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Top 7 Stan Darsh moments

Bonus introduction: Warrior Stan

Okay, I was debating on including this one but decided because it’s not in the show series to exclude it. However, I do feel I have to mention it. Previous to playing Stick of Truth, Stan was my least favorite character. In fact, when making a top 10 character list, Stan wasn’t even considered. Then, while playing the game, I just fell in love with his character so much. I don’t know what moment of the game, maybe when he was yelling “my lord, my lord.” or his cut aways, or him and Sparky together, but I went back and watched the series (for the millionth time) and Stan went from being my least favorite to 3rd right behind Cartman and Kyle.

7. Stan’s alterego Toolshed

This isn’t exactly a specific moment in the show, but I need to include it. It fits so well into my head canon of Stan being a dumbass at times. Like seriously? What kind of super power is mental control over power tools? I just imagine the boys asking Stan if he could mind control over humans or any animals and he picks tools. The boys just stare at him like seriously dude? #dumbassstan

6. Stan not stopping Wendy from fighting

Okay, it’s such a minor scene but it’s one of my favorite moments in Stan and Wendy’s relationship. Wendy wants to fight Cartman and Stan doesn’t try and stop her. For me, it just showed how much Stan respected Wendy. He doesn’t see Wendy as some girl who needs protecting or saving. Wendy is a very self-sufficient, head strong, and independent character. Stan appreciates and understands this.

5. Stan wanting to give Kyle his kidney

While Stan has the ability to come off douchey and I do get a kick out of that, his biggest strength is his love for others and especially for Kyle. I adore Stan and Kyle’s friendship so much and the reason I don’t like shipping them together. Stan will go above and beyond for his super best friend and this moment in particular may have been one of the first and strongest to really show case that. Of course, we’ve gotten plenty more but this one will stand out the most.

4. Stan trying to get his period

Oh my little turd. I already talked about this one in my top 20 South Park episodes list. It’s just a hilarious episode. Get over it. The world has a chance to ask one question and #dumbassstan with his scruff and titties demands to know why he doesn’t have his period. 

3. Stan and his iPod nano

Fuck just this one line always has me cracking up.  I can’t even explain it. Maybe because you expect him to say can’t take back Kenny’s death, but no it’s about his damn nano. It’s just that simple. No wonder Shelley’s constantly calling him a turd. I’m always referring to Stan as my lovable little turd.

2. Stan in You’re Getting Old/Assburgers

God damnit Stan. Go and break my heart, why don’t you? This two parter and Stan in it just fucking kill me. There isn’t a specific moment that stands out for me, because both episodes together are amazing. It’s seeing this poor kid go through this internal suffering while dealing with what he sees as a shitty world and eventually learning from it. The episode deals with the termoil of growing up and dealing with life changing. I feel at some point in our lives we’ve all been Stan and all have felt like he did in these episodes.

1. Demon Stan 

I don’t have an exact reasoning for loving this moment as much as I do. There’s a few reasons why. One is Stan’s simple reaction of “oh shit”. I’ve always enjoyed Stan’s apathetic or his less dramatic reaction to shit going down compared to Kyle or Cartman. This scene adds to my head canon of “grandpa Satan” as my friends and I refer to him as. Finally, the animation is fun and possessed Stan is just god damn awesome. I want more. I’m actually working on fic where the powers didn’t completely leave Stan because of how much I love this scene

Benverly Headcanons (bc there aren’t enough)

+ beverly snorts when she laughs too hard. not a pretty snort - a hungry pig snort. all the losers turn red from laughing at her when she does it, and so does ben, but he’s also never more in love with her than when she’s laughing so hard she’s snorting and wheezing and turning more red than her hair

+ bev is the only person that ben lets read his books of poetry. she always encourages him to publish them, but he always blushes and refuses. she buys him fancy journals to write his poetry in, and he lets her doodle little illustrations for the poems on the margins. 

