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The Muse

Tara Ann Maclay

Basic Information:

Full Name: Tara Ann Maclay
Parents: Donald Maclay (Father, disavowed), Samantha Maclay (Mother, deceased)
Sibilings: Donald Maclay, Jr. (Brother, disavowed)
Children: Kara Maclay-Rosenberg (Verse dependent) 
Profession: College Student (Major: Childhood Education, with a Minor in Psychology.)

        Tara Maclay’s early life was anything but easy. Born to Donald and Samantha Maclay on October 16th, 1980. Tara was brought up with the belief that the Maclay women were cursed. Little did she or her mother realize it was a ruse in order to keep control over them. The younger Maclay would continue to believe this up until a fateful day in Sunnydale, when it was shown to be the lie that it truly was.

           Magick was something that ran in Tara’s family on her mother’s side. Her Grandmother was a powerful seer, who had passed down the ability to see and read auras to both her daughter and grand-daughter. Tara was also given the same middle name as her Grandmother. However, Tara was forced to learn more about this Magick ability in secret, given the disapproval that her father held towards it. From this, she would later inherit a Book of Shadows, passed down through generations of her mother’s family. It would later be one of the things Tara took with her after she fled from her family.

            Close to her sixteenth birthday, Tara’s mother passed away from mysterious circumstances. The exact cause of death is still unknown, although Tara herself has a few ideas on what happened. All of them cast the full extent of blame onto her father. Left virtually alone in a household that cared little for her, she finished High School with a very high GPA, all while working when she could in order to save for college. Her GPA would later help in getting scholarships that would enable her to attend UC Sunnydale later on. She applied to many different schools, all underneath her family’s notice, whom she was sure would disapprove of the choice. Underneath her father’s nose, she managed to gain access to her inheritance, which, although small, would help when the time to leave came. When the Acceptance letter from Sunnydale arrived in the mail, she wasted no time in gathering up her things and sneaking out of the house later that night. 

           It would take weeks for her to reach the UC Sunnydale campus, leaving a scattered trail of sleeping in Bus Stops and taking as many buses as possible. She worked hard to not leave a trail that would enable her family to find her. In her mind, there was nothing in the world that would convince her to return to the house. 

           Halfway through her first year at UC Sunnydale, she met Willow Rosenberg at a campus Wicca meeting, whom she immediately felt a connection with. That connection was only strengthened by an encounter with the Gentlemen, which served as her introduction to exactly what Sunnydale had to offer in the Hellmouth department. Initially performing spells with one another, Tara and Willow eventually began to develop feelings for each other, which would then lead to a blossoming relationship. 

oc aesthetics  → clara alaric

‘Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack’

Clara has always destined to become the alpha of her pack, it was written in the stars on the day of her birth, but it hasn’t always been an easy road. Her father died before she was born and her mother died in childbirth, and so her grandmother and the pack matriarch, Mary raised her granddaughter to one day take over. After the death of her grandmother, just as Clara was about to take her grandmother’s alpha power from her, a rouge member of the pack, Damien attacked Clara and took Mary’s alpha power for himself. Still a beta, Clara fought long and hard, and with her clawed hands locked with Damien’s own, Clara’s eyes slowly changed to red as she finally overpowered Damien and regained her pack.

Now with her pack in tow, Clara has lead them to Beacon Hills, in the hopes of finding safety and a home. Still attempting to figure out her newfound alpha status, she meets other true alpha, Scott McCall, who may be able to help Clara and an old family pack friend in the form of Derek Hale, the man Clara has despised since she was a child.

on the mission and selection of the successor to ninshū

“When I tried to help them, they wanted to take my power for their own.” 

The town has no known landmark, except that it’s a lush area of greenery in the middle of desert sand, and just beyond it, jutting out in a field of green so out of place with all the barrenness, the tip of a root was jutting out. Indra pulls down his mantle’s high collar, exposing his face, and he surveys the surroundings, opening his perception. A hundred citizens, nothing more, fifty more dying. It was of note that there were no small animals here, nor pets. Of course. The smaller, weaker ones always died first, this close to the God Tree. 

He comes to this land a stranger, and this is smack in the middle of nowhere in Wind Country, the only part of the continent that his Grandfather had not managed to conquer. He can see why. Grandmother may have been powerful, but she still needed water and sustenance, as did the imperial army who came with her. It was suicide.

He lets his high collar go, and it rises again, concealing the lower half of his face. He is clad in no finery, no silk. He only has his travel clothes, a portable chunk of his wealth, some weapons. He is bare, clad simply. He is here to offer help.

The land, it turns out, houses two more towns, and all three are deadlocked in a lethal dependence on the God Tree’s remnant. All in all there’s three hundred citizens, and countless dead, but all three towns are locked not just in dependence but in perpetual strife with each other. They were fighting over water, and what patch of the fertile land they can squeeze themselves into. 

Indra knows, then, that his mission here cannot be easy.

He gathers the towns’ elders first. Offers them his aid, and the solution of finding a water source and then delving deep for it. He says there need not be conflict, but his words are met with derision; this is the desert, of course, and the desert rarely has water. 

But it has water, Indra reasons. In the end, of course, he is shunned and ejected, but this doesn’t stop him. On his own, and using his sensory skills, he detects a viable water source, and meditates upon the solution now to the problem of bringing the water to the towns. The water source he senses is deep, very deep, but it will be vast enough to supply the towns’ needs.

And so he digs alone. Over the next few days, some of the more docile townsfolk start approaching, and help him of their own volition. He uses ninshū to speed up the digging, and though he is wary, he teaches those whom he thinks can be trusted, and together, they reach and tap the water source. 

This news spreads, and more people come, and Indra puts them to good use, building aqueducts and waterways. Water reaches each of the three towns, and while the people are celebrating this, Indra ventures on his own and destroys the God Tree’s remnant once and for all. 

It should have ended there.

He had wanted to leave the towns undetected. But the citizenry block his way on the pretense of gratitude, and Indra, keeping his perception closed as he was wont to do, was unable to detect the onslaught of treachery until it makes itself known, a blade stabbing him in the back. So sudden was this, and such rank betrayal, that his reaction time is slowed, and before he can even turn to look his assailant in the eye, a woman plunges a sword into his side, and another man plunges another knife into his stomach.

He falls, of course, sputtering and dying, and these people whom he helped close in on him, and as one tries to reach for his eyes, his deep purple eyes bleed into red, the tomoe of his sharingan blending into spirals, and the offender explodes into black flames, screaming. 

Indra reaches, and reaches deep, and those in the range of his reach have their chakra drained out of them as he heals his injuries, even as he pulls their treacherous blades out of his body.

Anger makes his vision go red, and he stands, staggers, and Susano’o forms above him - and such is his wrath that he eradicates all three towns, and none, not even the children, is spared.

He recovers. It’s painful to heal himself relying on his own chakra, but he manages. He makes the trip home with a heavy heart, and it turns out he beats Ashura in returning. As he reports to his Father, he is aware of Gamamaru outside the Summer Palace, in one of the gardens, and he knows…

He has never wanted to succeed anyway.
He withdraws, and he bears the wounds of treachery alone, as he always does.