do more of these videos. Also to see if you guys might be interested in them. 

Hope you like it and it’s useful! ^^


iamsorrybutgay  asked:

Do you have a favorite kind of bee? I like bees but bumblebees are my favorite because they're fat and fluffy and bumble around like I imagine grannie bees would. They cute •~•

[!!!!! i love bumblebees too! their scientific/genus name (bombus) was one of my favourite echolalias when i was a kid! they’re so fluffy and round and cute aaaaaaaaaa]


How To: Silver/Grey Hair (x)

a very rushed and tired brenna filmed this little extra for you guys because there are literally 500 messages in my inbox that say “how did you dye your hair? :)” enjoy and click to subscribe if u haven’t already