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i'm new to bts and especially dnh. could you help me a little with introductions? i still cannot put a name to dnh members faces, i can't even tell which one is iron most of the time. thank you!

Ok a Daenamhyup (DNH) introduction post it is!

This is Daenamhyup! Or some of them at least (left to right front: Supreme Boi, Marvel J, Kyum2. left to right back: Iron, Kidoh, i11evn) I’m not sure if there’s a publically available picture of the whole crew as of now. The name means ‘Great Southern Joseon Hiphop Cooperative’ and the crew was founded a few years ago (I want to say 2009 but I can’t find any sources confirming that that’s correct) by Marvel J, Supreme Boi, Kyum2 and Rap Monster.


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i11evn (real name: Choi Ikje)
 - Signed to Factory Boi records
 - Also part of the Grand Pics crew
 - Music videos: 4885Mic Ceremony | One Life | The Hundreds공장소년
 - ‘87 liner
 - facebook | instagram | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
 - Lived in America for a while
 - Speaks Engllish and Japanese
 - Tries to act cool but posts really cute pictures to instagram
 - Has so far retweeted everyone thanking him for signing their copies of Airborne
 - Was a trainee in the running to be a member of Bangtan Sonyeondan
 - My i11evn tag

Iron (real name: Jung Hunchul)
 - Was a trainee in the running to be part of Bangtan Sonyeoondan and one of the two original members along with Rap Monster
 - Currently competeing on MNET’s Show Me The Money
 - Teased as being a member of Polaris entertainment’s upcoming boygroup HIVE
 - ‘92 liner
 - facebook | instagram | twitter
 - sometimes he dresses really well but other times…
 - is known for having a ‘reggae voie/reggae style’

DJ Snatch (real name: Kang Minwoo)
 - The newest member
 - Teased as being a member of Polaris entertainment’s upcoming boygroup HIVE
 - ‘92 liner
 - facebook | instagram | twitter
 - is perfectly happy standing at the back doing his own thing during shows
 - Very tall, awkward, good looking and adorable

Kidoh (real name: Jin Hyosang)
 - Rapper and producer for Topp Dogg
 - If you haven’t checked Topp Dogg out yet I recommend that you do
 - ‘92 liner
 - soundcloud | twitter
- He’s skipped the lasst round of Topp Dogg promotions to work on a solo mixtape
 - Really really pretty
 - Was a trainee in the running to me a member of Bangtan Sonyeondan and is still very good friends with Jin
 - My Kidoh tag

Marvel J (real name: Jung Taegyun)
 - DNH’s leader 
 - ‘94 liner
 - askfm | twitter | facebook
 - bit of a cutie offstage, charismatic badass onstage
 - of the members I’ve seen live I think he’s far and away the most impressive performer

Samsoon (real name: Kim Jeonghan)
 - I think he’s in the army right now
 - ‘94 liner
 - Sorry I really don’t know very much about him :S
 - facebook

Kyum2 (real name: Kim Sungkyum)
 - Has a cool voice
 - Is currently in the army
 - ‘94 liner
 - askfm | facebook | twitter

Supreme Boi (real name: Shin Donghyuk)
 - Is a producer first and a rapper second
 - Usuallly the guy doing the chorus for group DNH tracks
 - Produces for Big Hit Entertainment
 - ‘94 liner
 - facebook | instagram | twitter
- Has really flawless skin
 - Enjoys taking pouty selcas and screaming his way through instavids
 - Speaks a little english
 - Was a trainee in the running to be a member of Bangtan Sonyeondan
 - My Supreme Boi tag

Illipse (real name: Go Wonhyeong)
 - Yes this is the best picture I could find
 - Also part of the Grandpics crew
 - ‘94 liner
 - Loves The Beatles esp Paul
 - instagram | twitter

Rap Monster (real name: Kim Namjoon)
 - Currently the youngest member of DNH as far as I’m aware
 - Leader, rapper and producer for Bangtan Sonyeondan
 - Hasn’t been able to work with DNH since debuting as an idol due to schedule restrictions
 - ‘94 liner
 - My Rap Monster tag


121117 GRANDPICSHOW VOL.6 :: i11evn & Supreme Boi - UNKNOWN, Babel Tower, Penpaper