Anime Detour Cosplay Pictures Set 11

  1. Disney/Pixar group shot, 1 of 2.
  2. Disney/Pixar group shot, 2 of 2.
  3. Frozen group shot - minus Olaf for some reason.
  4. Queens (and Kings) Elsa - front.
  5. Queens (and Kings) Elsa - rear.
  6. Kings Elsa. Right: plagued-infatuation; middle: grandtheftgelato; left: Aetherial Edge.
  7. Princess Annas - as might be expected, they didn’t stand still for photos, singing and joking and even a bit of dancing.
  8. Disney couples - that is one very lucky Kristoff.
  9. A smaller Disney couple. Kristoff is still very lucky.
  10. Tinkerbell! One of my favorites for showing up injured and still doing her best to spread magic and cheer!

Second day of Anime Detour pictures. I was walking around as starter Jade Harley. (Finally getting around to posting them) Let me know if you recognize any of these amazing cosplayers!
1. grandtheftgelato.tumblr and unknown
2. Unknown
3. kumashiro.tumblr and imploder.tumblr
4. the-sylph-of-i-hope-you-leave.tumblr
5. chemiday.tumblr (The Dave with Terezi), fangsbrokenrose.tumblr (maid!Dave!!!) and Unknown
6. ask-the-lazycosplayer.tumblr and unknown


Anime Detour Cosplayers Part Two! 

If you know any of the people please message me so I can add their ‘ness :3

  2. Momiji: zemomiji
    Haru: expertspoonbender
  3.  Kiki: kuurinniex3 
  6. Sylveon: grandtheftgelato
    Glaceon: kahana14
  7.  Totoro: maicylynn
  8. Bubbles: pandaarya 

    Blossom: phaleratekupkakes

    Buttercup: @thatchickwithaseptum

kinless-deactivated20151222  asked:

People are totally throwing the racist card on Gags, like okay, maybe it is a bit dumb that she has done that, but she did that for a fucking concert before. It's personally Tumblr that makes soooo much shit out of it. Like fuckin' hell, and they're like "LOL OMG GAGA DID U GET THAT OFF A YOUTUBE??? LAMEEE" nigga, she's got a whole SWAT team of make up artists -.-..

I’m a bit more pissed due to the fact that Katy got the same shit from the AMAs live. Like, seriously, it’s appropriating sure, but as my friend Darrin said, if white people dressed up based on their culture, they’d be wearing sweatpants and cheese puff stained t-shirts (he’s white so before you start generalizing don’t even)

And like, as an asian, I don’t find anything they’re doing bad. It’s more like they’re putting a creative twist on it. They’re not demeaning, mocking, or defaming the culture (although again, Katy, I would suggest you burn that dress or remake it into something nicer). Gaga said herself that she added a bit of kawaii to her outfit because of how she appreciated her fans dressing up and adding their own flavour. It’s her take on kawaii culture. The huge eyes are one of the major things that a lot of people think of, so obviously she would take that into consideration.

So. Yeah. There’s such a thing as being offensive and being unnecessarily offended every time someone blinks.

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Questions I was asked:

1. Favorite movie?   Top Gun or Perks of Being a Wallturtle or The Fault in Our Stars

2. Favorite super hero?   BATMAN

3. How much is in your bank account?   $75.03

4. Have you been out of the country? Where (or where do you want to go if you haven’t been out)?   I went to the Bahamas when i was like 2

5. What’s your favorite corps?   JERSEY SURF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Ever done something illegal (other than things most people do like illegal downloads, etc.)?   Well I drove one time without a license or permit.

7. Do you play any sports?    I’m in colorguard, winterguard, marching band and track. I wish I did ultimate.

8. Is mayonnaise an instrument?   It could be if it wasnt disgusting.

9. What show, movie, etc. do you reference most?   Mean Girls.

10. Snapchat or texting?   Snapchats (hmu @fearsthekat)

11. Favorite type of bacon?   The normal kind, extra crispy

My Questions for You:

1) Favorite Macklemore song?

2) How do you feel about tattoos? Do you have any? Are you getting any? What will they be?

3) What instruments do you play?

