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*whispers* Concept: more musical alt-mode Cybertronians. An old gramps phonograph (an old friend of Rung's probably) with record minis. A little music box Cybertronian who sings lullabies. A jukebox Cybertronian who plays at cafes. Launchpad Cybertronians with ticklish buttons that light up when they're playing.

This is an Excellent Concept!  Omfg!!!  :D :D :D  I love it!

Mike + Other Losers Friendship HCS

- Mike likes to ruffle Ben’s hair and call him “a little goofball”. Whenever he does this Ben smiles very big.

- Mike and Stan have weekly movie sessions just between the two of them. They get together on Sundays and watch rom com’s together

-Whenever Mike greets Stan he always get super enthusiastic about it. Like “What’s up Stan THE MAN Uris!! How’s it going!!” Stan will always blush and smile. Every Time.

- Mike and Richie like to go to the arcade together, Mike is naturally very good a video games cuz he has fast reflexes. This infuriates Richie.

- Mike knows Richie will come home an empty fridge a lot of the time so Mike invites him over for dinner and Mike, Richie, and Mike’s grandma will all make dinner together.

- Mike doesn’t listen to music that much and isn’t up to date with all the Hip New Music, he mainly just listens to his grandpas old 50s records. Beverly likes to take Mike down to the record shop and show him a lot of cool music. He especially like “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” By Bonnie Tyler

- On the farm Mike has a Lamb he really loves that he named Maria. For Halloween Eddie makes a little costume for Maria and they dress her up in it and laugh and take a bunch of pictures.

- Since both Mike and Bill both lost family members they were closes to, they will often go to each other to talk about it. It’s nice being able to vent to someone who understands what you are going through.

For @seasless. 😘

On the left we have James (Harvey suggested the name, as a nod to Mike’s dad supposedly, but Mike suspects it was actually more to do with a certain awesome starship captain), but he usually goes by Jamie, and on the right we have Gordon (absolutely a nod to Harvey’s dad and one Mike was happy to consent to), who of course is immediately Gordy to almost every one from the day he’s born.

Jamie is boisterous and full of beans. He lives for Little League (Harvey coaches his team and swears he isn’t being biased when he says Jamie is the next Derek Jeter) and water pistol fights and when he’s older he will definitely be caught raiding the liquor cabinet. He’s also crazy about Donna and will develop a lifelong preference for redheads because of it.

Gordy is quieter, a little more reserved and shy until he really gets to know you. He loves reading and drawing and is definitely the musician in the family (he could make a living at it when he’s older, of that Harvey has no doubt, already mentally clearing space in his office for the first Grammy award which Gordy will obviously gift him with). He also loves helping Uncle Benjamin with his inventions, but he thinks his Uncle Louis is a little too obsessed with cats.

The boys (fraternal twins) are adopted and yet somehow Mike can’t help thinking that they’ve both inherited Harvey’s traits. His athleticism, competitiveness and playfulness in Jamie; his loyalty, warmth and love of music in Gordy. Harvey doesn’t say anything when Mike mentions this. He just smirks and his eyes twinkle in that way which shouldn’t still be so distracting to Mike after eight years of marriage and eight years of dancing round each other before that and Mike knows he agrees.

And yet they’re both just as surely Mike’s kids. They’re stubborn and bright, compassionate and empathetic, with hearts the size of Texas. And they can wrap Harvey round their little fingers.

And whether you chalk it up to nature or nurture, they’re both as into movies as their dads. Friday night is movie night in the Specter-Ross household. There’s nothing all four of them enjoy more than snuggling up on the huge couch Mike picked out when he and Harvey bought this house together, Mike insisting on decorating it like a proper family home and not some pristine, minimalist bachelor pad. Harvey rolled his eyes and grumbled, but he didn’t fool Mike for one second. This is the home he’s always craved too.