+ when they get their first rent house together in college (all the losers go to the same college) (because I said so okay) and bev and ben’s becomes the place where they all gather. bev loves playing hostess. they have their loser-thanksgiving and loser-holiday party and loser-new years eve at bev and ben’s. ben,,,, ever responsible,,,, always happily takes care of everyone (esp Tipsy Hostess Bev)

+ bev’s mental health isn’t the best from everything that happened with her dad when she was growing up. when she’s having a particularly bad day, ben makes her favorite tea in a mug he bought her for their first anniversary and they sit on the couch together with bev’s leaning against him, and he reads over her favorite poems, which have little red hearts drawn next to the titles.

+ ben canonically becomes a world-renowned architect and bev is a fashion designer. she has an online store so she can travel with ben, and he only wears her designs when he goes to events.

+ ben never pressured her to quit smoking but one day, when they were grown up, she threw her pack away and didn’t buy another. he bought her peppermint (he knew she loved them) and kept them everywhere - in a cute jar in the kitchen, in each of their cars, in her purse and his suitcase. they never really talked about it - sometimes they just understood each other. 

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Randy, Sharon, Stan and Shelley take the time to really listen to each other, by  gunpoint.  Watch the season finale at for free!

Other dads and men in South Park react to the news that Tweek & Craig are gay:

Randy Marsh: We already have our first gay kids. So cool!

Gerald Broflovski: That’s really no one else’s business, if that’s the lifestyle they choose.

Stuart McCormick: Well, now we know why Kenny thinks he’s a Japanese princess, I guess?

Steven Stotch: I won the bet, you know. Butters isn’t gay!

Jack Tennorman: Oops, he’s kinda dead…

Eric Cartman: AY!

Kyle: Shut up, Fatass! You’re the one who killed him!

Grandpa Marsh: Billy’s gay?! What? Who? Oh, dunno that kid.

Thomas Tucker: I like Gay Craig. I love my son.

Steve Black: I find it very progressive, even if Token is a bit unnerved by it.

Roger Donovan: It’s not that big a deal.

Ryan Valmer: Apparently, Thomas and Laura Tucker used to make fun of gay people, therefore, Craig turned out gay to punish them.

Richard Tweak: Oh, look, Honey! It’s Craaaaaig! Just leave the door open, OK?

Richard Burch: RICHARD!

President Garrison: I know those kids. Hell, I knew that 20 seasons ago!

Caitlyn Jenner: They’re both stunning and brave.

Big Gay Al: Well, that’s just SUPER! Thanks for asking. Wait, should we teach a class on this?

Mr Slave: So long as they don’t turn out to be stupid, spoiled whores!

Terrance and Phillip: Who farted on whom?

Jimbo: They’re fags? WHAT?! Wait, I can say “fag” without getting bleeped?

Ned: (buzzing, nudges Jimbo)

Jimbo: Sorry, Ned’s battery is dead, and he’s a little freaked out.

Officer Barbrady: There’s nothing to see here, boys, move along now!

Father Maxi: They’re going to hell!

Jesus: I’m not touchin’ this one with a 20 foot pole!

Satan: Oh man, am I gonna have to explain this to them, like I explained addiction to Stan Marsh?

PC Principal: What’s wrong with bein’ gay, Bro? This shit’s important, boys!

Mr Mackey: M'Kaaaaay, well boys, you can always come talk to me.

Chef: whoops, he’s dead, too. Or rather Darth Chef now.

Old Chef: Children, why you always comin’ in here askin’ me questions that’ll get me in trouble? Let me sing you a little song about boys bein’ gay! (If he’d been there.)

Mr Adler: They screw around too much! Oh, wait…that didn’t come out right!

Mr Meryl (AV): I thought I suspended that kid, and recommended he be castrated?

Old Man with the Garden (Black Friday Trilogy): Well, at least THEY’RE not in my damn garden!

Whistlin’ Willie: I never have to remind them to whistle for their pizza.

Mr Turner: Guess I don’t have to worry about them anymore!

Skeeter: We don’t take kindly to…oh, wait, we do now. Sorry!

Dr Mephesto: It’s probably a genetic defect. I can fix that.

The Super Adventure Club: They’re gay? Where’s that box of party invitations?!

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Adding on to the ‘kids are actually 100 years old’ theory. Grandpa Marsh is 102 using the adjusted age that canon uses. He would be 1,020 years old chronologically and have been born in the year 997.

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