donkeylover101  asked:

I'm bored. Got any spirit stories?

I have a somewhat spooky one?

So, I was taking out the garbage. It was a warm night, and the smell reminded me of summers in Grandview, WA. I loved it. As I went around to the front, passing the light in our garden, it flickered, and went out. I thought nothing of it, but soon, I could see my breath, and it was suddenly freezing. Being a spirit worker, I knew something was up, and made sure to have my phone light on as I went around the side of the house (which was very dark). When I got there, I felt a presence. A dark one. A malicious one. The mist of my breath started to be sucked down, towards it. My head spun, and I quickly used a hasty energy manipulation to cut the ties it had made to me. It was trying to consume the energy of my soul. I ran, locking myself inside my house, and turned on the porch and back yard light. The wards on my house are strong, and my spirit companions kept me safe. But that thing scared the bejeezus out of me.


Kelsey Ann Smith was an Overland, Kansas teenager who was kidnapped from a Target, and murdered on June 2nd, 2007. 

Surveillance video from the Target showed Kelsey entering the store to buy a gift for her boyfriend. She called her Mother from the store, then left. Surveillance shows her leaving with her bag before she vanished. Footage also seemed to show someone quickly forcing Kelsey into her car. Later, her car- a 1990 Ford Crown Victoria- was found outside of a Macy’s near the area where she disappeared. Her wallet, purse, and purchases were left inside. The Macy’s surveillance video showed her car had been driven into the parking lot, and left about two hours after being taken from the Target. A figure in a white shirt and dark-colored shorts ran from the car towards the street. Target video then shows this same figure leaving the parking lot in a 1970s-era Chevrolet Truck a few minutes later.

Detectives decided to go over the footage again. They noticed a male wearing a white shirt and dark shorts who seemed to be in every piece of footage Kelsey was in. He also matched the person seen in the footage at Macy’s.This man became their main suspect.

On June 6th, Verizon traced a ping from Kelsey’s cellphone to a tower in Grandview, Missouri- 20 miles from where she had disappeared. Investigators searched this area for 45 minutes before finding her body in a wooded area near Longview Lake. She had been strangled with her own belt, and sexually assaulted. A man who saw the surveillance footage on the news called in a tip that the suspect looked like his neighbor- Edwin Roy “Jack” Hall. Hall was in the process of leaving town with his wife and four-year-old son when the police arrived.  

Hall did not know Kelsey. It’s believed he spotted her, and followed her around the store, watching her. When he saw she was checking out, he went to his truck, got a gun, and waited to approach her until he saw her walking back to her car. His fingerprints matched a set of unidentified prints found on the seat belt in Kelsey’s car. He forced her into the car, drove her to a wooded area 20 miles away, raped her, and strangled her. On July 23rd, 2008, Hall plead guilty as part of a plea agreement. He received life in prison without parole for kidnapping, rape, and murder. Because of her murder, the Kelsey Smith Act was put into place. This act states that cell phone companies can ping a phone if authorities determine the owner of that phone is in danger. Most American states have passed the law.