grandpa frank

Dennis Reynolds is an overworked father living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His sister, Dee, who is a lesbian and a struggling actress, is temporarily living with Dennis’s family after having attempted suicide. Dennis’s husband Mac is striving to build a career as a karate coach. Charlie, Mac’s childhood best friend and a recovering alcoholic, lives in the family’s basement, and has taken a vow of silence until he can accomplish his dream of becoming a playwright. Dennis and Dee’s foulmouthed father, Frank, recently evicted from a retirement home for snorting heroin, lives with the family. Brian Jr., the son of Dennis and Mac and the youngest of the Reynolds family, is an aspiring beauty queen who is coached by Frank.

Brian Jr. learns that he has qualified for the “Little Miss Sunshine” beauty pageant that is being held in Redondo Beach, California in one week. His parents and Frank, who has been coaching him, want to support him, and Dee and Charlie cannot be left alone, so the whole family goes. Because they have little money, they go on an 2,700-mile road trip in their Range Rover.

Family tensions play out on the highway and at stops along the way, amidst the aging Range Rover’s mechanical problems. When the vehicle breaks down early on, the family learns that they must push it until it is moving at about 20 mph before it is put into gear, at which point they have to run up to the side door and jump in. Later on, the horn starts honking unceasingly by itself.

Throughout the road trip, the family suffers numerous personal setbacks and discover their need for each other’s support. Mac loses an important contract that would have jump-started his karate coaching business. Dee encounters the ex-girlfriend who, in winning a coveted film role over her, had prompted her suicide attempt. Frank dies from a heroin overdose, resulting in the family smuggling the body out of a hospital and nearly having it discovered by the police. During the final leg of the trip, Charlie discovers that he is illiterate, which means he cannot become a playwright, a realization that prompts him to finally break his silence, and shout his anger and disdain for his friends.

The climax takes place at the beauty pageant. After a frantic race against the clock the family arrives at the hotel, and are curtly told by a pageant organizer that they are a couple minutes past the deadline. A sympathetic hired hand instead offers to register Brian Jr. on his own time. As Brian Jr. prepares for the pageant, the family sees Brian Jr.’s competition: slim, hypersexualized pre-teen girls with teased hair and capped teeth. They wear lip gloss, adult-like swimsuits, and glamorous evening wear while performing highly elaborate dance numbers with great panache. It quickly becomes apparent that Brian Jr. (plain, chubby, wearing large eyeglasses, and untrained in beauty pageant conventions) is a mere amateur by comparison.

As Brian Jr.’s turn to perform in the talent portion of the pageant draws near, Dennis recognizes that Brian Jr. is certain to be humiliated, and wanting to spare his feelings, runs to the dressing room to talk him out of performing. Mac, however, insists that they “let Brian be Brian”, and Brian Jr. goes on stage. Brian Jr.’s hitherto-unrevealed dance that his Grandpa Frank had choreographed for him is performed to Rick James’ song “Super Freak”. Brian Jr. scandalizes and horrifies most of the audience and pageant judges with a burlesque performance that he joyfully performs while oblivious to their reactions. The pageant organizers are enraged and demand Mac and Dennis remove Brian Jr. from the stage. Instead of removing him, one by one the members of the family join Brian Jr. on stage, dancing alongside him to show their support.

The family is next seen outside the hotel’s security office where they are given their freedom in return for a promise never to enter a beauty pageant in the state of California again. Piling into the van with the horn still honking, they happily smash through the barrier of the hotel’s toll booth and head back to their home in Philadelphia.

Frank Pritchard Headcanon B: Sad 😖

∆ He’ll always have change in his pocket to give to beggars or homeless.

∆ Overly honest person, always telling the truth even to his own detriment. Has never lied to Jensen and its probably what landed him in jail.

∆ When his grandmother died he didn’t go to work for a whole week. When asked about it, he was obviously distressed and holding back tears. He loved her a lot because she was practically his mom.

∆ As a single child, his parents used him to release their anger. One weekend when he went to visit his grandparents, his grandma saw the bruises on his back/arms and flipped out and she started to ask questions and totally bitched out his parents. Frank soon came to live with her.

∆ He practically shut down after panchea, not knowing what happened to Malik and hearing Jensen being declared dead and an end to his job career. He spent weeks upon weeks trying to find any leads on them which of course led to sleep loss. One night while heading to his apartment he dozed off and got in a motorcycle accident. There was no one to visit him in the hospital.