Of course, movie night wouldn’t be complete without snacks. Some nights there’s popcorn and chips and too much soda. Other nights there’s pizza (yes, the kind with cheese in the crust) and French fries and chocolate milk. But always there’s superhero pyjamas (and that’s not just the kids, much to Harvey’s never-ending amusement and fondness every time he spies Mike in those Spidey bottoms) and soft Henley’s (which, again, shouldn’t still be so distracting, but decidedly are) and sometimes an old Harvard t-shirt or sweatshirt (and seriously, Mike wonders, does Harvey have a guy in Boston supplying him with those things or something because they can’t all still be from his college days surely??).

They take it in turns choosing an age-appropriate movie so they each get one choice a month, and, honestly, if you’d told Harvey ten years ago that this would be his life, lazing on an overstuffed couch on a Friday night with Mike’s head a warm, welcome weight on his shoulder and a beautiful, perfect, beloved son curled up on each of their laps, popcorn strewn about the place from their food fight earlier and the latest Pixar behemoth on the box, he’d have said you were crazy. But now he just shakes his head in wonderment and counts his lucky stars, all the while wondering what the hell he did to deserve all this.

And while Lily may be a part of his life again, and a stellar grandmother to the boys, he sometimes still has to swallow a not insubstantial amount of anger when he looks at Mike and their two sons and can’t even begin to comprehend the idea of doing anything that would put him at risk of losing them, put him at risk of hurting them.

But then Mike smiles at him or Jamie throws himself into his arms demanding hugs or Gordy tugs on his sleeve and asks him to play Grandpa Gordon’s records again and the knot in his chest both eases and tightens at the same time as he lets go of the anger and love floods his system all over again.

And, really, there’s no other place any of them would rather be right now than here, together. Mike and Harvey aren’t stupid. They both know it won’t always be this way. All too soon they’ll be alone on Friday nights as friends and dates take their place, and later work commitments and maybe families of their own. But that’s all right too.

Sure, they’ll miss these nights together, but they’ll still have each other (and Jamie’s rings from winning the World Series multiple times, alongside Gordy’s platinum discs commemorating his several bestselling albums because no matter what Mike says about being realistic Harvey knows their boys are destined for greatness) and they’ll have the satisfaction of knowing they raised two good men.

Two good men who will never doubt how much they were loved and wanted, and who will carry both their names, and their fathers’ names, forward into the future and bring nothing but honour and respect to them, and to the two men who taught them the meaning of family and showed them what it means to love and be loved.

And in the meantime, they’ve still got ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘The Goonies’, the Indiana Jones trilogy (yeah, both Mike and Harvey agree they’re stopping at the third one) and ‘The Princess Bride’ ahead of them to discover anew through bright, wide, innocent eyes that they couldn’t love any more than if they were born of their own flesh and blood.

It’s been 3yrs

Since I lost my great grandpa. And it feels like a lifetime ago, but also like yesterday. It use to hurt in the beginning to talk about him and how much of an influence he had on my life. It doesn’t hurt much anymore, because he always found a way to make me laugh. I guess more than anything, I just wish he was here with me. Meet my fiancé, see me get married. He exceeded the life expectancy by living a full 103yrs, among other things.

His two favorite foods were bacon and chocolate ice cream. He woke up no earlier than 10am and was perfectly content with it, while my grandma would be up at 5am sharp, just waiting for him.

My grandma use to give him vitamins every day after breakfast (me too) and some pills were too big for him to swallow. (the fish and calcium pills), So he’d hide them in his pocket, come find me, and I’d put them back.

He taught me how to dance when I was 8, (he was 92), and that same year, we were doing headstands against the wall to see who could stay the longest. He use to joke about people “walking like they’re old”, when he was the oldest one in the room.

He’d tell me to “go out and pick up a boyfriend” so he could have “a man” to talk to, instead of us women. (This was before I met Rex.) When he asked my grandma to marry him, (years before they did) she joked and said “not until you’re 100”, because they were both widowed coming into the relationship. 100 came around for him, and she kept her promise. I honestly think that’s what kept him going.

In 2011, they went in the Guinness Book of World Records as being “the oldest newly weds”, and ended up on national television. (Also the internet). I took care of him for the last almost 2yrs of his life and it was an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I know I usually don’t make many personal posts on here, but I’m trying to motivate myself to get up and do something today, because he would’ve kicked me in the ass for not. Even if that means eating chocolate ice cream and bacon for breakfast, and skipping out on fish pills.

