I bet that Grantaire is the kind of guy that buys books from charity shops and then goes through them trying to find any notes or anything that the previous owner had left.

But then one time, he manages to find a really, really old one, probably from a second-hand bookshop that specialises in antiques. And it’s from 1831 and all the notes in it are super faded and near-impossible to read but he treasures it because the person writing them is so passionate and he reminds him of Enjolras…

Little does he know…

Pure blood Slytherin Enjolras writing home and telling his family about his Ravenclaw boyfriend who he’s bringing home for break

They all assume its Combeferre but no

They get scruffy mud blood Grantaire who Enjolras steps off the train with holding hands and smiling like that boy is the only person he’s ever cared about

Picture Enjolras trying to describe the guy he likes to ferre and courf but they make it really difficult like “are you sure you’re not just making this up he can’t have that many hobbies” and “curly dark hair and makes fun of you a lot? He sounds like a taller version of courfeyrac"

Okay but Grantaire knows wandless magic fucking fight me

he doesn’t show people because boi is a mudblood and is just “fuck they’ll think I’m lazy :/” so he just uses his wand or whatever but thing is is that he can’t really… do magic with a wand for some reason? It just doesn’t come as naturally? He has to really focus to get it to work properly and thats apart of why everyone thinks he’s just not really that talented at it

But the moment he accidentally does it where everyone can see while trying to save Enjolras or push him out of the way from something dangerous everyone is literally just


Because Grantaire not only being able to do wandless magic but also being able to react so quickly and precise to A: get someone away from danger as swiftly as possible and B: to not hurt them in the process

Everyone is just shocked by how fucking powerful R actually is and Enj is probably sitting there just ?!?!?!?!? While R looks like he’s going to have a panic attack

If ya think Enjolras and Grantaire haven’t added their own love lock to the Pont des Arts, you’re mistaken my friend.

And then Enjolras didn’t sleep at night because: “Grantaire what have we done? That bridge is already saturated with padlocks and they say it affects the stability of the brige! Oh my god we’ve destroyed a landmark, Grantaire! It’s oUR FAULT!”

(And then the city removed all the love locks. Enjolras could finally sleep soudly again)

Do you think I don’t know Grantaire is gay? Do you think I don’t notice his teeth whitening strips and how all he talks about is Ancient Greece?
—  Enjolras to Courf probably

Imagine Grantaire and Enjolras being hopelessly in love with one another. Lazing about on the green grass by Champ de Mars, all Les Amis scattered about on various picnic blankets.

Imagine faces buried in the crooks of neck– a sanctuary from the rest of the world–, imagine fingers carding through blonde and black curls, imagine sweet nothings whispered in ears.

Secretive smiles given easily and widely, no longer gazing at each other longingly from opposite ends of the Musain, which has Courfeyrac tearing his hair out trying to decipher.

Jeers from their friends, but that only makes them smile harder, noses brushing and gazing into each others eyes like the lovesick fools they are– two trees breathing through each other’s spectacles.

Relaxing as the sonder through the green in the bright Winter light while R mumbles Frank O'Hara into Enjolras’s curls and Enjolras just breathes. Smiles. Allows himself these few minutes of peace.

“I look at you,” He recites. “And I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world.”

Enjolras twisting up to look at him, a knowing smile on his face. “Except the Van Gogh.”

“Except the Van Gogh,” R concedes. “But that’s on the way to The Museum of Fine Art, anyways.”

“I’ve never seen it,” Enjolras will say, reaching his hand up to trace the contours of R’s cheekbones. “So we can go together, when it comes back.”

“It’s a date.”

And the promise- like all of them now- is sealed with a kiss.

Asexual!Enjoltaire (Enjoltaire in general)
  • •Enjolras is a proud ace
  • •Grantaire is a gay as heck punk boy who is waist deep in debt
  • •Enjolras is a rich boy who goes to college on his parents money
  • •R speaks like five different languages and his hands are always covered in paint (Enjolras hates this)
  • •E takes pride in his luscious golden hair (Grantaire always runs his hands through it despite the wet paint)
  • •dates in a flower filled meadow despite E claiming to be straight
  • •E is definitely not straight and is always weak in the knees when R is around
  • •one night things get a lil steamy and R can tell E is uncomfortable so he asks what's wrong
  • •E tells R that he's an ace and R totally respects him for that
  • •E doesn't really understand how to use his high tech cell phone so he just uses the landline a lot
  • •everyone gets fed up with the phone calls so R teaches him how to text at least
  • •E becomes obsessed with emojis and everyone hates this phase too
  • •sweet kisses and love bites but that's as far as everything gets
  • •when they fight, they fight like a married couple
  • •honestly just Enjoltaire
  • Grantaire: Have I ever told you you’re like a sexy praying mantis?
  • Enjolras: Every time you drink alcohol.
  • Grantaire: You know what’s wonderful about the praying mantis? They devour their mate.
  • Enjolras: Your point being?
  • Grantaire: Dessert is served.