4) Selfie that makes you feel the best about yourself?

5) Do you believe in an afterlife? Angels?

6) Favorite TV show?

7) Favorite DCI uniform?

8) How do you feel about butts?

9) What part of your personality makes you the most proud?

10) When was your first kiss?

11) What are your feelings about John Green books, particularly TFiOS and Looking for Alaska?

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Secret Agent

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1) Favorite place you’ve ever been, and why?

Mmmmm, Well I’ve been to Disneyland many times and that is still one of my favorite places to go because… magic..

But I’ve also been to New York and parts of Connecticut and it’s really pretty and green up there and then the city is pretty fun! So I like those places too. 

2) If you had complete freedom of choice and power over your life and could disregard society’s expectations, what would you do with your life?

When I was younger I always wanted to work with animals, didn’t matter if it was at the zoo or if I went around the world. I think if I could just do anything I’d like to work at a sanctuary of sorts, just be able to be close with such amazing animals. (Also in a later question I say I’d love to be an artist which I’d like to do if I could do anything with my life too…)

3) If you were in the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe and had the choice, would you be a bender? What kind, and why?

Love this question and I’d love to be a bender! My element is air and I’d probably choose to be an Airbender since I don’t deal with confrontation well and would be better suited to a style that keeps the enemy at bay rather than harming them directly. But I think that all the other elements are amazing as well and it would be fantastic to be able to bend any of the elements :3.

4) Given the choice and all of the requisite time and money, what would you devote your life to studying?

I’ve always wanted to be an artist, I wish that I could just sit down and work on getting better, find my own style, and then just continue to learn and grow for as long as I can.

5) How do you define immortality?

Well in a literal sense it’s not ever being able to die.

But I guess there are ways to be immortal without actually being alive, like people who made history (whether good or bad).

6) What is your favorite game?

I really suck at choosing favorites.. I’ll just say Pokemon X! Since that’s what I’m playing now.

Oh and omg I absolutely love the Pokemon Ranger games.

And Legend of Zelda games.

7) Do you like reading? If so, what was your favorite written work?

Yes I love reading!!

Again with the favorites… Well I’ve been reading Game of Thrones and I gotta say that I love them. It has that kind of style that I adore, and another author that I like (who has a similar style I think) is Brian Jacques and his Redwall series.

8) What is your favorite cultural/ethnic dish? It can be of your own culture or another.

Uuuuuh I don’t know if I can say anything special for this question.. I like food.. I feel like any “ethnic dish” I were to have would be highly americanized anyway.. I like Japanese food so lets say sushi for the favorite dish (even though yeah it’s pretty americanized here….)

9) What Hogwarts house do you think the Sorting Hat would place you in, and why?

Welp Pottermore said Hufflepuff and I agree! I don’t feel like Gryffindor fits because I’m not courageous enough to go about and make things change on my own. Not ambitious enough to be a Slytherin, don’t have any big dreams or expections I’m kinda just going along with life as it happens. Even though I like to think I’m creative and witty being surrounded by Ravenclaws would probably make me look at all my flaws and think about how my art or my words or my thoughts aren’t as amazing as everyone else’s.. So then there’s Hufflepuff house, where I can feel comfortable and not feel as though I need to compete to find a place. I’m already accepted as who I am and my friends will stand beside me as I stand beside them. I adore being a Hufflepuff, I think that all the houses are amazing in their own right and I would be honored to be a part of any one of them, but I honestly feel like Hufflepuff would be my best fit.

10) The first object you see next time you look away from the screen is your weapon for the zombie apocalypse. What is it, and how screwed are you?

Cat Tree….. I can make that into a weapon somehow… right?

11) Doughnuts, pancakes, waffles, or crepes?

……..How….dare…………. I have a deep love for all of these scrumptious delights. But you know what, I’m gonna pull a Aoi Asahina and say doughnuts.

Okay now it’s my turn!!

1) If you could go absolutely anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

2) What is your favorite animated film? Why?

3) What is an animal (real or mythical) that you’ve always wanted as a pet? What would you name it and how would you take care of it?

4) Uh Oh! You’ve become a Magical Girl, now what did you wish for to make that happen?