∆ AND THEN WHEN HE GOT BACK to his apartment he noticed he had an eviction notice and he just had no more room for bad things to happen, just absolutely broke down. All the feelings he had in him just flowed out. He cried his eyes out. Not even IT Crowd and nutella cupcakes could cheer him up.

He wasn’t really running away. 

But after Grandpa Tiberius, and Frank, Sam leaving and fucking Tarsus, he had no desire to be near Earth that was and the memory of everyone and everything that had left him behind. 

So when the Firefly class transport ship stopped on the gorram rock he was currently calling home, he knew not to look a gift ship in the mouth. 

“You looking to get some place, kid?” The man, tacky magenta shirt and browncoat getting dusty as a nasty wind carried by. Didn’t look to phase the man. 

“Just hoping for a ride.” Jim readjusted the strap of the napsack he carried, mostly full of books and a few pieces of clothes. Everything else could rot in the empty farmhouse in Iowa. 

The man looked him up and down and Jim braced for the leer he knew could quite easily come from a situation like this. He swallowed the sour taste in the back of his throat. “You got folks? Anyone missing you? Look a bit young-.”

“I’m old enough to know when to leave.” Jim told him. “And I’ve got money. You gonna let me board or not?”

Man chuckled. “You’ll do. Name’s Mal Reynolds, I’m the Captain of Serenity.” He reached out his hand and Jim only stared for a few seconds before shaking it. 

“Jim. Jim Kirk.”

The captain jerked his head to the ship and Jim walked up the ramp to what looked like a small cargo bay. 

“Now wait a gorram minute Mal, we can’t be taking on any more infants.” A bearded man said, with what looked to an actual pout on his features. 

“Jayne. Shut your mouth, will you?” Mal said, walking past Jim to help another blonde haired man with some cargo. 

“Between the girl, Doc Wanna Be and this new kid, we’ll have three youngsters on board and you know how I feel about that.” The man called Jayne sat down on some cargo and scratched at his head. 

“I guess that makes me Doc Wanna Be.” A southern voice said beside Jim. 

Jim stiffened, hating himself for not realizing someone was so close. He relaxed his position enough to turn around, giving the newcomer an easy grin. “Well, it’s better than the kid.”

“Guess so.” The guy, not much older than Jim himself said. He was scruffy looking, probably looked about as well as Jim felt. He was fitted with layers of flannel and wore a similar browncoat that Mal had on. And his eyes were a deep honey brown that Jim was most definitely not in love with at first sight. The accent didn’t help. 

Before he could respond, a face appeared between them. Hot southern guy actually yelled and Jim drew back before realizing that it was a girl around their age. “Your eyes. They’re blue. Not the same as the hands of blue. Sadder.”

She was hanging by her legs, curled around the poles of the upper walkway. 

She laughed as she swung down, running off on bare feet. 

“Welcome aboard." 


Request: One where Frank has a serious crush on you:)

Frank’s POV

“C’mon Frankie! Just grow some balls and ask her out already!” Gerard groaned, interrupting me in the middle of my story about y/n. 

“So you don’t want to hear the end of the story?”

“Bro, this is the third story you’ve told me about her in a span of 10 minutes”

“Yeah, but-”

“Frankie, i’m telling you this because I love you, you can’t just sit here and obsess about y/n all day. It’s not good for you. You need to make a move”

“I’m trying aren’t I?”

“Waiting on her beck and call isn’t making a move, it just makes you seemed whipped”

“I am not whipped!” I yelled, jumping up from the couch. Gerard put his hands up and defensive.

“Woah woah okay, you’re not whipped” He chuckled. “But I am serious about this Frank, you need to just go for it soon”

“But…what if she dosen’t like me like that?”

“If she says yes, you can now be with the love of your life and ride away into the sunset. If she says no, your free and won’t sit here in misery” Gerard shrugged. He never really understood romance.

“Is it really that obvious?” I sighed in defeat.

“YES. Literally everyone knows” I ran my hands through my hair, trying to not feel embarrassed. 

“Okay…your right, i’m gonna do it”


“Hey Frankie!” I closed my locker and turned around, happy to see my bestfriend.

“Hi y/n” Frank smiled back, his face beet red. “What’s that?” He gestured to the stack of books I was holding.

