Jade’s parental unit, as the Pattern Breaking parental unit, has a much larger variety of strange, off putting interests.  Dad has FANCIFUL HARLEQUINS, Mom has EXSQUISITE WIZARDS, and Bro has RADICAL PUPPETS.  Grandpa has not one, but FOUR such interests, of the same descriptive two word format.  They’re all just as dumb though.  One reason among several for this was to create an element of uncertainty over what kind of item Jade would prototype with .  And by uncertainty, I mean misdirection, which is what I always mean by uncertainty.

Notice the colors of the lights in each room.  Orange, pink, and cyan, corresponding with Dirk, Roxy, and Jane.  The items have a loose correlation with the other three guardians too.  Knights in that Dirk is a skilled swordsman.  Roxy’s land is full of pyramids, Jane was grandpa’s long estranged blue lady.  You see how the gears are always turning.  Not only does everything mean something.  It turns out everything means EVERYTHING.  Now you know.

Andrew Hussie, Homestuck Book 3 Commentary

My pal @icel just sort of handed me the commentary for book 3, which is rad cause it turns out to confirm I’ve been right in arguing that Grandpa’s home decor reflects the Alphas for months. (Obviously doesn’t prove anything else linked there, though I stand by all of it. Just saying.)

I don’t normally argue based on Word of God cause I don’t like speculating pointlessly on Hussie as a person but hey! This is part of a product made for fans, and also it takes a lot of the legwork out of me getting to say I’m right, so like fuck it ;)