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This all starts with a legend. 

(If we’re being accurate, it’s a love story that becomes a legend.)
That is to say, a truth that became a lie.
It’s true that a boy with blonde hair loved the sun so much that he flew too close to it, just for a chance to touch-

It is true. It’s just not what you’d expect.


AKA the Apollo/Icarus Enjoltaire fic I wrote that is… Really sad tbh. But @achelllies called it ‘the Beyoncé of fanfics’ so if that’s not gonna make you want to read it idk what will.

Enjolras just has a “;)” as his soulmate tattoo
He’s always wondered how someone can literally say an emoji but then Grantaire comes in to a meeting one day like
“Semicolon Right-parenthesis @ you blond dude”

Enjolras literally wants to die

I bet that Grantaire is the kind of guy that buys books from charity shops and then goes through them trying to find any notes or anything that the previous owner had left.

But then one time, he manages to find a really, really old one, probably from a second-hand bookshop that specialises in antiques. And it’s from 1831 and all the notes in it are super faded and near-impossible to read but he treasures it because the person writing them is so passionate and he reminds him of Enjolras…

Little does he know…

okay so I’ve just binge-watched Yuri on Ice to avoid my responsibilities, so allow me to offer you this Yuri on Ice-ish Enjoltaire AU:

  • Enjolras is a renowned French figure skater, idolised by the fans because he’s both impossibily talented and beautiful. He’s been under the spotlight for as long as he can remember
  • Thing is, if he really did start off loving figure skating, the pressure is getting too much lately. His parents are the ones who really want him on the ice, but all his fire has burnt out. He just wants to take a break and focus on other stuff, like activism and his friends
  • Meanwhile, Grantaire is a famous-but-never-winner Greek figure skater, who idolised and fostered a crush on Enjolras for freaking EVER. He has a very laid-back and nonchalant style, and he’s graceful on the ice, but his self-esteem, depression, and poor life choices are getting in the way of his career
  • One day, Enjolras sees one of Grantaire’s performances and oh boy. Grantaire has an innate grace and his body can tell such vivid stories, but he holds so much back! Enjolras’ decision is taken. He’ll coach Grantaire for the Grand Prix, since he has no desire to skate himself
  • Grantaire is, of course, D-Y-I-N-G because his idol is???? On his doorstep??? What the fuck is happening???
  • Things go less smoothly than anticipated. Enjolras is demanding and sometimes harsh, while Grantaire doesn’t believe in himself as much as he should
  • They have a huge fall out at some point. Out of frustration and exhaustion, Grantaire points out that he can’t be Enjolras, because he doesn’t have the cold iron beauty that it takes, that he can’t be made of icy marble like Enjolras is
  • They make up later, opening up to each other. Enjolras explains that he’s lived under the crushing pressure of perfection all his life, and it messes up his expectations. Grantaire apologises profusely, saying that perhaps Enjolras should coach someone who actually has a chance of winning the Grand Prix
  • But Enjolras has none of that. He believes in Grantaire. That’s what he says every time before Grantaire gets on the ice. “I believe in you.”
  • Bonus point: Spanish figure skater Courfeyrac, Captain of the Enjoltaire ship, constantly nagging them about being like an old married couple and keeping the fans updated about operation “Holi-gays on Ice”

I watched Les Mis in the Queen’s Theatre and I’m still crying.

When they sang “here’s to pretty girls who went to our heads”, Grantaire snorted and looked at Enjolras.

Enjolras touches Grantaire more than any other character (mostly trying to derail him, but still).

This Grantaire stood his ground repeatedly, it was lovely. Like, dirty looks when Enjolras is winding up Gavroche. Not letting him get to Marius when he needed a moment. Constantly trying to lighten the mood. Arguing with Bahorel to the point Enjolras has to mediate (which mostly consists on the derailing mentioned above but I’m not complaining).

Before Enjolras climbed the barricade for the last time, they held hands and as they were letting go, Grantaire kissed Enjolras wrist, desperately.

They don’t hold hands as they die though. Grantaire sees Enjolras fall. I can’t get over that. Not getting over that. Ever.

Enjolras: Not another word


R: Fergalitious

Enjolras: I said not another word

R: Oh I see how it is last night during scrabble it’s not a word but now it is because it’s convenient for you

Imagine Grantaire and Enjolras being hopelessly in love with one another. Lazing about on the green grass by Champ de Mars, all Les Amis scattered about on various picnic blankets.

Imagine faces buried in the crooks of neck– a sanctuary from the rest of the world–, imagine fingers carding through blonde and black curls, imagine sweet nothings whispered in ears.

Secretive smiles given easily and widely, no longer gazing at each other longingly from opposite ends of the Musain, which has Courfeyrac tearing his hair out trying to decipher.

Jeers from their friends, but that only makes them smile harder, noses brushing and gazing into each others eyes like the lovesick fools they are– two trees breathing through each other’s spectacles.

