I can’t believe that Kaiba orchestrated a successful corporate coup at the age of 14 and yet his brilliant plan for stealing a trading card was:

1. Replace it with a copy you xeroxed out of a catalogue

2. Hope the kid who’s grandpa owns a game shop doesn’t know the difference between a real card and a fake one

3. If he confronts you, do the most unsuspicious thing possible: yell real loud that you didn’t do it and smack him in the face

harveybeaksperson  asked:

I actually had another question. Since the season 1 finale were birthday episodes, and the season 2 finale is about the twin's origin, what would the season 3 finale have been about? That is... if the show did get a season 3.

It would have been a story about Harvey’s grandpa, Roland, and what happened to his wife. Then he’d move in to the house and become a permanent part of family life.

steam summer sale recommendations!!

steam summer sale is on and here’s some stuff I recommend. I’ve played all these personally and loved them. my favorite things are looting, building, collecting, and zombies so keep that in mind as I rec. ranked in order of “if you only have $20, get this”  


did you like harvest moon as a kid but thought it lacked something? because stardew fixes everything. beautiful pixel artwork, deep story, and truly addictive gameplay. you play a city dweller who says “fuck it” one day and goes to their late grandpa’s farm to run it in a happy town where everyone romanceable is bisexual and not boring. takes a little while to get going but once you’re in YOU’RE IN 

Tomb Raider for $4.99 

A game so feminist I still can’t believe it got made. Lara Croft’s origin story, featuring a weird island that worships a goddess populated almost entirely by dudes you get to beat up. but seriously - beautiful graphics, amazing story, female characterization that makes you cry in a good way. buy it. 

Death Road To Canada for $10.99

I literally don’t even know where to start. This is a traveling pixel game about the zombie apocalypse (like oregon trail, only better) only you can create your own characters and find them along the road from Florida to the only safe place in the world - Canada. Game mechanics take a while to get used to (z and x use your weapons) but the game is HILARIOUS, addictive, and has a boppin 8-bit soundtrack.

Fallout 4 for $14.99 

kind of an unfair review since I’m still playing it but I’ve logged 30 hours in a week and have lost control of my life, that’s how good this game is 

7 Days To Die for $9.99

if you ever wanted to know what solo surviving in the walking dead felt like, that’s this game. it’s a crafting game centered on looting towns, gathering materials, and building a protected space…while fighting zombies with a whole host of weapons. good if you like the basic idea/freedom of minecraft (i.e. open world, no storyline) and also zombies. it is sometimes a HARD game - every 7th day everything goes bananas as zombies are superpowered and your hideout is put to the test. well worth $10. 

Terraria for $4.99 

I bought Terraria for this price during a sale like 2 years ago and i have gotten 173 hours out of $5. Pixel building game with killer monsters, nearly endless looting potential and a really addictive soundtrack. 

idk go forth and go broke

anonymous asked:

But, but, but, I tought you liked weird things? And Uncle Grandpa is weird. How you can hate the crossover he got with Steven Universe? Express yourself.

I hate Uncle Grandpa. He’s stupid in my personal opinion and give me migraines. I know Rebecca was the one wanting the crossover, but it just feels like a ratings grab and it was stupid and didn’t follow the flow of other canon SU episodes. I will admit it’s better than episodes involving Ronaldo (I hate him) but still.

Seventeen Members as Quotes I've said
  • S. Coups : I hate all my children here.
  • Jeonghan : I'm too lazy to try and be pretty anymore.
  • Joshua : Instead of having Jesus, I have crippling depression.
  • Jun: One time in China I lost my parents and I cried. I thought I was going to get Shanghaid in Shanghai.
  • Hoshi: All I wanted was to eat bread not be abused by you whites.
  • Wonwoo : Instead of being in bed reading I'm out here watching you break the law.
  • Woozi : I'm short but I can kick you in the neck.
  • DK : To become one with the horse you must smell like a horse.
  • Mingyu : I'm tired of being group mom, I'm tapping out.
  • The8 : don't be deceived by my cute Asian looks because I'm the kinkiest bitch alive.
  • Vernon : Sometimes I forget I'm white too.
  • Dino: Why did I become your friends, I'd be a lot more sane if I decided to friend white people.
  • Jim Morrison fans: I want to do acid with him in Yellow Stone.
  • David Bowie fans: He's my weird dad and he's made of light.
  • Jimmy Page fans: I'm smoking weed right now.
  • Paul McCartney fans: What the fuck did you just say? No, what the fuck? Don't TRY me bitch!!!!!!
  • John Lennon fans: He was so smart :) he knew so much :) he was so enlightened.
  • Bob Dylan fans: I don't mind the sound of glass breaking. I love the noise of nails on a chalk board. I like the smell of cheap weed.
  • Brian Jones fans: AHHHHHH look how cute AHHHHH.
  • Keith Richards fans: Here's grandpa. He's immortal and we love him.
  • Iggy Pop fans: *Naked, covered in glitter and screaming.*
  • Lou Reed fans: This is our Lou. A naughty bucket of sin but we love him nonetheless.
Current State of Cartoon Network’s Shows

Adventure Time is getting reruns on Mondays, but it’s ending next year.

The Amazing World of Gumball is getting strong reruns, plus all-day marathons at times. The creator is leaving after the sixth season, but the show will go on without his involvement, which may hint at a season 7

Teen Titans Go is obviously being reran into the ground and airs new episodes on Fridays along with Ben 10

Uncle Grandpa is in it’s last season, but now it only airs reruns on Boomerang and gets a one and done showing on CN with little advertisement. The final episode is airing in 10 days according to Wikipedia

Steven Universe is mostly airing in one hour blocks consisting of four episodes

Clarence is in it’s last season and is at least getting decent advertising from CN

Mighty Magiswords hasn’t been seen in a while, but apparently Magiswords shorts have still been airing

We Bare Bears is getting a decent amount of reruns but not the entire week. It hasn’t been renewed for a fourth season yet. But it will be airing in the Summertime Go block sometime soon.

The Tom and Jerry Show, Wabbit, Bunnicula, My Knight and Me, Sonic Boom, and Be Cool Scooby Doo are all on Boomerang

Powerpuff Girls 2016 airs on Boomerang, but gets a one-and-done showing on Sundays on the main channel. Perhaps they are planning to cancel it.

Ben 10 2016 also gets reran into the ground and airs new episodes in the Summertime Go block on Fridays along with Teen Titans Go

Justice League Action is airing new episodes on early Saturday mornings

Transformers RID gets the same treatment as JLA, with little advertisement

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Ninjago, and Nexo Knights have not been seen since April or May

Supernoobs is apparently coming back in August


dinahjane97: I’m the biggest daddy’s girl and forever will be !! My dads height/size may be intimidating but I promise his heart is just as equivalent to him lol I love you forever and ever pops! Happy Father’s Day to my handsome daddy & to the best grandpa’s I could ever ask for 😚xx Ofa Atu