Picture taken 11/2/2013.

Some dialogue I’ve heard from my 15 hours of playing Reaper that friCK me the frick uP:

Reaper <kills enemy Soldier76 (he was using the Strike Commander Morrison skin too…)>: “This is how it SHOULD have been.”

Reaper <kills enemy Blackwatch Reyes skin Reaper>: “Still trying to play hero?” (I literally sobbed and was useless for most of the game, I’m still upset, help me, end my misery,)

Soldier 76: “One of these days, someone is going to take you down.”
Reaper: “I’d like to see you try.”

Soldier 76: “I thought you were dead.”
Reaper: “Didn’t take.”

SO this past weekend I went to Florida Supercon and had a GREAT TIME!! Cindy Morgan, Bruce Boxleitner, and David Warner were there the whole weekend and had a panel and signings. I took notes during the reunion panel with all three of them and Bruce Logan, cinematographer for the original film. It’s probably a little out of order, but here’s what I remember and wrote down. Sorry to anyone on mobile, it’s long!

  • All three of them are completely adorable and super funny. David Warner is the cutest most gracious old man on the planet. Bruce was chatty and clearly enjoying himself, and Cindy is SUPER knowledgeable about literally everything to do with the film and film in general. Bruce Logan told us some cool stuff about the filming of the movie. Basically, it was really fun getting to hear all of them talk
  • Some introductory stuff, everyone said hi and then they jumped right into talking about the film
  • I forgot to take notes at first but they talked about the actual filming for the movie and how none of them really had a clue of what was going on, but Lisberger showed them all storyboards to try to help them figure things out, and Bruce Logan talked about some cool cinematography stuff like how the sets were all covered in black fabric and stuff to absorb light
  • Cindy and Bruce said there weren’t marks on the set for where they had to run to, so they had to mark it out, map out their movements backwards at a running pace, and take the mark away right before they had to film and pray they hit the right mark
  • Cindy has a lot of broadcasting experience so she was talking about how the movie was filmed and she knew so much it was REALLY COOL listening to her talk about it!
  • Cindy mentioned that she and Bruce have a deal: she doesn’t talk about broadcasting, and he doesn’t talk about horses
  • (Guess what he talked about during his own panel. I swear to god)
  • I started actually taking notes here so things are a little more specific
  • David mentioned that right before the premiere, Lisberger told him the film wasn’t actually totally finished with post-production because there were so many frames to color, which were colored internationally in a bunch of different places using animation light-boards
  • Cindy mentioned she was terrified of David in the scene where Sark tells Yori and Flynn the Carrier is going to derezz and they’re going to die. “When he told me I was gonna die, I BELIEVED IT. That was not acting!” And David told her “Thank you for that, darling”
  • They talked about that scene a lot actually, and Bruce remarked that the experience of filming with David made the whole thing feel very real and David turned to him and said deadpan “That’s because I’M very real”
  • Bruce says Lisberger was sadistic with the frisbee training. A traumatic experience
  • David mentioned that they didn’t have frisbees in the UK, apparently, so he had no idea what the heck they were. He also mentioned that unlike Cindy and Bruce, most of what he could remember from the film was just shouting “KILL THEM! GET THEM!” and that years of drama school training led him to that moment. Also mentioned that while he enjoyed playing the villain in a lot of his roles he also LOVES to play good guys and wishes he had more of them in his filmography. Quite a few people mentioned Time Bandits to him, where he played another big villain
  • Bruce asked David if he remembered when he gave him “a very deep middle part in his hair” and David was like “excuse me” and Bruce (VERY enthusiastically) described when Tron flings his disc at Sark’s head and Sark’s brains spill out. David: “I thought that was Time Bandits!”
  • David’s favorite role is, according to him, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze, because he got to play a GOOD guy scientist and his kids got to see him as a good guy
  • Someone asked if any of them were aware of the impact the film would have while they were filming and they all said no, but it was great to see how many people were still passionate about it. Cindy said that was basically her favorite part of it all, that she gets to see and talk to people who clearly still love the movie and get super passionate about it. (She actually talked about that a lot and it warmed my cold bitter heart)