“I have to do a stupid report on Friday and since I don’t know shit about the bone structure of a walrus, I had to pick up all of these books”

“I could do it for you!” Frank blurted out.

“No, Frankie you don’t-”

“No really! My, um, grandpa was a marine biologist, he knows all this shit”

“Your grandpa was a drummer” I corrected while handing over the books, knowing Frank wouldn’t back down.

“My other grandpa, smartass” Frank laughed, even more red than before. “So are you, uh doing anything after school today?” 

“Yeah, i’m going over to Brendon’s house today, why?”

“N-N-Nothing, I was just curious” He laughed “Well, I gotta go because I can’t be tardy for math again or I’ll get a detention or something okay bye” He rushed out, speed walking in the other direction. I groaned as I watched him leave, I knew Frank had a crush on me. He’s acted like this ever since we became friends last year, extremely bashful and jumpy. I just wished he could talk to me normally, crush or not.

Frank’s POV

I went straight to Gerard’s house after school. Taking the spare key from under the mat and barging in. Gerard was doing what he was always doing when I went downstairs, drawing. “Hey Frankie, come check this guy out, i’m gonna him Seance-”

“I fucked up!” I yelled in frustration, flopping face first into his bed.


“I fucked it up. I tried to ask y/n out today and I pussied out. Why do i always pussy out?! UGH” I groaned.

“Christ Frank, i’m calling her”

“What?! No no no don’t!” I jumped up and attempted to grab his phone from him.

“I’m gonna end this right now, trust me, you’ll think me later” He left the room as the phone started dialing. After 5 minutes of agony, he returned, humming a Bowie song. 

“What happened?! What did she say?!” I grabbed him by the collar of shirt.

“Find out for yourself, she’ll be here in 10 minutes” He smirked at me, plopping back down on his desk chair. 

“Oh my god, what did you tell her?!”

“Nothing! I just said it was an emergency and she needs to get here as soon as possible”

“God dammit, she was on a date! She’s gonna be so mad at me” I sighed and covered my face with my hands. It wasn’t long before I heard frantic knocking on the front door. 

“Look Frankie, it’s gonna be fine, okay? Trust me” Gerard patted my back as I sat up. I turned around to give him a reassuring smile and headed to the door. 


I’ve been in full panic ever since I got Gerard’s call. I sent Brendon another apology text and asked to reschedule as I knocked on the door. I was surprised and relieved when Frank answered the door. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug. “Oh my god Frankie you scared me” I breathed out. “What’s wrong? Is everything okay?”

“I need to talk to you” Frank said quietly, he looked like he was about to pass out. He stepped out onto the porch, shutting the door behind him. “i’m really really sorry that I ruined your date, but-”


“Yeah…your date? With Brendon?” Frank said slowly, obviously confused. I burst out laughing, holding my stomach. “What’s so funny?” Frank huffed.

“Frank, I wasn’t on a date with Brendon, he’s my tutor. I told you i’m having a hard time in science, so he’s been tutoring me” I said in between laughs. Frank smiled a little, looking relieved but horribly embarrassed all at once. “Now, what did you drag me all the way down here for?” 

“Okay…i’m just com right out and say it. I like you. Like, really really fucking like you. I’m not very good with flirting or asking people out so I never had the balls to ask. But, now I gotta be a man and just do it. So y/n, will you go on a date with me?” He rambled out, biting down on his lip ring.

“I would love too!”

“You would?!” Frank exclaimed, taking a few steps toward me. “I just really though you were gonna say no because were such good friends and then everything would be awkward and-” I pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, feeling how hot his face was. He placed the back of his palm on his cheek when I pulled away, his smile spread across his whole face.

“Saturday good?” I asked.

“Yeah, Saturdays terrific” I weaved my fingers through his hair, feeling the tension in the air die down. 

“See you tomorrow Frankie” I smiled and turned around, heading back to my car. His hand grabbed my arm, pulling me into his chest. Before I could say anything he pressed his lips onto me. I grinned, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him closer.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” I looked up to see a smirking Gerard Way, leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed. 

“Enjoying the show?” I sassed back. 

“Christ, Gee” Frank buried his face into my neck, failing at hiding his huge blush.

