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Can you rec me some saphael fics? :)

heck yeah anon!! here’s some :-)

safe with me by accordingtomel [26k, sharing a bed, hurt/comfort]

how to make your local clan leader blush by scalira [4k, fluff]

your left hand man by finkpishnets [4k, protective!raphael]

the tell-tale heart by reginalds [5k, bookstore!AU]

siempre by heartsdesire456 [10k, nightmares, sharing a bed]

It was never wrong for a man to love an angel (and that is what you are) by scalira [25k, ‘50s!AU]

welcome home by taniaterror [2k, sharing a bed (again….my weakness)]

broke me down, but i’m not undone by middlecyclone [2k, fake/pretend relationship]

idfc by bloodiedknees [2k, raphael is basically a grandpa]

let the ashes fall, forget about me by eversall [8k, temporary amnesia] 

That’s It (Kylo Ren x Reader Smut)

Warnings: This is shit, please don’t read. I liked Good Boy better. Semi-violent, dubious consent(??), glove kink. Fucking on top of dead peoples ashes? While grandpa vader watches? Orgasm delay/denial. Other stuff..

Word Count: A lot. 2.7K

A/N: Ok um shit i….  This is a thing i did, idk if anyone’s done this yet.. Why does this shit turn me on??? Why couldn’t I be normal? I’d like to apologize to jesus and my dad. Also, the fucking tub of ashes is in his Vader room bc that makes more sense than a random cell. 

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I saw someone baffled at Rey’s ability to defeat Kyle-o Ren in a laser swordfight and I want to gab on about it for a moment because, well, first of all, laser swordfights in Star Wars are a visual representation of the mental state of the characters. 

Kylo, you see, is a poser. He’s doing this performatively, as you can see when he interrupts a tantrum briefly to see if he’s smashed up enough stuff yet and decides, no, not yet and goes back to his fake-raging. Kylo’s shtick is that he can’t tap into the dark without fronting. He wears a mask, with more obvious voice modulation, uses a special laser sword that’s raging and out of control (like he is!) and carries around his grandpa’s ashes so he can feel all goth. 

While Kylo may make use of the dark, Rey was born to it. Her character in TFA is defined by fear (that her life is a lie, that she’ll become wore-down and old some day), anger (that she has to deal with Simon Pegg daily and depend on him jerking her around to live), hatred (of Kyle-o) and suffering (daily life of grinding poverty and isolation). Rey defeats Kylo because she is far more in tune with the dark than he is, and her full descent is interrupted by a miraculous crevasse that physically separates them before she can deliver the final strike. 

To contrast, Finn’s character is far more in line with the light as we have seen it in the previous movies (with brief dark flashes from his resentment of his job) and so he can’t defeat Kylo with force directly. 

Granted, who knows if the next two movies will continue to be as in-tune with the previous ones as TFA managed. 

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After seeing how Zane has turned out in MyStreet I am so grateful you decided o keep Thomas a villain in Monsters Among Us. You kept him as who he is instead of buthcering your own character.

Really? I always found Thomas to be rather one-note when I used him in “Monsters Among Us.” Zane avoids being one-note due to his MCD self being so different from his MyStreet counterpart. The result is someone who can be extremely petty but also extremely helpful. Sure, I don’t like Zane but he has some uses. Thomas on the other hand is pretty much a bastard. Seriously, would Zane ever hold his grandpa’s ashes for ransom?