grandson of makarov

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As expected, the scandalous Fairy tail, celebrated the return of Lucy with the best party they have ever done. The guild was reborn. Full of happiness again. Everything was left behind, they would enjoy every moment from now on. All were around Lucy, telling her some new things that had happened in her absence.

—I..Is that true, Levy-chan?! —She asked all flushed when she heard from Cana that Levy and Gajeel were now a couple.

—Y..Yes.. Lu-chan! — Levy answered with her flushed cheeks.

—Ge-he..—Gajeel smiled putting a hand in his girlfriend’s head.

— I see.. —She smiled at them.

— Juvia too.. — She jumped in happiness. —Juvia has earned the love of Gray! —Juvia shouted with joy.

—For God’s sake.. —Gray said flushed with a drop in the hundred.

— We aren’t at the back neither! —Elfman screamed showing his wedding ring to Lucy with Evergreen next to him.

— N..No! —She screamed in surprised. —I don’t believe it! —The blondie say again.

—Ara.. ara.. —Mira said smiling. —It’s so noisy again.. —She confessed.

—Mira left everyone behind.. Didn’t you, Mira-chan? — Cana said looking at Mira’s stomach.

—..O..Oh god.. For real?! —Lucy stood surprised.

—T..That’s right, my grandson is coming! —Makarov said in comic tears

—W..Who is..—Lucy couldn’t end

—Who else? —Laxus said scratching his hair.

—I wonder who’s next.. —Cana said with a impish look to Erza and Jellal

— I.. I see.. —Lucy said smiling. —So you all.. —She couldn’t finish

—Although we haven’t celebrated it as due.. —Erza confessed looking at her.

—I…I’m so happy to be back.. —She showed them a sincere smile.

—Then.. Natsu.. —All the guild looked at him. —You’re next! —Gray pushed him towards Lucy.

—Gray.. You bastard! —Natsu looked at him.

—N..Natsu?—The blondie looked at him confused.

—Er.. L..Lucy.. —The fire mage looked at her flushed.

—Go ahead, Natsu! —Cana cried raising her sake.

—Y..You guys are.. —Natsu said embarrassed.  —C..Come, Lucy! —Natsu took her hand. —Let’s get out of here! —He said and ran out of the guild.

—Good luck! —The whole guild shouted in joy.

* * *

—W..What’s the matter..? —Lucy said holding her knees, agitated for the run when they were far enough from the guild.

—L..Lucy.. I.. —Natsu was nervous with his cheeks slightly flushed.

—E..Eh? —Lucy realized. —W..W..Wait, Natsu! —Lucy stood and looked at him flushed. —Y..You don’t have to do this.. I mean.. W..We are already… —Lucy tried to say but Natsu interrumped her.

—I.. I really want to do this, Lucy. —He confessed looking at her eyes, with his flushed cheeks.

—N..Natsu.. —Lucy was surprised for Natsu’s seriousness.

—D..Do you remember when you said…—Natsu kneeled in front of her. —… that you wanted to be with me.. right? —He asked her.

—N..Natsu.. —Lucy shut her mouth with her hand, amazed.

— I..I hope that proposal it’s up.. yet.. —He said looking for a little box in his pocket.

—…. —Lucy started to drop tears of joy.

— Lucy. —Natsu looked at her holding a ring in his fingers — Would you be my wife? —He asked waiting for her answer with concern.

—A..Are you.. —Lucy laughed. —… even asking? —She asked with tears of happiness.

— I..Is that.. —Natsu showed her a big smile.

—It’s a yes.. Of course. —She smiled and extended her finger to him.

—Y..You don’t know how happy you just made me.. —He answered entering the ring in her finger.

— I might have a clue.. —She said and kneeled in front of him as well. — Because you just did the same to me.. —She took his cheeks, putting their foreheads together.

—I love you, Lucy. —Natsu confessed putting his hands on her shoulders, attracting her to him. He opened his lips slightly and grabbed hers. A tear dropped from Natsu’s eye.

—I love you, too. —She replied when they looked at each other.

—Wanna kiss me again? —He asked impish.

—I wouldn’t say no to that. —She smiled and pressed her lips against his. Then he smiled —W..What are you doing?! —She screamed when Natsu held her in his arms in princess style.

—Isn’t it obvious? —He pressed his lips giving her a quick kiss. —Taking you back! —He said and started to walk.

—I..I can’t walk! —She cried in his arms.