To all: If you could choose your name, what would it be? And why?
  • Hazel: Cecile! There was this girl back in New Orleans with that name, she was nice.
  • Jason: John. I have absolutely no idea why.
  • Piper: Natasha. Because it sounds cool?
  • Frank: Landon. It was my grandpa's name.
  • Leo: Sammy was my grandpa's name!
  • Frank: Oh, sorry. I meant Bob, because I can.
  • Percy: Fix it?
  • Frank: Shut up, Percy.
  • Hazel: I don't understand.
  • Annabeth: It's a kids TV show called "Bob the builder" and his famous line is "I can fix it!".
  • Hazel: Sounds like Leo.
  • Leo: Okay. I'm Bob. Frank, get a new name!
  • Frank: Danny because it was the first to come to mind.
  • Annabeth: I'd choose Katherine. That's the name of the "architect" of one of my favourite castles in France.
  • Percy: Then I'm Tom, since he's Katherine's husband.
  • Annabeth: How did you know?
  • Percy: I listen once in a while!
  • Piper: That is so cute!
  • Leo: Aaand Percy wins the "Best Boyfriend" award for the 7,968th time in a row.
Catching Feelings Chapter 11: A Zankiefic

Okay so before this chapter I just wanted to thank some of my fellow fic writers for coming to my rescue with this chapter. all-the-ships-are-sailing zankiewriter and kelbottumbles offered encouragement and ideas and kind words and I really appreciate it. It genuinely means something to have anyone care about this story enough to read it let alone help me when I’m sitting over here a mess. They write amazing fics as well and legit are the three people that inspired me to try writing this fic at all so thank you. I hope y’all enjoy this chapter and I’d like to dedicate it to Papa Frank, grandpa Grande. You are sincerely missed and dearly loved. 💖

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*Zach’s point of view*

I woke up to my phone ringing. I’d fallen asleep on the couch after dinner when it was still light outside, and the darkness around the room told me it was much, much later.

“Hello?” I mumbled stretching.

“H—Hi love.” The voice paused to sniffle. “I thought you’d be asleep.”

I sat up once I realized he was crying on the other line.

“I’m up, I’m up. What’s wrong babe, why are you crying?”

“I don’t wanna talk about it over the phone. Can I come over?” He asked.

“Of course. Come over now.”

“I’m here already, come get me.” He whined.

I hopped off the couch and headed straight to the door. He was standing there eyes red, tears rolling down his cheeks. I opened my arms immediately for him feeling better as soon as we were together. Instead of heading for the stairs I tugged him to the couch and tried to get him comfortable. I took his shoes off and pulled the blanket off the back of the couch to cover us both up.

For a while we sat in silence without me asking any questions. I just let him cry and get it all out. My fingers wove through his hair comfortingly waiting for him to tell me what was wrong. I knew what it was but I didn’t want to pressure him into telling me. It surprised me how much it broke my heart to see him that way though. I’m not sure why. Every time I thought I understood my feelings for him he changed it again, and I was okay with that.

“You wanna talk about it?” I whispered into his hair.

“I’m just miss him so much.” He sobbed into my neck.

He sat up and I managed to grab him some Kleenex to clean his face before he opened up about it.

“Everything was so beautiful and we celebrated him, but when everyone else was crying I had to be strong for them. I had to make jokes and remind them of the good times and how happy he made us all, which is fine, of course I’d do that for my family. The problem is that when you’re smiling for everyone all day you never get the time to grieve, I didn’t get to talk about how much I miss him, and how much there was left of him to see of me. Everything’s changing and I’m finally doing something. I’m finally making a name for myself and he’ll never get to see that. I just…I never got to say goodbye.”

He started to cry again and I felt a tightness in my chest. I knew what his grandfather meant to him and I couldn’t just sit there and not react to how he was feeling. I fucking loved the kid too much for that.

“Hey,” I mumbled taking his cheek in my hand. “I know that it sucks. And I know how important he was to you, and what a big role he was in your life, but we both know this isn’t what he would want. He loved you and he would be damned proud of everything that you’re doing, of the man that you are. It’s alright to cry cause you’re here with me and you don’t have to be strong all the time. Just don’t be sad. Grandpa Frank wouldn’t want you to be sad. You read the letter, you did everything he would’ve wanted you to do and more.”

He sniffled and nodded trying to to accept the words coming out of my mouth. I took him into my arms again to soothe him as best as I could. Thankfully it seemed to work.