  • Someone asked about Kingdom Hearts 2. David said he couldn’t remember it much (which might be because he didn’t actually reprise his role, iirc he intended to but had to bow out bc of filming commitments) but Bruce said, “I was with Donald Duck through most of it. Which was a lot of fun because he’s a hero of mine” and said that he liked doing it because his youngest son played the game and finally thought Bruce was cool. “Dad, that’s you! You’re cool!” “That IS me! I AM cool!” 
  • Someone asked what their favorite scenes were in the film. Cindy said it was the scene where she’s waiting with Dumont in the I/O tower and that even though people spent about twenty minutes arranging her legs on the steps and Bernard Hughes was sweating terribly in his costume, when she saw the movie she thought the scene was totally beautiful.
  • Bruce answered that his favorite scene is when Tron walks down the hallway and sends the disc to Alan, and that he felt silly filming it but seeing it in the film was also beautiful and very spiritual
  • (I got a little emotional at their answers bc the I/O tower sequence is my FAVORITE)
  • Bruce Logan said he really loved the camera work they got to do in the tanks and Recognizers because they were able to actually move the camera around, whereas most of the other shots were stationary.
  • Cindy says that when they filmed the final scene in the System, where Dumont and Yori and Tron look out over the scenery, they were in the corner of a room with a wall literally a foot in front of their faces having to act like they had all this space in front of them
  • Someone asked Cindy and Bruce about the deleted love scene. Cindy talked about how it was cut very late into the editing process. Bruce said mostly he remembered their costumes and specifically their hairstyles in that scene. Paraphrased: “I had my hair all styled upwards and it was supposed to indicate that we had made love”, and he also called it ‘post-coital hair’ and Cindy was like “BRUCE there are children in the audience” and Bruce paused and said “Well, they won’t be at some point.”
  • Cindy talked about her hair and outfit too–she said Bruce was lucky because he was in his usual outfit but she had a new one that she was literally sewn into, and it had a fancy cape. “The internet calls it the sparkly-cape.” (YEAH) They also took a super old fashioned crimping iron to her hair for that scene and the next day she was washing it and smelled burnt chicken feathers, and her hair was coming out in CLUMPS.  Also traumatic. The stylist was very distraught 
  • Bruce couldn’t remember the scene as well as Cindy–he couldn’t recall who’s apartment they were at and Cindy was like “Bruce. Really” and he also said he couldn’t really remember how the scene really went. Cindy turned to him and said “Let me help you, grandpa” and immediately started quoting BOTH of their lines to him and describing how her apartment transformed. Bruce looked astonished 
  • Finally, a couple people asked about Tron 3. Unfortunately there’s no news as far as any of them know. They did mention Shanghai and how popular the ride is. They discussed the reasons why the film’s been put on hold (Bruce says it’s been shelved but, to his knowledge, not cancelled totally) and it basically boiled down to a lot of factors that none of them had any control over. Bruce said he was told it came down to Disney not having room in their current schedule to do the film because they want to focus on live action versions of the old cartoon movies. Also, this wasn’t at the panel, but at his table later on he mentioned that the third film was going to focus at least in part on Quorra being out in the real world, so it was nice to have that confirmed.
  • Cindy mentioned the failure of Tomorrowland might have contributed too, and she also said if the higher-ups were “where we are”, as in at cons and gatherings talking to fans and seeing the passion and love, then the film would get green-lit asap, but unfortunately that’s now how things are. She DID go on to say that her best advice to the fandom was to keep posting and talking about the franchise and letting Disney know there’s still support for it because the company has people who monitor mentions of franchises on the internet to gauge popularity. 
  • So basically, keep on keepin’ on, programs. 

This is going to be long.

The YOI fandom is full of hypocrisy when it comes to certain characters and I haven’t really seen any posts detailing why, so I thought I would waste my time putting this together. I’m especially irked by all of the Christophe/JJ hate that seems to be practically universal among the fandom.

For the record, I’m not a particularly big fan of either character, (I like Chris more than JJ, that’s the only thing I know for sure) but I just can’t fathom the hate that they get.

