grandpa rusty

it’s rusty grandpa’s energetic (and equally as rusty) bf

jim has ,, a shitton of backstory tbh like more than my character page can handle in a tiny box so i’ll put some backstory here

jim has some programming errors which made him undesirable as an assistant to many spin doctors, he had problems with terminology of tools and a loud ass mouth, but bolts chose jim as his assistant anyways and the two bonded and were a dynamic duo for many years, until jim was decommissioned and bolts ran away

needless to say, he was “dead” for a number of years (and quite injured from going through the Crusher) but then a young telemarketer boy found him in a junkyard taking care of a bunch of other nearly-destroyed cogs with a circuitry issue which left his memories before decommissioning inaccessible 

eventually after a series of unfortunate events he is reunited with his bff bolts, regains his memory, starts living with bolts and artie, and goes from bolts’ bff to his bf

now he’s a happy boi living with a nerdy cat, his bf, and their adopted robot son


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