“You never got to meet him.” He sniffled.

“I know, that sucks. You tell me such great things though I feel like I know him.”

“He would’ve loved you I think. His sense of humor was so weird, he was sarcastic like you. You two would’ve gotten along.”

“Tell me more. The good times are more important that the bad.”

And he opened up. He smiled and laughed like he must’ve done at the celebration, but it was genuine. I wasn’t family, so he didn’t have to play anything up for me. It was just the two of us on my couch at three o’clock in the morning talking. We could’ve honest with each other. That felt really nice.

“Oh god I must look a mess.” He sighed.

“A beautiful mess, you’re totally owning it right now.”

He giggled and snuggled deeper into my arms.

“I appreciate the honesty, love.”

“You probably didn’t eat while you were at the celebration. You want me to make you something?” I asked.

“I don’t wanna put you out.”

“No it’s fine stay here, relax I’ll be right back okay?

I scurried off to the kitchen searching around for something to cook for him. Thankfully mom had went shopping recently so I had stuff to chose from. I didn’t realize what I was making it till it was done and put on the plate. He was sitting on the couch on his phone when I came back, and if made me happy to see a smile on his face after the way he came in.

"Is this what I think it is?” He gasped taking the plate from my hands.

“Roast beef, hummus, and avocado. And you said I couldn’t cook.”

“Is this one actually for me or do you wanna go offer it to Derrick first?” He smirked.

“Oooooo you’re so funny babe.”

I plopped down on the couch making room so he could sit down in between my legs. He let me lean my head on his neck and wrap my arms around his waist. As much as I hated the circumstances it made me super happy to have him with me again.

“Can I tell you something?” I asked hesitantly.

“Uh huh. After this sandwich you can practically have your way with me.”

I chuckled keeping my eyes on his neck. “This day without you has been terrible. I spent the whole time thinking, ‘I wonder what Frankie’s doing. I hope he’s having a good day. He probably looks fucking hot today.’ It was the worst dude. Like I just wanted to be with you. Pizzle and I went golfing, we shot some hoops, I took him out for ice cream but … You were just constantly on my mind.”

I tightened my hold on him and he leaned into my touch.

“You should just come to New York with me. There are so many opportunities for you there. We’ll just doing do the struggling artists in NYC thing and eat Chinese on the floor and make love all over my apartment, get Starbucks in the morning and be adorable together.” He cooed.

I laughed. “Oh yea. Struggling artists in NYC who have to fly to LA so you can host the red carpet at the AMAs and watching your sister perform in front of dozens of celebrities.”

“Don’t ruin my vision Rose.”

We laughed together though.

He finished his sandwich and we laid down on my couch for the night. We didn’t have sex. I kept his body close to mine snuggling him closer to me. His leg found its way around my hip, my arms around his hips. And we fell asleep in this warm, blissful little bubble of ours. Everything was perfect.

*Frankie’s point of view*

That night meant more to me than he could’ve ever imagined. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anyone I could talk to about how I was feeling. For some reason though when I was sitting there hurting, I just wanted to talk to Zach. He made me feel better. He didn’t always know the right thing to say, but he was always so enthusiastic, so warm and giving. Just looking into his eyes made me feel better. It was weird.

I wasn’t exactly sure when it happened. When my heart just completely began to belong to him. Maybe it was the way he let me fall asleep on his chest. No sex, no hot make out session. Just his arms around me and the sound of his breath lulling me to sleep. Maybe it was waking up the morning after and having breakfast with his family, who were a hundred percent respectful, and having him constantly check to make sure I was okay. It was the back squeezing and the arm rubbing, the kisses on the forehead and neck. He was pulling me in deeper by the second, and I couldn’t have been happier.

“So what’s the plan?” His mom asked.

He’d been messing around with Pizzle but stopped to answer the question.

“I’m gonna…. Go to New York. There are some things lined up for me there. I also have to go to Canada. Then I’ll probably fly back to New York for Rock of Ages, then I’ll be back in time for this dingus’s birthday.” He smiled ruffling Peyton’s hair.

She smiled. “Will you be staying here after that?”

I felt his eyes travel to my face. I was actually looking forward to the answer to that myself.

“I think… I think I’d like to enjoy New York for a while. Hang out with the family up there. Just for a couple of weeks. Is that okay?”

