granny and i

  • *The Wattersons are separated at the mall. Nicole finds Anais.*
  • Nicole: Anais! I’m so glad I found you first! You are the voice of reason among raving lunatics!! Where are the others?
  • Anais: Well, I think Darwin’s still holding the door…
  • *cut to Darwin holding the front door open for shoppers*
  • Darwin: You’re welcome!...You’re welcome!...You’re welcome!…
  • *cut back to Anais and Nicole*
  • Nicole: I know! The others??
  • Anais: Oh. Well, Gumball didn’t have enough money for that massage chair, so he said it would be cheaper to buy stuff to make one, so Dad, Granny Jojo and I followed him to try and stop him, but he kept yelling at Granny Jojo saying she had no say in the matter ‘cause she’s broke, so she got mad and ran away, and Dad followed her 'cause he thought she’d get got by strangers, and when I told Gumball we had to catch them so you wouldn’t get mad, he called me a ripoff artist for some reason, kicked me in the shin, and ran off. So I don’t know where they are.
On Tradition

My great-grandmother used to say that tradition was tending a flame, not worshiping ashes. She also used to say that just because something was always done, didn’t mean it was always right.

Just because tradition says that there are strict gender roles in your religion, doesn’t mean you have to accept that. Just because tradition says that the divine expects this or that of you, doesn’t mean you have to agree to that. 

When people cite tradition, sometimes they’re really saying, “We don’t have a good reason, except that it’s always been this way.”

Fight for what you want your religion or your magickal tradition to be. Don’t just accept that because it has always been one way it must always be that way.

You want to be a High Priestess but everyone says you can’t be because you’re trans? Do it anyway. You want to hold the so-called “masculine divine” inside you at a ritual, but you’re a cis-gendered woman? Do it anyway. 

Make a new fire and tend that one. Don’t worship their ashes. 


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I take back that favourite character being Oliver thing, Moxie’s my favourite. She has yet to be more than briefly mentioned in a single past RP post, and even then that was once. And just her initials on a paper. But ey. What it do. You make the big boss people don’t see the big boss you kno what I’m sayin. Bring the lady more blood. More little drink umbrellas.

Throwback to a year ago, when I drew Baz and Simon staring longingly at one another across a restaurant placemat.

splinteredstar replied to your post “What would be funnier, Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka crash landing on…”

just think about yoda trying to tell granny to be Less Angry. Anger leads to Hatred, after all.

Can you even imagine the verbal smackdown that would follow? I mean damn. Granny Weatherwax would not be having with that at all.

Anger (especially the anger of the oppressed) keeps people alive. It keeps people rooted and it gives them the strength to fight back against forces much more powerful than themselves. It insists that people are people, not things, and that people will always matter more than things.

To condemn all anger as destructive and leading to the Dark Side, I think Granny would say, is also to discourage the development of any genuine compassion. If the anger of the oppressed is as negative and harmful as the anger of the oppressor, it’s easy to be “nonpartisan,” because both sides are in the wrong. And it becomes easier to overlook the people at the fringes of society, because of course the role of a Jedi is to serve all of society. Not to prioritize any one group or experience over another.

And so we end up with a Jedi Order that can ignore, and even be actively complicit in, Outer Rim slavery, because other concerns are more important and they have to look at the bigger picture.

But Granny Weatherwax would say, “If your bigger picture requires treating people like things, you need to paint a different picture.”