5) What is your weapon of choice? (You can stick with the PMMM theme or not, you decide.)

6) Do you think you’ll ever raise a child/children?

7) If you could bring any fictional person to life who would it be and why?

8) What is something that never fails to make you cry?

9) What is something that never fails to make you smile?

10) If you could live in any fandom universe (Avatar, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Game of Thrones, absolutely anything) what would you choose? What would your life be like in that world?

11) What are some gifts you’re hoping to get this holiday season?

Bored, so I'ma answer the three set of questions that some assholes tagged me in :P (I love y'all…be prepared to be attacked back)


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  1. What’s the meaning behind your url? Why’d you choose it?
    sora is from Kingdom Hearts. The numbers don’t matter (literally, they have no meaning. My dad said I needed to have some more character to my very first e-mail, so I smashed my hand and it just came out)
  2. If you’re a pokemon fan, who would your 6 pokemon be to travel with? I’ll limit you to the use of one legendary.
    Oh god….ooooooh god………….Jirachi I guess? Pichu, Togepi, Munna…Misdrevious…aaand um. Crap. I’m so out of touch with Pokemon…umumumum Feraligator. *NOD*
  3. If you could live in any other era, which one would it be and why?
    I know I apparently had a past life in the Victorian era…maybe then. I like Steampunk fashion a lot, which draws a lot from the Victorian era. That and lolita. So yeah. Or maybe the Roaring ‘20s?
  4. If money was no longer an issue, what would you do with your life?
    Pay off my college debt, buy all the shit I want, donate to everywhere, and invest a lot in my music career (seriously, if I had money, things would not be so hard crap = =;)
  5. Is there anyone you’re dying to see or talk to in person right now?
    A few, sure
  6. What attracted you to tumblr?
    Nothing in particular really. An acquaintance of mine in high school forced me to get one, I didn’t get into it, and then I meet people at college that use it more, aaaaand Stockholm Syndrome set in and yeah.
  7. There’s one thing a person can’t live without (love, cell phones, wifi)… what’s yours?
  8. Do you have siblings?
    Mhm! One younger sister and an older half-brother I have yet to meet
  9. You’re in an asylum. What would you think drove you to insanity? 
    A boy probably. Or stress. Well, now that I think about it, iunno…there are a LOT of factors that could easily land me in the nuthouse…
  10. What’s your favorite book/movie of all time?
    I HATE THIS QUESTION I KEEP FORGETTING ALL OF THE DAMN GOOD BOOKS AND MOVIES AND SHIT I READ / WATCH although The Center of the World by Andreas Steinhöfel ugh dat book ;___;
  11. I thought about asking what was your most life-changing moment, but I don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, because that’s not something we all like to share. How about this: what’s your favorite memory and why? If you can’t remember, just tell me a time you felt happiest.
    Oh god. The first thing that came to mind was meeting Jake Bley after finding out he was in town. My friend Adrian met him the night before and managed to drag me out, partilly for a ride there, partially for company, partially so I could hunt him down later. I ended up seeing him, sucking it up and just going up to him and saying hi. He was at The Pub, and I was there mainly for Oz across the street, so after we talked for a bit (and because Adrian ditched me…), I ran over to Oz. Adrian works there, so I was left kinda alone in a corner, checking my phone. Eventually Jake makes his way into the club, notices me and makes a cute telescope gesture to show taht I’ve been spotted, so I make my way over to him. We make small chat, dance together, and in genreal had a good time. What makes this such a happy time was because I was in a shitty mood the night before and still earlier that day, so it was a nice change of mood for me. I got a picture with him before he left, and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Hopefully he’ll visit longer next time so we can hang out more yeah yeah he’s Youtube famous but still a boy can dream right?