She surprised us all with her answer: “Of course if that’s what you want. You are a grown up now after all.”

He nodded. “Thanks.”

I almost didn’t expect him to go through with it. Sure enough I helped him pack, and we managed to trade my ticket in for two lower class tickets next to each other. That was a big deal obviously cause I sure do love to spoil myself. All I knew was I was on a plane next to this really sexy guy who kept me laughing through the entire flight and also let me play with his penis.

“Frannnnnkie!” He giggled squirming in his seat.

I reached across the aisle to stop the attendant and brought out a little Rachel Vodkacran.

“Do you have any vodka?” I whined gripping her arm.

Zach cracked up coming to my rescue. “He’s kidding , he’s kidding! Don’t mind him. Frankie you’re gonna get us kicked off the plane.”

He kept laughing as I kissed his neck roughly. “I love your body so much.”

“You’re too much, people can hear us.”

We kept laughing despite everyone else obviously not happy with the loud, obnoxious gay boy pestering people for vodka. So I let him calm me down a little bit and we ended up watching a movie together. Besides … I could have my way with him after we landed. 😘

“Are you gonna be hungry when we get home?” I asked eyes tracing his lips.

“N—No why?”

“Oh that’s a shame. I was feeling kinda hungry myself. I haven’t had anything in my mouth all day.”

We’d made it to the airport and gotten a taxi. I only had to wait until that car came to a stop in front of my apartment to yank him towards the bed. He slid his hand into my lap palming me through my jeans as if I’m not the horniest person on the face of the planet. It was fun for Zach to make the move though. The more we were together the more confident he got in making moves on me, and momma was not complaining.

He started to suck on my neck, doing wonderful things to the flesh until it was purple. I could feel the warmth of his breath and it drove me absolutely insane.

“Zaaaach.” I giggled.

He kissed his way along my jaw giving me another firm squeeze. A whimper tore through my lips as I began to harden in his hand. By the time we pulled in front of my apartment we were jumping at the bit to get to the safe confines of any room.

“Here, keep the change.” Zach rushed throwing a crumpled dollar bill at our driver.

We struggled out of the car grabbing bags and running as fast as we could. I wanted him, I wanted to feel him all over my body, wanted his breath to be hot and rushed on my skin. We thrashed through my front door dropping bags instantly and ran for each other. He caught me in his arms kissing me roughly the way I like it. As usual though, we didn’t make it very far. Zach stopped at the kitchen, pressing me into the counter and working on my belt as our lips continued to stir.

“Why do I have a feeling you keep lube in your kitchen?” He smirked nibbling my bottom lip.

I groaned. “Bottom left drawer next to the dishwasher.”

“Taking your fucking pants off.”

I did as he asked, my heart beat pounding in my throat the entire time. There was something very electric about me and Zach. The sexual tension was always there, always present, but kept at bay until we chose to acknowledge it. And when we did; it was magic.

“I love you.” He insisted.

He sucked my bottom lip in between his teeth before pulling away and spinning my body so that I faced the counter. Then he touched my neck shoving me forward so that my ass stuck out.

“Oooo Zach I’ve taught you well.” I smirked over my shoulder.

“Mmm shut the fuck up.”

His fingers fluttered through my hair gripping it tight. I listened to the glorious sounds of lube being poured onto a cock and knew that my Zach attack wouldn’t dare to disappoint.

Zach had yet to learn the beauty of foreplay it seemed cause he went straight for ramming it up my ass, but in that moment it didn’t matter. I just had to feel him.

His thrusts were hard and rugged forcing my hole to mold around his dick. I leaned my arms against the counter taking the abuse he dished out and loving every fucking second of it. Zach kept his arms around me hammering me into the counter top. I arched my back moaning feeling his cock hit deep inside of me. His pelvis touched my ass and he ground his hips so hard and so good against me. We couldn’t get enough of each other. I was intoxicated by the very presence of Zach. It didn’t hurt that he had a great penis and knew how to use it.

“Zach….Fuck, fuck yes baby keep going!”

He grabbed my hips firmly enough that I imagined there’d be a bruise there the next day and continued to hump against me.

“Jesus Frankie you feel so good.” He gasped rutting into me.

