grandpa abe

anonymous asked:

1) you have trouble sleeping/are a light sleeper 2) you are really good at keeping your plants happy and healthy 3) you have a rare blood type

1. I tend towards being nocturnal, and it takes me about 90 minutes to fall asleep once I go to bed, but once I’m asleep I can stay asleep. I need about 9-10 hours per 24 to function properly, like the rest of my mom’s family.

2.  Until global warming strikes, yes.

3. You are correct!  I am AB Negative, which only about 0.6% of the population has.  My grandpa was AB- too, but it skipped a generation: Mom is B-, Dad is A-.  Hilariously, my sister is O-.  I give blood once every 16 weeks, because BOY HOWDY DOES THE RED CROSS HOUND MY ASS FOR IT.  Now that I’m no longer underweight, it’s not bad at all.