grandpa motou

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Ok. I’ve got to go for Grandpa Motou on this. He needs more recognition.

Hot diggity! We’re gonna talk about this old coot! Okay, last one for the night cause I’m probably annoying people, but I’ll answer anymore tomorrow! 

-I mentioned her in a drabble I wrote not too long ago, but Grandpa’s wife was a black jack dealer he met on a casino boat

-He cares for Atemu just as much as he cares for Yugi, which is a lot

-Grandpa believes himself to be in a life debt with Atemu for saving him back in his tomb

-He finds it funny when Atemu slips up and calls him Siamun instead of Sugoroku

-The first person he ever lost a game to was Yugi when he was just a tiny child, and he finds this to be a very important, happy moment in his long life

-Grandpa is always up for chatting, he likes to talk

-He has forgiven Kaiba for tearing up the Blue Eyes and for what he did during Death-T, cause he knows that that version of Kaiba no longer exists, and he does feel like shit about what he did then

-Grandpa taught Yugi how to count cards

-He enjoys the game that he shares his name with

-He has made up with Otogi’s dad, after Otogi and Yugi sat them out and told them to talk about everything. They did not want another disaster to happen because of revenge 

-He feels comfortable wearing something on his head, so it’s rare to find him without his bandanna on

-Nothing really bad happened to him during the Shadi arc cause I’d like to think that the Key remembered that he was, technically, the original wielder of it.

         -That, or he was just super lucky to just get knocked out for a short nap

-He loves to talk about ancient Egypt with Atemu, who is always happy to listen

-More of an opinion, but… I think Grandpa was pretty damn badass during the Capsule Monster arc in the anime