We lost sight of any form of rhythm as we moved towards our climaxes. He laid his head upon my shoulder gripping at the counter top and slamming his hips against me. I felt it building, clawing through my body and boiling until I couldn’t stop it anymore. I reached behind me ripping my fingers through his hair and forcing our bodies even closer. We smashed together as he came sinking his full weight into me and beginning my own orgasm. We sunk to the floor lying in a messy heap. What a beautiful welcome home.

*Zach’s point of view*

“Hey you wanna come to rehearsals today? I know I said no before, but we’ve got it on lock and I’d love for you to see.” Frankie smiled.

He’d crawled into bed on top of me giving me that smile of his that made my stomach do weird things.

“Actually I was gonna go have lunch with Joan…. Plus I wanna be surprised on opening night like everyone else.”

He sat up eyes wide with shock. “Joan? As in my Joan?”

“Yea. She DM’d me on twitter and said we could talk if I ever needed to. I thought I’d take her to lunch, be a good boyfriend.” I shrugged.

“You’re not proposing already are you?”

I chuckled wrapping my arms around his body and kissing his lips.

“Not quite yet. I just wanna get to know your family a little more. Plus she talked a lot about the career choices I’ve been making and said she could help me out. I didn’t want her to bother, but your mother is quite persistent. All you Grandes are actually.”

“Tee hee, we’re amazing. That should be fun. If you and my mom become close I pswear I’ll marry you.”

“Really? That’s the deciding factor?” I asked playfully tickling his sides.

“You’ve got me all wrapped up you know that. I just want you and my mommy to get along too. She loves you already. We text about you daily.”

“Oh do you now, and what things do you say?”

“Good things baby, all good things. Now I’m gonna go pick you out an outfit for lunch before rehearsals and you’re going to walk me there.”

I watched him skip off towards the closet where my clothes now set next to his. Of course my section of clothes was only a fraction of what he had, but I was just happy he gave me any space at all.

We each got dressed before taking a taxi to his rehearsals. We held hands the entire time while still managing to be completely consumed in social media. It just felt good to have him near me, to know that if my heart so desired I could reach out and touch him. He had his rehearsals and I respected that, so when he had to go every day I tried to be as cheerful as possible.

“I’ll pick you up after rehearsals? Maybe your mom will want to come hang out.”

He nodded wrapping his arms around me tight. “Maybe, she does have to get back to the princess I’m sure.”

“That just means I get the prince all to myself.”

“Mmmm I love you so much Rose.” He giggled.

“Me too.” I smiled.

He walked away reluctantly keeping our fingers touching until the very last possible second. Then he was gone and I was on my way to have lunch with his mother. Life in New York couldn’t have been better for me. Florida was great, I loved Florida, but quite frankly I never did anything. If it wasn’t golf or Pizzle it usually didn’t involve me. In New York I felt like I could make something of myself, doing things I never could’ve done in Florida. There were so many opportunities and things to do and if it meant that I got to be closer to Frankie well… I saw no reason to stay.


It was weird how happy Joan seemed to see me. She wrapped her little arms around me and gave him a huge squeeze. It kind of reminded me of my mom, and kept me from being too home sick.

“How’s my baby doing?” She asked as we sat down.

I smiled. “He’s really good. He’s does rehearsals all day and then we usually eat dinner and watch movies or cuddle and stuff.”

“Awww that’s cute. What do you do while he’s at rehearsals?”

“Well I usually sleep and eat and wait for him to get home. It’s kind of like what I did at home except instead of waiting for Pizzle I’m waiting for Frankie.” I shrugged.

She frowned at this. I knew it wasn’t normal to nothing all day, but it was just kind of the habit I’d formed for myself. Being around Frankie and his family, it felt like more was expected, and I couldn’t help but want to be a part of that. Plus people in the world liked me…. I mean of course they did I’m fucking awesome,but I had a fanbase, people waiting to see what I was gonna do next. I didn’t want to disappoint them. I also had no idea what I should do.

“Well Zach you were arguably the biggest player of the season. Everyone loved you, Don’t you want to take advantage?” She asked.

“Yea I do. And I’m trying but … It’s not as easy as I thought. There’s a lot of backlash. Also a lot of people who get mad if I do I something without Frankie. That’s one of the reason we haven’t told people we’re hanging out much, Frankie says we should be able to separate our careers from our personal lives and he’s trying to help. I’m kind of in the dark.”

