BTS Reacts to Their S/O’s Fear of Thunder


  • He would gather you in his arms, cover you with his large frame and whisper sweet nothings into your ear
  • He’d definitely ask you if you wanted something to eat or drink to calm your nerves
  • “Hey honey would you like me to make you some ramen? It’ll calm you down.”
  • He would try everything to make you feel safe and happy (including singing you to sleep)
  • Best momma (boyfriend) Jin ever     

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  • He would act exasperated at first thinking you were just pretending to be scared
  • After he realizes you’re truly afraid he would pull you close to his side and pat your head softly 
  • He would talk to you about random things to make you laugh and get your mind off of the storm
  • “Did you see how quick Namjoon went through another two pairs of sunglasses today?”
  • Over all he would be grumpy but sweet just like a little grandpa

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  • He would immediately try to make you smile (which isn’t a hard thing to do when you look at his infectious grin)
  • “Y/N! Y/N! Don’t focus on anything but me ok? Remember I am your hope!”
  • Being energetic is his thing so he would be jumping and flitting around catching your attention and making you forget about the storm completely

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Rap Monster:

  • He would turn you around to face him (in bed) and hug you close
  • He would get close to your ear and whisper compliments and cheesy love phrases to drown out the sound of the thunder
  • “Y/N you don’t know how much I love you do you? Well I love you more than Jin loves food. And thats saying something.”
  • He would also probably end up breaking a plate or glass trying to bring you milk and cookies to calm you down

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  • This little fluff ball would try to act tough and seem huge and buff but in reality he would be kind of nervous too
  • He would quickly pull you into a pile of blankets and pillows he names fort fluff
  • “I’m not cute am I Y/N? I’m a man to you right?”
  • He would try to seem big and manly but in the end he would cuddle you so hard in fort fluff

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  • He would low key want to throw a mini rave in the light of the lightning to make things fun for you
  • “Come on Y/N! You should face your fears and have fun instead of feeling down!”
  • He would bring a whole bunch of random snacks into your bedroom and have you play games with them (guess the food, blind feeding, etc.)
  • He would overall make things fun and lively the whole night (which means you two would probably not get any sleep for the next day…whoops)

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  • He would be very awkward at first trying to ask you if you needed anything while also trying to act nonchalant like a “bad boy”
  • “Y/N do…do you need anything…? Well because…I’m getting up to get myself food anyway I just thought I would get something for you too while I was up…”
  • After a little bit he would realize he was being douchey so he would grab you, throw you on the couch, put on your favorite movie, and cuddle the hell out of you

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