  1. If you had a superpower what would it be and why?
    Teleportation or flying, or some sort of being able to travel long distances in short amount of times. Because seriously, we’re on Tumblr. Who DOESN’T wanna travel to see friends and the rest of the world?
  2. What was the first OC you ever created and for what book, movie, tv show, etc?
    Um. I was at a summer camp thingy that had an RPG “class”. Does that count?
  3. First OTP?
    I ship everyone with me.
  4. First NOTP?
    Omg Kayla why are all of these fandom-related (I don’t have a NoTP, although people have me and my friend Seth as a NoTP…)
  5. Have you ever successfully made a pie (pre-made ones don’t count!)?
    Nope, never tried.
  6. Can you cook? and no. cereal, ramen noodles, microwavable food and instant mac and cheese do not count :)
    Not particularly. I’ve made steamed egg a while back, but it’s been a while.
  7. Have you ever won a tumblr giveaway?
    Technically yes, but the prize was left behind accidentally ):
  8. If you were to have children, how many would you have?
    Hard question. 2 would be ideal, but I don’t have like, a dream number? I can deal with one, I can deal with 50 (okay maybe not that many). It’s hard to say cuz you try and think of how many and what genders (if you were able to really plan all that out) would be best for your children…aaaaaand yeah. Honestly it’s not really on my mind at the moment anyway though, soooo we’ll deal with this question again when I actually get to that bridge…
  9. If a child popped up at your doorstep with a note saying that it is your long lost brother or sister, how would you react? 
    Uh. Wat.
  10. If I gave you money to go on a trip to anywhere, where would you go?
    …Hmm. There are too many places…Taiwan, Japan, England, New York, Los Angeles, Ohio, Wisconsin…
  11. It is the zombie apocalypse, what is your zombie plan?
    Shit. Um. I’ll probably go insane a bit and then go hardass and beat shit up. I’ll most likely die because I’m not necessarily the most physically fit, buuuuut at least I’ll die trying.
    …Either that or I’ll just go insane from potentially having to kill my family and friends and just suicide. We’ll see! Hope that it doesn’t boil down’t to this~


  1. if you could get away with anything, and I mean anything, what would it be and the reasoning on why?
    I…honestly don’t know…I’ve actually always wondered what it would be like to kill someone…(does that make me sound deranged? >__> oops…)
  2. You get the chance to live in any TV/anime/book series, which would you choose and why that one? Do you think you’d get tired of living in that universe after awhile?
    Oh god. Uh. Would depend on exactly what I’m doing I guess? I’ve been on a random Fatal Frame kick again, so maybe one of those games’ universes…except…that makes me sound masochistic too…OR FREE UGU
  3. Name something that you would do anything for (or you know…possibly sell your soul for) to own or do? Why this?
    I’m gonna go with happiness. Because it’s happiness. Isn’t that what we technically all strive for anyway?
  4. If you could only dress in one style/fashion for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    …My style? :D (*shot*)
  5. Would you trade places with anyone (i.e.-friends, family, celebrity, random animal), would you? If so, who and why would you want to?
    Are we trading places like lives, or just physical locations? Physically I would say anyone in my family in Taiwan, because I WANT MY SUMMER DAMMIT. Life-wise though…I’ve joked before saying I wouldn’t know who to choose before Neil Patrick Harris or David Burtka because they’re both perfect people married to equally perfect and handsome people
  6. Biggest regret? Would you change it if you had the chance to fix/redo it?
    I guess not doing so well in school, or not doing as good as I could. Aaaand most likely yeah.
  7. Do you have a book that you are overly attached to? (As in you can reread it over and over without getting sick of it or that you would recommend to anyone) If you have one what is it and why are you attached?
    Again, probably The Center of the World by Andreas Steinhöfel, but that’s possibly because I relate to the main character so much, and I’m a huge romantic that likes the idea of romantic adventures *shrug*
  8. What is the biggest reasoning behind what you’re going/went to school for? Do you love what you’re going to school for? If not, why so?
    I go to school for a vocal peformance degree. I added a music industry minor spring semester of my sophomore year. Honestly, music is the only thing that I’m good at, in my opinion, and I’ve always wanted to be like, a super pop star and whatnot. Now that I’ve grown up a bit I’ve realized that it’s not really about the fame, but the idea about making music and performing and whatnot. I like the program at my school, in my opinion. I know it’s not for everyone, but I enjoy it.
  9. Is there one talent that you would love to have? What is it and why would you want it?
    Oh god. Drawing? I took oil painting classes when I was younger, up until college, but it was a bit more guided by my teacher honestly. I wanna have the talent of just seeing something and being able to just draw it out and have it look exactly like what I want, anatomically correct (or at least stylistically interesting). I have so many ideas in my head, but it was always so hard to just spout it out onto paper. (I guess technically I also wanna have better songwriting talent in that case…)
  10. You have one place to visit/travel to and that’s it. No other places allowed for the rest of your life. What place would you choose and the reasoning for said place.
    WHAT. WHY. YOU ARE EVIL. Well I guess I’ll just LIVE at all the other places I wanna go D< And visit Chernobyl. The scenery is so haunting, and I’ve always wanted to film a music video there.
  11. I want to know one random fact about you! Tell me tell me!~ You even get to pick too!~
    …My hair has stabbed my fingers before.


