One week.

That’s I️t. One week.

One week I knew you were there. For one week I got to imagine all things we would do together. I️ got to imagine hearing your heartbeat for the first time. Seeing you move on a screen. Feeling you move for the first time. Finding out if you were a boy or a girl. The moment I put you in your daddy’s arms. The look on his face as he held you for the first time. Introducing you to your grandma and grandpa. Watching you learn to sit, crawl, stand, and walk. And a million other things that I wanted to do with you.

But instead I get to mourn your loss. Even though I only knew about you for a week I had thrown caution to the wind and gotten attached. I let my heart go and now I have to pick up the pieces.

May you find peace in your great Grandpa’s arms. I love you 💕

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Heyheyhey you should post the selfie once you get 20 notes on the post tho

lmao yall crack me up maybe ill partake???

Ill ask grandpa Dalton if it’s allowed?

Kidding i love you dude


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Sorry fandom Grandpa. It's a flattering photo tho

haha well fine then kiddo it’s okay. I just don’t usually like to show everyone my red glowy ball of back pain. I have standards, you know? 


Alternia: Map, Locations and Speculation

So one of the first things I thought when playing Hiveswap was, “Oh shit we’re actually getting a canon globe with the Alternian Continents!” But I never actually took the time to check it in detail, nor compare it to the screen in Dammek’s room, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone else do so either.

First let’s point out the obvious, yes, Grandpa’s Globe on the Trophy Room is a globe of Alternia, along with the horned skulls in the hallway, it heavily confirms that Jake Harley did go to Alternia at some point, and came back.

I put the dots that are on Dammek’s Map on Grandpa’s globe, and every single of them overlap with one of the scribbles on it, implying these dots are, indeed, major Alternian Cities, or at least major when it comes to Dammek’s revolutionary efforts.

Specifically, the dots I made in blue are the spots Dammek’s map zooms in, and the green dot overlaps with the X Jude’s device has to point at to get the Attic Key. In Dammek’s map, this spot is not only zoomed into, but it displays what seems like a warning with the Imperial Trident logo. Perhaps the Capital of the Alternian Empire? The ultimate destination for the game?

There’s a lot missing from Dammek’s screen. I tried my hand at emulating what the Alternian map may look like from the bits and pieces you can see on the globes. Obviously there’s a lot of liberties taken given there’s parts that are covered no matter the angle, so it’s hard to tell if the continent on the left is connected to the one on the bottom or not, but I decided to separate them. That being said, the entire South of Alternia seems to be covered by Land. Maybe the continent on the opposite end of the globe to the map we see in Dammek’s Room is Eastern Alternia?

Whichever the case, this is an interesting look at what may be the Map of Alternia! Maybe in Act 2 we get an accurate map.

Esme was still full of joy that my heart had finally been touched after all this time, no matter the potential for tragedy. She’d thought I would always be alone…

Peter: So, if Ultron created Vision; and Tony & Bruce created Ultron…

Peter: does that mean Mr.Stark is Vision’s grandpa?

Vision: uM I’m not sure about-