So my mom told me a story...

Growing up, my mom and her siblings would make banana bread every week.

Literally every week since the first one of them learned how to make it, they started making banana bread- lo and behold though, they liked it with walnuts and they all knew their dad hated walnuts.

So they made a special loaf of banana bread just for him every week, just for him to eat. Nobody else was allowed to eat it because that was his banana bread, baked especially for him.

So anyways, they did this once a week from middle school up until every last one of them moved out of the house (and considering there was at least 10 years difference from the oldest to the youngest, this was quite some time). So that’s like… 16 years of weekly banana bread. And he always finished it. He, without fail, ate the whole loaf of bread by himself.

That’s approximately 835 loaves of banana bread.


Skip ahead a few years…

and they’re all visiting and baking banana bread and they start making a dad’s bread and their mom comes in, “I don’t think he can handle eating one more slice of banana bread!”

“What are you talking about? He loves banana bread! He had it all the time!”

This is when my grandma, their mom, broke the news that my grandfather loathed banana bread with every fiber of his being. He just adored that his kids loved him enough to make him a special loaf of banana bread every week (and he didn’t have the heart to tell them that he couldn’t stand banana bread) and he was incredibly, utterly upset that my grandma told the kids his big secret.

My grandfather was a loving, patient, gentle man who absolutely hated banana bread but loved his kids so much more and I just wanted to share that with you guys. I think this story is just about the perfect example of the kind of person he was.

My grandpa was colourblind and one day he decided that we was going to surprise my grandma and mom by painting their wooden porch so he went to home depot and bought a really nice dark cherry wood looking paint and he spent the whole day painting it and he was so proud of himself when it was finished then when my mom and grandma came home they almost fainted because he actually painted it a bright lime green.

The Zodiac Signs as Grandparents:

Aries: This grandparent still has some spunk and might be very active for an elderly person. They are always busy golfing, shopping, or maybe even traveling in their elder years. They can be a fun seeker and will treat their grandchildren to events like the movies or an amusement park more so than money or gifts. They love to entertain their grandchildren and when their grandchildren are much younger they are likely to give a lot of advice through the phone or short visits rather than full on babysitting or nurturing (unless that is needed of course). This grandparent can be sassy and blunt in their old years. Some Aries grandparents can be MIA a lot, once their children are out of the house they see it as freedom to live their own life.

Taurus: This is a grandparent who probably had a hard time letting their child go in the first place but when doing so might have learned how to detach a bit. So they will probably respect their children’s philosophy on parenting and will give them space. They are protective and caring grandparents. They are the grandparents who always have that one piece of advice they repeat over and over again. They might love to cook and is definitely one who will spoil their grandchildren. But know that a Taurus grandparent who hasn’t learned how to let go can be critical of their children’s and grandchildren‘s choices and could try to step in as a surrogate parent.

Gemini: This is one crazy, fun-loving grandparents. They say the darnedest thing, can be kooky, and despite their old age has enough energy to keep up with his or her grandchildren. A really involved Gemini grandparent always tells wild stories to their grandchildren and wants to keep tabs on their education and career. But a Gemini grandparent can become distant to where their main line of communication are phone calls and holiday cards.

Cancer: This is super grandma or grandpa who is very nurturing, likes to play the caretaker role even if it is not needed, is likely to make wonderful food and lots of it, spoils the children, and could be very crafty with things like knitting or even with hardware. They encourage creativity. They can be over protective of their children and grandchildren and might be paranoid and overstep their boundaries. This might be a grandparent who begs their children to not let a grandchild do something or go somewhere. They might unintentionally instill worry into their grandchildren and might never trust a son or daughter in law. But this is a grandparent who has great intuition and is one to guide their children and grandchildren.

Leo: This is a very generous grandparent who only lets their closest family members, most likely children and grandchildren in their will. They could even feel bad if their grandchildren leave a visit without money or a gift. This grandparent has a lot of pride for their family and for sure uses ALL of their bragging rights! When their grandchildren are little they like to nurture their imagination and creativity. The Leo grandparent is always down to play make believe. But this grandparent can be bossy, is the one to complain and make a fuss when the family goes out to dinner, is easily irritable, and could give into family gossip.

Virgo: This grandparent is a total meddler. On one end they are caring, helpful, is always there to change diapers or hep with grocery shopping but on the other end they are a worrier, can be super critical and always stepping in, and they are likely to be judgmental of a daughter or son in law to where they actually put them down. This grandparent is likely to call and visit a lot if not everyday. But this is also the grandparent who always knows a home remedy, gets the family out of trouble, and despite all their helicopter grand parenting is there for the grandchildren.

Libra: This is the grandparent who is all about spoiling their grandchildren. They come with gifts and food and might even take their grandchildren on a vacation if they have the resources and time. They are also one to likely have a nickname like Na-Na or Pops. When it really comes down to it many Libra grandparents have a goal to pass down knowledge or a skill rather than money or possessions (this isn’t to say they would not leave money or valuables). For example they might leave their grandchild a violin and also teach them how to play or on a bigger scale teach them how to fish and then leave behind a fishing supply store. But the Libra grandparent can sometimes play favorites despite their fair nature, can go against the parents wishes like giving a child candy when they aren’t suppose to have any, or have their moments when they are distant.

Scorpio: This is the grandparent who might still be the head of the family and dispenses advice and resources but also controls the parent generation. They play an active role and might even live with their children and grandchildren. They are compassionate and giving grandparents. But this is a grandparent who might over step their boundaries and who might have certain expectations for their family. Watch out for the Scorpio’s temper and grudge-holding trait!

Sagittarius: This is an elderly individual who might be reluctant to get highly involved in their grandchildren lives. They may be a grandma or grandpa who goes by their first name. When they do come to visit they might like to treat their family to a dinner out and comes with lavish gifts but is the type to only come and visit once or twice a year. The more involved Sagittarius grandparent is the one to tell wild stories and loves to exaggerate, nurtures their grand-kids competitive and fun side, and is good at making the whole family laugh.

Capricorn: Capricorn is a very formal grandparent who can find it hard to relate to the younger generation. They love their family but can be stern. They actually have a good balance of caring for a grandchild but not getting overly involved in the parents job. They give advice when asked for it and might really push organization, respect, and manners on the grandchildren. But this can be a controlling, judgmental, and out of touch grandparent.

Aquarius: This individual is likely to be a very distant grandparent. They check up on their grandchildren lives every year or so and usually through a phone call. They might not be the best at advice and guidance and is essentially extended family. A more involved Aquarius grandma or granddad still has a distant aura about them. They can be a bit unpredictable with what they are going to say or what wisdom they are about to impart on you. They have a fun side for an old person and might even be the type to buy the kids an xbox for Christmas or take them gambling when they are of age. They are all about life experiences and can encourage slight rebellion ;o

Pisces: This is a very nurturing, intuitive, and even wise grandparent. They have some oddities about them and might be that grandma who is all about the home remedies and even spiritual medicine or the grandpa who has a weird trick to catch a big fish. They are a clever elder who hands down their legacy of tricks and tips to their family. But this grandparent knows how to manipulate and does many things behind the scenes. The Pisces grandparent can also have random freak outs in their old age and is the king/queen of guilt tripping.

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