Morning fog clearing in Yosemite, with Yosemite Falls in the background.


Walking along the shores of Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. The big rocks are all Sierran Granite - it’s a hard to weather rock, but it can break apart on joints, forming big, round boulders.



This impressive monolith is called Sigiriya or Lion Rock and can be found in central Sri Lanka. The rock is about 200 meters high and dominates the lush green jungle surroundings. Sigiriya is composed of granitic material. It is a hardened magma plug from an extinct and long-eroded volcano. A plug is the solidified rock mass within the former feeding pipe of a volcano.

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The descent to the river.



Neato. Sun comes up casting shadow of a Joshua Tree on one of the granite boulders in the California high desert.