Let’s talk about Chris for a second.

It seems that the fandom has two big complaints about him. 1) He groped Yuuri! and 2) He nuts on the ice!

With the revelation from episode 10 I think we can officially rule out that first one. It’s obvious by now that Chris thought he and Yuuri were on more familiar terms, considering Yuuri literally pole danced with him half-naked, held him in his arms, and stood on his shiny toned thighs. “But, but,” I hear you unflatteringly shriek, “that still doesn’t justify it!” Yeah, it’s still coming on a little strong. Let’s see, who else came on strong based on Yuuri’s drunken escapades?

Oh, right. I guess when you’re Viktor Nikiforov, it’s chill.

“But, but,” you screech, “Viktor never touched him in an inappropriate way!”

Aw crap, you’re right. No one else has really touched other characters in a negative way, or I would have seen posts about it! Oh wait

I guess when it’s violent, it’s fine, or…? (surely this won’t be a theme in this post, surely)

The other more common complaint is Chris’s erotic routine in episode 6. But hang on, why do I feel like there’s another character who has a routine with a similar theme…?


Well, I guess eros is okay so long as the eros in question is half of your OTP.

“But, but,” you wail, “I’m ace, so Chris’s routine really offended me!” Then Yuuri’s should offend you too, because they are both about sexual love. The whole show should make you uncomfortable, considering Yuuri embracing his eros has been a central theme of the plot. Don’t like don’t look. Give it a try. (This is coming from an ace person)

I also want to point out that Chris never actually nuts on the ice? I don’t know if you’ve ever seen someone ejaculate before, but it’s preeeetty noticeable, especially given the thin material skaters wear. The only two people who even know that Chris gets that worked up during a performance are A) Himself, and B) You, the viewer, who can read his thoughts. He’s not making anyone else uncomfortable, so chill.

Chris hasn’t said a negative word to anyone. If anything, Chris is a good sport who accepts others victories with unbelievable grace, and is confident in his own abilities. Chaotic good, for sure.

Now we come to JJ.

Tumblr has a real problem with confidence, seems like. Because that’s virtually JJ’s only explored trait.

Honestly, I didn’t entirely know what to make of him at first. I wasn’t sure whether he was being antagonistic or not, but he just came off as rather silly to me. Socially inept, maybe. This was proved to me in episode 10, when he bursts in uninvited to the now famous dinner/engagement announcement scene to announce his own engagement as a letter of challenge.

It seems like a real villain move at first glance, if it weren’t for his (slightly wounded) confusion when everyone snubs him (rightfully so lol) and leaves him in the dust:

He’s highly competitive, but he’s not trying to be antagonistic.

Hey, you know who IS openly antagonistic, purposefully hurtful and insulting to other characters?


yeesh, well this is awkward

Ah, well, I guess it’s okay because he smiled that one time and talked about his grandpa.

(For the record, I don’t hate Yuri Plisetsky at all. You can check my blog for proof, I love this little angry Russian kitten, but liking a character does not mean excusing their actions or pretending they’re not being an asshole when they absolutely are.)

There are so many other things that are bugging me about this fandom: ship hate, fandom policing, harassment, but I don’t have enough time in the day to talk about all of them and I’ve wasted enough time already on this dumb post. In closing, we can do better. We finally got an anime (sports anime!) with a healthy, pure homosexual couple, and we are absolutely blowing it. I don’t want people to avoid this show because they heard “the fanbase in insane”. The first season isn’t even over and we’re already turning on each other, telling each other what we are and aren’t allowed to like, and it’s just sad. Let people like what they like. Stop trashing on characters and ships that people like. Be graceful, be chill. This show means a lot to a lot of people, but if you are going out of your way to ruin the experience for someone else, you can kindly fuck off.


Long promos for the January 29th premieres, including Steven Universe’s “Future Vision”

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So I'm 99% sure that the while flowing shirt MHamill is wearing in that one photo is a Japanese robe (probably a yukata)? Judging by the neckline and sleeves? IDK if he brought it back from Japan with him or whatever, but judging from the flower pattern it's also almost definitely a women's yukata. :3

I’m so unhappy to know this.