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some sketchy geezers that I don’t know how to draw

somewhat inspired by @spanimator and their lovely future AU, at least for the Gun Tree Man

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Harry should totally go back to the "farmer Harry" look. I think it works so much better on him instead of what he's got going on right now.

Harry’s farmer look is fire. But IMO all his looks are fire: 

Muppet Cupcake:

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Preppy Private School Boy:

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Frat Boy Harry: 

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Charlie Brown Harry

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Prince Harry

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Mom-Shirt Harry

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Dad shirt harry:

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Grandpa shirt harry:

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Floral Suit Harry:

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Whale Harry:

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Bun Harry: 

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And my personal favorite: Hoe Harry 

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remus never once asking tonks to change her appearance from whatever she wants it to be

tonks very gently and quietly bandaging and healing remus’s cuts and bruises the day after the full moon

remus giving a tiny smirk and happily giving tonks piggyback rides and carrying her bridal style whenever she accidentally and inevitably hurts herself tripping over one thing or another

tonks secretly loving remus’s grandpa style of clothing and going to mrs. weasley to try to learn how to knit cardigans and sweaters herself and fails terribly but remus wears whatever the outcome is with pride anyway

remus and tonks being totally badass and unstoppable in the missions they were sent on for the order and everyone secretly thinking they should hook up and rejoicing when they announced their marriage

REMUS AND TONKS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Introduction to; GOT7!

Here’s another introduction post I’ve been working on! I hope you find it useful and if you don’t already know who GOT7 are, I hope it helps you get to know them a little better! {UPDATED ON: 2017.01.06}

Meet GOT7 / 갓세븐;

(Left to right; Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom)

GOT7 are a 7 member boy group under JYP Entertainment that contain not only Korean members, but Chinese, Thai and American members too. They first debuted on January 16th 2014 with their debut single “Girls, Girls, Girls” from their EP “Got It?” (we’ll get into all their singles and MV’s later!). GOT7′s fandom name is called “iGOT7″ or sometimes you will hear/see people say “ahgase” instead. This is a cute play on words or shortening of words in Korean.

I GOT7 =  아이 갓세븐
Ahgase = 아가새

Ahgase also means “baby bird” in Korean - and that just makes it even more cute ^^

So who are GOT7? Let’s meet the members below!

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For the emoji meme- Hancock in D4, Deacon in B6, and Nick in C7 <3

oh boy my Fallout husbands faves 

send me a letter/number/character


@andjwest & @DaniaJRamirez of #OUAT at #SDCC! They were so passionate and sweet. (x)

I love their excitement for s7 #onceuponatime #sdcc17 (x)

The Queen herself #onceuponatime #evilregals #sdcc17 (x)

Me: so Hook is a grandpa now.What’s his style for being a gramp Colin:omg I’m a grandpa.Thats actually a good question #onceuponatime#sdcc17 (x)

Honestly the nicest men I’ve ever got to interview. Makes me an even bigger fan #onceuponatime #sdcc17 (x)