grandpa rusty

Wow! Best Birthday Party Ever!

At first I was sure no one remembered. i mean, last time, Anvil and Hammer woke me up early in the morning, but this time they didn’t.

I spent the whole morning experimenting human disguises with Uncle Fixit. He said I needed to wear things about my size, or perhaps humans would suspect us.

By afternoon, Uncle Rusty and Grandpa Denny took me to the lake, and then we went fishing. I didn’t caught any kind of fish, but I did found a lost necklace. Who throws this kind of stuff in a lake?

Anyway, by the time we returned, all lights were out. And then there were sounds of kazoos and blowers. Everyone spent a long time working on a big birthday party! It was an even bigger party than last time, because Aunt Elena is in our family!

And I even got a special video with greetings from all of our family members! It was a very fun birthday party!

Curve Ball, A Reactionary Post

Major Crimes S2xE15: Episode Review

Tis the season of family
What this episode is about:
These people would not win any fashion awards…

Pothead Provenza
Death by Toaster
Thank you for little details!!!
Sharon & Andy: Getting more comfortable with each other
What’s most important during the holidays
Santa Provenza
Grandpa Andy
Rusty’s Mother? Sharon
Mother Sharon
A Mother’s Unconditional Love
Cassie Brooks
Sharon Beck
Sharon Raydor

Love the beginning of this. Seeing Andy and Provenza on Venice Beach Christmas shopping is such a nice different way to start the episode. And that shot of Christmas Tree panning down to the hot and over crowded beach. 

Provenza ogles a women in a bikini and makes a comment about it to Andy. Interestingly, Andy could care less. He’s much more preoccupied with getting his new step grandsons some Christmas gifts. I really love how we are seeing a more mature Andy who’s very family oriented.

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