Some Yule Ball Dramione 😉
Two sweet little ones taught us how to do the waltz from the scene in the film. They were so good at dancing! I’m horrible at it, but here is a gif set anyway! 💖

Draco by: @crossjessing
Hermione by: @memerlee-cosplay
Yule Ball dress made by Tavariel on Etsy

  • Blaise: Are you guys arguing?
  • Hermione: [To Draco] Are we?
  • Draco: Maybe a little but that’s okay. Couples argue. We’ll figure it out and we can have make-up sex later.
  • [Crookshanks meows at the word]
  • Blaise: Hey, I think your cat knows that word.
  • Theo: Look who his parents are. Merlin knows what he’s been exposed to. He probably needs psychoanalysis.
Dramione, A knock on the door at two in the morning

for @sleepygrimm

Draco heard the knock, it resonated throughout his flat.  He glanced at the clock, it read two am.  He groaned and reached for his wand.  

He shuffled down the hallway, not bothering with a dressing gown.  He opened the door, squinting out onto his front steps, where a very cold and very wet Hermione Granger stood.  He frowned.  “Granger?”

“I’m sorry, I know it’s late…I just…I don’t have anywhere else to go…”  Her bottom lip trembled and he quickly stepped back to allow her entrance.

“Sorry, come in…it’s wet and cold out there…”  He rubbed at his eyes and shut the door after her.  

He slipped his arm around her shoulders.  “Are you wanting to talk about it?”  

She shook her head.  

“Right.  Well.  Let me go get some tea before you start.”  

“I said no,” she reiterated, looking up at him in bewilderment.  

“Yeah?  And I know you, Granger.  You’ll sit in stubborn silence for about five minutes and then it will all come tumbling out.  I’m going to need some tea to prepare…do you want some?”  

She didn’t say anything for a moment, but then she nodded.  “Please…and thank you.”  

“It’s no trouble.  I know a bit of magic, you know…”  

“No, I meant…for this.  Thank you.”

“Oh…”  Any number of possible sentences swarmed through his head. Some were more…cliché than others, but the one he decided to go with was, “You know how I feel about you, Granger. Is there anything else I need to say on that matter?”  

She gulped, looking down at her hands, “I suppose not?”  

“Smashing,” he deadpanned. “Now…tea, and then you can…you know. Unload on me.”  

I need art work of the Harry Potter characters at the women’s march. I need them now. Please Someone do this for me. You’ll get 100% credit of course, I just need it in my life. 

To Kill or To Kiss
  • <p> <b>Hermione:</b> Malfoy, do you want to kill me?<p/><b>Draco:</b> Why the hell would you think that?<p/><b>Hermione:</b> According to Psychology, having eye contact for more than 6 seconds without looking away or blinking reveals a desire for sex or murder. You were staring at me, so did you want to kill me?<p/><b>Draco:</b> You're still alive, Granger.<p/><b>Hermione:</b> So that<p/></p>
  • Draco: I know you love me. I love you, too. For real though, Hermione. The only person I love more than you is myself.
  • Hermione: [laughing] Merlin, tell me you did not just say that.
  • Draco: What’s so damn funny? I’m being serious.
  • Hermione: The only person you love more than me is you?
  • Draco: Yeah, so?
  • Hermione: You’re ridiculous.
  • Draco: But you love me?
  • Hermione: So much.
Dramione, Motorcycle

for @valiantlyangryfoxblr

“Do you know how to fly this thing, Granger?  Did Hagrid give you lessons?”  Draco approached the motorbike cautiously.  

“No, Malfoy.  I have no earthly idea how to fly this.  But I’m definitely going to take both our lives in my hands just because.”  Hermione rolled her eyes and grabbed the helmet off the back of the bike.  “That was me being facetious, by the way.”  

She got on the bike, taking the time to go through the steps of starting it.  

“Where am I sitting?” he asked.  “In the sidecar?  Safely back at home?”  

She shot him a look.  “Get on the back.”  

HPCC Valentine Update (21/01/17)

Thanks to everyone who’s signed up so far! We’re really excited to have you all taking part. If you’re thinking about signing up or aren’t sure, you still have a few days! Send us an ask with any questions and we’ll be happy to answer, or if you want to get involved let us know whether you want to write a fic or submit some art, along with whether you’ll need a beta or not, by midnight GMT on Wednesday 25th January. Also, if you’d like to help with betaing fics please drop us an ask. This event really is the more the merrier so get involved! 

If you don’t want to submit any fic or art, maybe you’d like to help inspire our writers and artists by sending in prompts? All Valentines themed ideas are welcome, and if there’s a particular pairing you’d love to see let us know that too. 

Much love to you all, and thanks for your enthusiasm so far.

Never forget that Harry asked Cornelius Fudge the minister of magic himself to sign his Hogsmeade permission slip. Go big or go home son