  1. Theme song of your life. Why?
  2. What fictional character do you relate to the most and why? Can be from ANY work whatsoever, but I’m not including OCs
  3. If you were able to choose how you were to die, how would you want to die? Dying from old age or natural causes is not allowed!
  4. What physical part of you would you wanna change? I’m not talking about simple plastic surgery to alter a feature, although that is allowed. I’m thinking like, taller, shorter, making your hair naturally a different colour, or eye colour, etc.
  5. You woke up and you realized that you’re in a completely different universe. What universe would that be in? (Could be one that you feel like you’d fit in best, or could be one that you’d like to explore)
  6. Okay, you know there’s that one guilty pleasure that you listen to, that you say you hate but secretly love to listen to. What is it?
  7. You’re hired to make a commercial, RIGHT NOW. You have a full cast, crew, editing team, etc. at hand. Standard 30sec commercial. What would you choose to advertise and why?
  8. Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles. You’re familiar with them, or you’re not. Regardless of if you know what I’m talking about, choose one and explain your choice.
  9. Which Hogwarts house are you in?
  10. If you could choose to learn another language, being able to speak it perfectly, which language and why?
  11. So you’re accepted into this prestigious academy. You go to school for the first day, black out, wake up an hour later. You go to orientation and meet your classmates. You are then informed by a strange robotic teddy bear that you are to live in the boarded-up school for the rest of your lives, and you can choose to peacefully live in the school with no contact whatsoever with the outside world, or you can try to “graduate” by killing one of your fellow classmates and not being found out. Trying to escape has proven to be completely futile. Would you try to live in the school peacefully, or would you attempt to graduate? (If you choose the latter, what’s your perfect murder?)

fullmetal-magical-girl  asked:


J. Jellybean flavour?


U - Umbrella colour?

I’m a man I dont use umbrellas

S - Song i last sung?

In the End by Linkin Park

T - Time you woke up?

10 AM

I - Icecream flavour?

Cookie dough

N - Number of siblings?

1, shes a half sister so ½?

E - Easiest person to talk to?

Probably my friend Kade, but we dont talk to alot so maybe Darrin

grandtheftgelato  asked:

Share 10 facts about yourself then pass this onto 10 of your favorite followers.


2. 10 facts:

  1. I was born in Taiwan, moved here when I was 3
  2. I have dual citizenship
  3. I turn 21 a week from today (I AM OLD)
  4. I have bought 5 wigs within the past 2-3 weeks…
  5. I have 3 XBoxes in my house (tl;dr aunt gave us a [Taiwanese] XBox she won in a lottery but then it region-locked after so long of not having that issue, so we bought a US XBox for games here. Then I got an XBox with a Kinect later. That one’s now technically mine.)
  6. I have been in school non-stop since sophomore year and will not finish until I graduate (sophomore > summer classes > junior > summer classes > senior > death)
  7. I still have my two top wisdom teeth. I think they’ve impacted, but they don’t really hurt.
  8. I stayed outside of a department store to get a ticket to a free Lady Gaga show when I was in Taiwan. The fact that she went to Taiwan for her Born This Way international promo tour was a feat in itself.
  9. I have yet to get my first kiss
  10. I have strange feet. They’re small for guys, but big for girls. (size 8 mens / 10 womens)