* *  *

—T..This is embarrassing! —Lucy kept fighting with a flushed face. —Let me go, Natsu! —Cried again.

—H..Huh? —Everyone looked at the door.

—It’s done, bastards! —The fire mage kicked the door with joy.

—I..It’s about time! —Gray answered.

—Lucy and i will be a family now! —The dragon slayer said again leaving everyone surprised.

—H..Hold on a second.. —Gray walked towards him. —W..What did you just ..said? —He asked again.

—We’re getting married! —He answered happily.

—T..Thats cheating, Natsu! —Gray cried.

—Juvia wants to marry too! —She jumped in Gray’s arms with hearted eyes.

—O..Okay..—Gray flushed. —Will be a double wedding! —He shouted with Juvia in her arms.

—H..Hey, don’t you have something to say?! —Levy asked Gajeel flushed.

—I..It will be triple! —Gajeel approached too.

—Q..Quadruple! —Erza yelled taking Jellal to the group.

—S..So? —Natsu looked nervous. —We’ll have 30 children! —He said challenging the competition

—O..Oe.. Oe.. —Gray said looking at Natsu with a drop in the hundred.

—N..Natsu.. —Lucy looked at him flushed. —Y..You know how babies are made.. right? —She asked nervous.

—Of course i know! —He looked at her. —Wanna start now? —Natsu asked looking at his girl.

—E..Ehhhhhh?! — Her face turned red and smoke was coming out of her head and so were the heads of the whole guild.

—T..That won’t happen.. —Erza clenched her fist. —.. Until the wedding! —She screamed flushed kicking Natsu and taking an unconscious Lucy in her arms.

—You’re an idiot little flames! —Gray yelled flushed.

—H..How did you call me, ice cubes?! —Natsus stood and face Gray clenching his fist.

—You’re both idiots! —Gajeel said between them.

—Shut up metal head! —Natsu and Gray shouted at the same time.

—How did you two call me? —He asked joining the fight.

—M..Moooooo… —Lucy said watching the fight while smiling in Erza’s hands.

All the members of Fairy tail were watching this comic scene, lauhing, celebrating in joy. The guild that once was sad disappeared. Now they were all togehter, and no one would take their happiness again.


* * *



Fairy Tail AU >> Ballet Dancer
       ↳ Ballet Shoes

Worlds collide when street dancer Natsu meets Ballerina Lucy after a series of unfortunate events.

Natsu is part of a street crew called Fairy Tail, headed by Laxus Dreyar, grandson of Makarov Dreyar, head of the Cirque de Fleur Dance Academy in Crocus, where Lucy dances. Fairy Tail and the Cirque de Fleur troupe collide when Natsu and a few others break in and end up vandalizing the place. Makarov isn’t happy, obviously, but instead of charging the boys, he asks them to preform with his dancers in an upcoming stage performance, in which he wants to blend the dance styles of ballet and hip-hop. Natsu and Lucy end up paired together and magic happens.


Fairy Tail AU’s >> Soul Eater (Pt 4)

“A sound soul dwells within a sound mind, and a sound body.”

Name: Mirajane Strauss
Classification: Demon Weapon
Rank:  ☆ ☆
Class: E.A.T.
Partner: Laxus Dreyar
Background: Mirajane was born the only weapon in her family, her siblings Elfman and Lisanna not inheriting the gene. However, they also attend the DWMA as meisters. Mira has the ability to transform into a lightning spear, sharp and shocking, making her the perfect weapon for Laxus. 

Name: Laxus Dreyar
Classification: Meister
Rank:  ☆ ☆
Class: E.A.T.
Partner: Mirajane Strauss
Background: Laxus is the grandson of Makarov, head of the DWMA, and is on a quick path to becoming a three star ranked meister and teacher at the academy.

Family tree for my revised Angel AU.. ;u;

Grandeeney(younger Polyrusca design) and Ivan are siblings. 
Laxus is the first Grandson of Makarov therefore making him a CEO of the company. Ivan used to be but was imprisoned after killing Metalicana
Grandeeney’s first husband Metalicana died while Gajeel was only a month old in his mother’s womb. And before giving birth Grandeeney was forced to marry Igneel(who she loved later on before Wendy was born)  year after giving birth to Gajeel their goes Natsu. and last was Wendy. 

Gajeel: 19 (Metalicana’s hair color, Grandeeney’s eye color)
Natsu: 18 (Grandeeney’s hair color, Igneel’s eye color)
Wendy: 12 (Igneel’s hair color, mix of both in the eye)