Now I’m embarrassed by all my panicking. It was such a sweet time. I actually got butterflies for the first time in (??????). Easy flow of conversation. Unpretentious. Warm. Comforting. Sweet. We had breakfast for dinner, drank too much coffee (he takes his black with sugar). In an empty diner with a grumpy waitress. He ordered bbq sauce for me because I was too shy to say anything. Respectful of my physical boundaries. Did not freak out when he found out I have a kid. Patient driver (very important). Pointed out constellations (VERY IMPORTANT). And probably the nicest mouth I’ve had the pleasure of kissing in years. And he asked what I’m doing tomorrow. Said “I’ll call you.” Old school cute shit. Nice grandpa sweater too.

I can’t believe I’m actually excited about someone!

The world needs more todobakudeku tbh
and Todoroki would totally wear that shirt to spite his father lets be real