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You know what I wasn’t expecting to get out of Hiveswap? More characterization for Grandpa Harley, but here we are.

It’s not a bad thing, mind you. Just unexpected. I knew that Mom and Grandpa played some part in the background of Hiveswap, but I wasn’t expecting how much they’re mentioned. I guessed a few off-hand remarks and a picture or two, but instead we get a ton of interesting info on Grandpa and a bit on Mom. The most interesting thing to me is how this makes Grandpa Harley the most developed Guardian in canon.

Like, most of the Guardians are very passive. Both Grandpas and Grandmas on both sides of the Scratch are dead before Homestuck starts, and the same can be said for Post-Scratch Bro and Mom. The only living Guardians are Pre-Scratch Mom, who spends most of her time standing in the background and doing stuff off-screen, and Pre-Scratch Bro. And for a while, P!Bro was the most developed of the bunch since he actually did stuff, and we got context thanks to Dave about what life with him was like. The only Guardian who got close to this was Nanna, who may or may not have changed personality-wise due to being prototyped with a sprite.

But now we know a whole lot more of Grandpa Harley, and honestly he’s kinda interesting to learn about? We got a fair deal of info on him from Jade and her house, who seemed generally positive towards him, but now we get to see the negative coming from someone with a vastly different attitude than Jade, and it’s kinda interesting?

We got to see that his name is actually Jake, that he had a wife and two kids, that he’s extremely neglectful, and that his interest in adventure waaaaay outstrips what I originally thought of it. It’s especially interesting, to me, cause of how it compares to Jake English: a kid longing for adventure who’s been known to withdraw from others and has trouble working with people around him. The big difference between them seems to be that Jake actually works on developing his social skills and friendships after realizing he doesn’t care too much for adventure anymore, while Grandpa may have done the reverse, giving up the chance at healthy relationships with his kids to go on adventures (possibly due to withdrawing cause of grief? Probably, but still not cool).

Idk. I’m mostly rambling, but I’m also fascinated with the Scratch and how it affects people on both sides, their similarities and differences. It’s really cool to me!

Side note: Joey’s attitude toward her dad is like the opposite of Jade’s. She mentions going to school, whereas Jade didn’t. It’s possible Joey being able to connect with people while Jade was more or less isolated caused the former to accept what’s socially average, while the latter saw her Grandpa’s doings as normal due to having no other perspective?

Side side note: Joey says her babysitter’s name has an X in it. So it’s probably Roxy or Roxanne. I’m glad the game protected the headcanon I completely forgot about. xD

Me on Hiveswap's second trailer:

Hussie: The Door Is Nearly Open

Me: *kicks door completely open* someBODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD WAS GONNA ROLL ME-!!!!



heaven forbid i didnt get the midnight crew, the felt, and everyone else but im crunched for time so whatcha see is whatcha get.


Fun little guardiansprite au edits minus dirk/halpha davesprite and jake/grandma becsprite because the only shots I could find of them was on backgrounds I couldn’t edit. 

Spoilers Spoilers

Hearing all the references to Roxy and Grandpa Harley and Nana and the possibility of Joey having a cousin (DAD) and the Batterwitch made me both extremely happy and sad, mostly because Roxy’s alcoholism is heavily apparent and she’s having trouble being a responsible babysitter while under the influence and because Grandpa Harley has and apparently always will be a terrible caretaker (I mean he did better comparatively speaking with Jade, but he had an omnipotent guardian dog helping him so…). I don’t really understand why he’s not taking care of his two biological children. And if it’s because Claire died well, that’s a terrible reason to leave your children in the hands of a alcoholic scientist(?). Speaking of, is Roxy already an adult by this time? The kids mentioned something about how by this time Roxy wouldn’t be at the lab, so trying to contact her would be fruitless. (paraphrasing). Also, why does Grandpa Harley keep leaving his taxidermy-d items and pictures of his hunting exploits when his daughter clearly hates the mistreatment of animals and wants to be a veterinary, his son keeps and loves three pigeons (another unseen pet that is either a snake or a hamster), and, well… Just why Jake? What happened?

Also I want drawings of a young DAD growing up and having adventures with Jude and Joey now, and John visiting Aunt Claire and Uncle Harley

Probably am going to struggle to draw them myself but we’ll see.

Has anyone ever thought about how many siblings John Egbert has?

Ectobiological: Jade Harley
Biological: Joey Claire, Jude Harley, Dad Egbert
Adoptive through Condesce: Jane Egbert-Sassacre, Jacob Harley, Feferi Peixes, Unknown Heiress (hiveswap)

And now there’s a possibility that the Hiveswap Harley/Claire family is the adoptive family of Roxanne Lalonde (Rose’s Mom)?! 

John has about 9 siblings, not counting duplicates.  That’s a big confusing family.