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what if Jim Gordan really is the hot dad friend even with the mustache like what if some of Barbara's friends go with the family on a trip to the beach and Jim takes off his shirt and is just like ridiculously shredded. Like Master Roshi when he powered up on DBZ kind of shredded

Uncomfortably Buff Moustache Dad

MPHFPC  movie review ***SPOILERS***

-I’m making this review as a way to put in my own personal opinion on the movie. I am also doing this so people who are skeptical about seeing the movie can decide whether they want to spend their money or not.

-This review will have a brief over view of the movie as well as a Pros and Cons lists, a comparison of Book to Movie.

-Like I said, you all are welcomed to put in your own thoughts or add anything you thought i missed! 

-Or just send me a question if you have any I’ll be sure to answer! :))))


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Seventeen As Grandpas

S.Coups - Tries to be incredibly independent though he got that Alzheimer’s and needs to bring his granddaughter everywhere with him. He’ll even try to run off a few times. We all know he won’t be able to escape far.

Jeonghan - That angelic grandpa that all those grandmas be chasing after. Don’t be surprised if you see him in an anti aging cream ad.

Joshua - Gentleman grandpa that would put the radio on and do the waltz with his wife sweetly around the living room.

Junhui - Child friendly grandpa that would help him grandkids with their homework all the time and watch cartoons with them just to make them happy.

Hoshi - Gangsta as hell grandpa. That cane he uses is just a disguise. In real life, he’s fit as hell. Got those chiseling grandpa abs and can still call up his squad anytime he pleases.

Wonwoo - Emo grandpa that all the kids would run away from in the park. It’s all good though cause his grandkids wouldn’t be scared of him. That’s probably cause they as emo as him doe.

Woozi - Still cooped up in that studio. Doesn’t matter if he dies. When he feels that it’s time, he’ll lock his studio and hide the key. He knows the world will never be ready to hear his mixtape of all his unreleased work cause it is pure fire. Sorry lads.

DK - That grandpa that all the kids across the corner want to hang out with because he floods them with sweets. Grandma will have to hide the sweets away from him so the kids don’t get cavities.

Mingyu - Giant grandpa that all the kids imagine as the Invincible Hulk. They’d make quite the game of running away from him.

The8 - Incredibly kind grandpa that all the neighbours have dinner time with every Sunday.

Seungkwan - Whiny ass Grandpa that everyone ignores cause his jokes suck.

Vernon - The grandpa who just rocks quietly in his rocking chair on his front porch reading a newspaper. Each morning, no one ever forgets to wave him a hello.

Dino - Perverted grandpa that would try to pick up all those 20 yr old girls like a pro. He’d never fail.

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I just realized that when I grow and tell my kids the stories of what happened in the 2010s (including the hellhole that has been 2016), I’m probably gonna sound like Grandpa Abe Simpson when he goes off on an anecdote.

I don’t know if I should be worried about that.