“I know you said you had management, but that maybe that management wasn’t the best in the world?”

“Well we’re doing our best. I just kind of try out projects and see if they like it and if they don’t I try something else.”

She nodded. “I took the liberty during some down time to kind of love through social media and get the general consensus of those projects. Like the YouTube channel?”

“They don’t like it. I’ve noticed.”

It didn’t bother me much that they didn’t like it. It was just frustrating trying to find what they did like. Sometimes it seemed like if I wasn’t sucking Frankie’s dick no one would be interested and I didn’t wanna do that. I didn’t wanna rely on him for fame because he was Frankie grande. I loved him, I wanted our relationship to be purely about love.

“Zach I think you’re over thinking it a little bit. They don’t need to have you and Frankie, they don’t want wild scripts, and costumes. They just want you. The kind of stuff that vloggers do on YouTube is exactly what they want from you. And you can make a living from YouTube if it’s really what you wanna do. If I was giving you professional advice that’s what it would be.”

She gave me a list of youtubers to go home watch before we ordered lunch. She also made it very clear she wasn’t helping me for any sort of personal gain. She said and I quote, “you’re important to Frankie so you’re important to me. You’re a good kid I just wanna see you do good things.” I almost giggled. Yes giggled. Thank god I avoided that huh?

Lunch was fun. We talked about Florida and my family and Nonna and all sorts of other shit. She was one of the sweetest people I’d ever met and she loved me. My first serious relationship and the mom can’t get enough of me. Go Zach.

“So like Frankie … He’s pretty materialistic right? Do I have to buy him stuff every week?” I asked.

She laughed. “No I don’t think so. He’s materialistic but he likes to buy his own stuff, he prides himself on being financially stable. I’m willing to bet he’ll want to buy you stuff all the time. And you just kind of have to let him. That’s how he shows he loves you. He sees something and he thinks of you and he wants to give that to you. If you wanna impress him you’re doing the right thing. Family is priority number one so going out to lunch with me is probably driving him crazy.”

I remembered how big his eyes got when I told him I was hanging out with his mother. It was kind of adorable.

“I thought it was important to get to know you guys. I wanted to spend more time with Ari. She was really sweet at the party, but she’s busy obviously and I didn’t wanna come off like I was trying to take advantage of her fame or anything. Plus I get pretty caught up in Frankie, that kid’s amazing”

“That’s so cute!” She cried.

It was like I could do no wrong. She listened to me and was sweet about everything. It just made me so appreciative of Frankie and his family. It almost made me think more about Florida and New York. Which one did I really wanna be in? I was twenty four years old with nothing but a diploma and big brother to show for it. I knew I could do so much more. And I knew there was someone out there that I could do it with.

I kept thinking about it though. We left lunch and she tagged me along to do shopping in the city. Apparently since she was constantly with Ariana Christmas shopping was practically impossible so she wanted to get a head start. It was basically my first time out in the city without Frankie and it was actually the best time. By the time we went to pick up Frankie I was surprised I’d made it through out the entire day without a nap.

“Zach! Come here I want you to meet everybody! My boyfriend’s here bitches.”

Joan started giggling again. I don’t get what’s with the Grande women and giggling, but it must have something to do with how fucking adorable me and Frankie are.

I wrapped my arms around him loosely letting him introduce me to all of his co stars. He was incredibly adorable when he was in his element and broadway was exactly his element.

“You ready to go?” I asked running my fingers up and down his sides.

He nodded. “I can’t wait to hear about this lunch you had with mommy.”

“We didn’t talk about you too much, don’t worry.” Joan joked.

“Oh yay.”

He wrapped his arms around the both of us as we headed out.

It was in the taxi that I think I made my decision. He was leading into my body talking to his mother and laughing. My heart literally swelled with how much I loved him. I didn’t wanna spend a week with him and go back to Florida. I didn’t want to FaceTime and text and talk on the phone. I wanted to be right there living it with him. Anything else just wasn’t acceptable.

“Can we talk after your mom leaves?” I whispered in his ear.

He looked oust me with soft eyes. “Sure. What about?”

“About my staying here, with you. In New York.”

“Oh…..OH. Yea we can talk about that.”

I nodded leaning down to capture his lips in a kiss.

“I love you franklin.”

He smiled and I fell deeper in a spiraling pit of feels.

“Oh I love you too. Way too much.”