grandpa denny

It’s probably gonna take 4-5 years before Infinity Train airs, if it gets greenlit.

That’s the average time it takes for a show from the pilot being uploaded to when it gets greenlit (like Adventure Time and Uncle Grandpa)

Also, Owen Dennis is currently working as a Director on another show. Even if the show got greenlot tomorrow, it’d take a long time to assemble the necessary crew and even longer to produce the first season.

I think we’ll probably not gonna see Infinity Train air until 2020-2021

well my hotel transylvania next gen au just got depressing all the sudden...

i came up with this part of the backstory andomly in class. so from the movies we know Winnie and Dennis are gonna get together when they’re older. (i love childhood friends to lovers stories its perfect). so an idea i got was this.
when tey finally decide to settle down and start a family together, they are both so excited!! when Winnie gets preagnent the go out and buy everything they need and prepere for the whole litter. her parents raised her and her brothers so well, she’s gonna do even better! she’s an overachiver like that. the litter is a much smaller one than her mother’s. barely 20 puppies, according to the ex- rays. but they are so ready for this, theyre gonna love each and every one of their sons and daughters. vampires, wolves, something in between, even if they somehow end up completely human because of their grandpa on Dennis’s side, they’ll love them all the same. they were prepered for anything…
except for a misscariage.
they lost all the puppies before they even had the chance to be born.
they greived over each one.
after that, they were understandably discouraged from trying again, but even if Winnie didnt wanna try giving birth again, didnt mean she was willing to give up on having a family. she wanted to e\raise children with her loving husband, dammit, and thats exactly what she was gonna do!
they were only gonna adopt roman, until the young witch/wiccan (still deciding tbh) informed them he was not leaving without his little brother patton.
“he’s not really his brother,” the manager of the monster orphange assured them “he’s just a little trouble maker that roman has decided to take pitty on and watch over for some reason. really you dont him, he’s a lost cause. he’s been through so many famillies we cant even keep count anymore-”
“thats enough thank you, we’d like to adopt them both. i would never forgive myself if i let them spend another minute in a place run by a monster like you. and i dont mean your kind of monster, im talking about your disgusting personality.” Dennis went on a rant and put the mean orphange manger in their place. if he could he wouldve adopted the entire orphange to save them from this awful monster, but alas he could not. still he could tell Winnie was proud of him, and both boys had the biggest smiles on their faces and for now that would be more than enough. “and another thing!” Winnie exclaimed right in the manager’s face, “dont go assuming what i can and cant handle! for your information, i grew up with three hundred brothers. i think i can handle rasing two sweet young boys.”
oh boy did she regret being so arrogant. now its not that she was wrong per say. she can and does handle it, and the boys are very sweet. but roman is always practicing loud and extravagnt new spells which is never safe for anyone involved, least of all himself, and patton, bless his s\innocent and sensitive heart, just doesnt quite have a grip on his shapeshifting abillities for the first few years, every strong emotion triggering a different form each time. and his power to draw strength from other peoples emotions really scares him sometimes. it makes hbim feel evil although he never wants to hurt anyone. being a changeling is so scary and tough for a sweet and adorable boy like patton, but through the love and support his family and friends provide him with, he learns to accept himself for both who and what he is.
and so all is good.
(im so in love with this au now oh my G O D)