Relaxing as the sonder through the green in the bright Winter light while R mumbles Frank O'Hara into Enjolras’s curls and Enjolras just breathes. Smiles. Allows himself these few minutes of peace.

“I look at you,” He recites. “And I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world.”

Enjolras twisting up to look at him, a knowing smile on his face. “Except the Van Gogh.”

“Except the Van Gogh,” R concedes. “But that’s on the way to The Museum of Fine Art, anyways.”

“I’ve never seen it,” Enjolras will say, reaching his hand up to trace the contours of R’s cheekbones. “So we can go together, when it comes back.”

“It’s a date.”

And the promise- like all of them now- is sealed with a kiss.


Les Mis/Fairy Tales Aesthetic: Enjolras and Cosette: Witch Hunters

We learned a couple of things while we were trapped in that house. One, never walk in to a house made of candy. And two, if you’re gonna kill a witch, set her ass on fire.

“When a person truly deals in witchraft they cannot hide it. A nasty rot sets in - it shows in their teeth, their skin and their eyes.This man is not a witch, just a drunken fool.” In which Cosette and her brother are famed witch exterminators for hire, Enjolras’ first meeting with Grantaire could’ve gone better, Marius is happy to just be helping out his heroes and Thenardier needs to die already.

Based off the film Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, it’s so underrated go check it out~
  • enjolras: grantaire stop complaining
  • grantaire: sorry, I let the whine go to my brains
  • enjolras:
  • grantaire:
  • enjolras:
  • grantaire:
  • marius:
  • cosette:
  • éponine:
  • gavroche:
  • combeferre:
  • courfeyrac:
  • feuilly:
  • bahorel:
  • joly:
  • bossuet:
  • musichetta:
  • jehan:
  • montparnasse:
  • jean valjean:
  • fantine:
  • javert:
  • thénardier:
  • mdm thénardier:
  • azelma:
  • bishop myriel:
  • grantaire: *cough* I mean what

e/R Aesthetic: Star Wars AU

Who’s more foolish; the fool, or the fool that follows him?

-Better known as Sergeant Fauchelevent of the Rebel Alliance
-General Lamarque’s right hand man
-Mandalore is his home planet but neither he nor his mother or sister talk about it very much
-Many say he’s better suited to being in a political position like Valjean, then again those are the same people who he can pin down with a blaster in three moves and have never witnessed his guilty pleasure in driving swoop bikes
-For some inexplicable reason was chosen to play the recruiter and was dumped into the first shuttle to Mos Eisley
-Still doesn’t see why the man he was sent to find is so important - there’s thousands of other scoundrels just like him across the galaxy -Nor will he ever cease to be amazed at how said man is capable of drinking Port in a Storm on a regular basis, that stuff was positively foul and he will forever regret being persuaded by Courfeyrac to try it.

-A known Pamarthean mercenary and infamous gambler
-Also force-sensitive, though he doesn’t realise that that is part of the reason his gambles are so often successful.
-Pilots a heavily modified Rogue-class starfighter ironically named The Corinth, even though its far from just an ornament.
-The Rebllion’s been wanting him on their side for a while now, and he knows the reason why. He knows a lot of things, been to a lot of places, friends with a lot of people. A lot of his info network can be attributed to his Rattataki informant, Eponine. But unlike him there was no way that Ep would be swayed towards anywhere else but the side of neutrality.
-‘Send your prettiest with a nice amount of credits, then we’ll see if my life is worth your little rebellion.’ Was the reply he sent back to Senator Valjean.Granted it probably wasn’t the smartest choice of words but its not like he was completely sober at the time.
-Thinks Sergeant Blondie should really learn to appreciate a fine wine.

In honour of Carrie Fisher’s passing I just had to churn out something Star Wars related ;-; Rest easy princess, you’re one with the force now. And the rest of the world know you drowned in silver moonlight strangled by your own brassiere x
Festive Enjoltaire
  • As much as Enjolras hates the whole consumerist atmosphere surrounding Christmas, he’s still heavy on the holiday spirit. It’s a holiday about being with your family, and les Amis are his family. And just as important, Grantaire is his family
  • Enjolras partakes in a lot of charity events in December. He really wants to help out. He once sold mistletoe with Grantaire at the mall. Needless to say Grantaire took every opportunity he got to kiss Enjolras that day
  • Grantaire bought way too many Christmas lights because he wanted to reproduce “Starry Night” on the wall. Enjolras had to put an end to it
  • Grantaire wears the absolute ugliest Christmas jumpers. He offered a pair of antlers to Enjolras, but he’s a kill joy
  • They tried to make a gingerbread house once. Keyword being “tried”. Enjolras got frustrated and Grantaire got hungry. Not a good combinaison
  • Grantaire put an angel on top of the Christmas tree, and when I say an angel I actually mean a picture of Enjolras in his best resting bitch face
  • Grantaire wraps his Christmas presents in white paper, so that he can draw on it afterwards and make it unique. Enjolras always keeps the wrapping religiously, because his boyfriend always puts all his heart and soul into his art, and he really appreciates that