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Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 94 review (+ theories)

Too bad June means I’ll be busy till the end of the month but… finally… This is the chapter that concluded volume 23: a volume specifically dedicated to Marley, with mentions from the inhabitants of Paradis.

In this chapter, we’re back to Rebellio: the internment zone confining all Eldians from Paradis. 

That chapter certainly didn’t end up in a whole cliffhanger, but more like as a comparison between children’s lives on Paradis and outside of Paradis. We also got more details about two things: the lifestyle of an Eldian family inside the walls, present-time, and the birth of the present warrior generation.

  1. Falco
  2. The mysterious man
  3. The comeback
  4. Gabi and the Braun family
  5. Reiner’s past

I doubt this is going to be as long as last review, but there’s still a couple of points worth elaborating. As always, follow me under the cut.

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Armin’s Advice, for Anonymous

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Ymir is the only one who isn’t getting any action so she goes to Armin for help. 

Highschool AU written for an anonymous request. Tags on this post will be updated as more chapter are added. Enjoy! 

anonymous asked:

Do you have a favorite scar?

My favorite scare has to be the one I got when my family and the Chase family were camping out. Melissa’s gold dollar collection (that she never leaves home without) had spilt into the bonfire. Somehow by Murphy’s Law, after falling into the fire the coin with Herbert Hoovers face on it came flying at me. Hitting me right in the calf! And now I have a tattoo-looking scar of our 31st president on my leg! Pretty cool,right?

…But it’s also a little creepy, because no one seems to remember President Hoover. People are always asking me why I’ve got a tattoo of my grandfather on my leg. It’s really awkward, but I still like it and that’s all that matters!