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Any take on Luke as just a normal kid whining about freedom should probably account for the fact that he lives on a lawless desert planet controlled by gangsters who kept his father and grandmother as slaves


See I doubt Ursa would like the idea of having a Jedi/Mando as a granddaughter… 

That is. 

Until she meets the smol Bean and realises how much she reminds her of Sabine. 

Maybe she wasn’t a good mother. But she’s sure as heck going to try to be a good grandmother. 

They Wanna Make Me Their Queen

( Prompt: princess diaries style “I grew up not knowing I was royal and suddenly my royal grandparent showed up out of nowhere and told me I was so now I guess I’m the heir to the throne and you’re my crush from my pre-royal days but I still have a crush on you” AU ) 


A/N: Yeah, okay, I have had this fantasy playing out in my head. Picture it: me, a princess of some small and obscure island, and my long-lost grandmother tells me I’m a princess and I get married to Tom Holland AND WE ALL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Okay, on a serious note - Princess diaries AU anyone? I watched the movie and it was great. 

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You drop your backpack on the floor inside your front door. It’s the area that your mum not-so-fondly refers to as the ‘shoe graveyard’ where everyone who comes in leaves their coats, shoes, umbrellas, and in this case, a backpack and a soggy cherry-printed umbrella.

(Y/n)? That you?” Your mum calls from the kitchen.

That’s odd. Mum doesn’t usually get home from work until six o’clock. Shaking out your rain damp hair, you head down the shadowy hallway and into the sleek, modern kitchen of steel and chrome. What you see there makes you gasp.

Mum’s gotten out her best china, gold-rimmed and floral, the ones she’d gotten as a wedding gift. She’s sitting and having tea and fancy pastries with the strangest-looking woman you’ve ever seen. She has pale skin, ruby red lips and hair piled up on her head in an elaborate bun. Small and bird-like, with a stern expression on her wrinkled face, she’s sitting ramrod straight, staring and assessing your every move. She’s dressed in a black cashmere cardigan, and flowing jersey pants, her legs crossed delicately at the ankles. On her feet are black Chanel ballet slippers.

“This is her?”

“Yes,” Your mum answers, glancing up at you with a too-big smile. “This is my daughter, (Y/n).”

“Um,” You say intelligently, glancing at mum for help. You want to ask the woman, Who are you? But you think that might come across as being a little rude. “Um?”

“This is your Grandmother,” Your mother says, waving you forwards. “Your father’s mother.”

“I thought he died.”

“He did, but now his mother – your grandmother – wants to see you.”

“What, after years of total radio silence?” You snort, flinging yourself down into an empty chair. You grab a small finger sandwich, making a face when you realise you’ve grabbed a cucumber one. “What does she want from us? Money? My left kidney?”

Lips pursed, voice clipped, the old lady says, “I can assure you, I have no need for such frivolities.”

“Frivolities? Really? Who even says that anymore?”

(M/n), if you do not tell her, I shall,” Your grandmother says sharply, brandishing a butter knife and heaping a large dollop of clotted cream onto a scone. “There is much to be discussed.”

(Y/n), the thing is . . .” Your mum’s tripping over her words, and you tilt your head to the side as you always do, saying nothing but willing her to continue. “You’re a princess, (Y/n).”

And grandmother nods sombrely along to every word, as though she has to give up her left kidney.

As for you? You take the news remarkably well.

You faint dead away, right then and there.

The worst part about this whole ‘princess’ thing, you think grimly to yourself as you stomp down the hallway of Midtown High, is that you’ve been forbidden from telling anyone. Not Ned Leeds, not Michelle Gonzales, and most certainly not even your best friend, Peter Parker. You’ve just become princess of a small island called Serangoon, have a queen for a grandmother, basically have unlimited power and resources at your fingertips, and you’re not allowed to talk about it. Grandmother had explained – rather impatiently, in your opinion – that if you told your friends, the information would spread like wildfire. You could – and would – be compromised, assassinated like a character in Game of Thrones. This was for your safety, she’d assured you.

You don’t even get a makeover like Taylor Swift in her You Belong With Me music video. You’re still the same old (Y/n), with your frizzy hair, less-than-ideal clothes and the acne scars on your face.

What you do get are princess classes – Mondays to Fridays, 3pm to 7pm. History classes, etiquette lessons, and basically whatever your grandmother saw fit to throw at you. You’d seen the disdainful way she’d looked at you. Because of course princesses had to be charming and graceful, with impeccable manners.

You’d tried to tell her that you had homework, a social life, but your pleas for mercy had fallen on deaf ears.

How is it that a freaking princess can be invisible, you think grouchily, slamming your locker with a little more force than is strictly necessary. The metal trembles violently, then stills, and you glower angrily at it.

Stupid locker, stupid grandmother, stupid, stupid, stupid!

“What did that locker ever do to you?” Peter demands laughingly, sidling up to you, a soft, sweet smile on his face.

Instantly, your mind goes fuzzy, a big useless snowstorm. Your mouth feels like it’s stuffed with cotton, and you gulp. That crush on Peter hasn’t disappeared at all, has it? It’s almost amazing to consider – you’re a princess, who will likely be married off to a prince/duke/king to provide heirs to both kingdoms ( or maybe this is your Game of Thrones obsession shining through ), but you still feel awkward and small around a boy you’ve known ( and liked ) since middle school.

Of course, the only way he’d ever notice you was if you became as gorgeous and as popular as Liz Allen.

If only you could tell the press …

But no.

“Earth to (Y/n)!” Peter’s laughing now, waving a hand in front of your face, his eyes bright and happy. “Did you hear what I said?”

“Um. Um?” You shake your head to clear away the fog. Your face feels far too warm for your liking. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Movie night? My place or yours? A new episode of Star Wars came out, and you agreed that we’d watch it tonight.”

“Thanks a lot, grandmother,” You mutter, cursing your grandmother out in your mind for scheduling princess classes on a Friday. “I can’t, Peter. Not tonight. I’m sorry.”

Peter’s face falls, and you’re kicking yourself for having to flake out on him and this time honoured tradition. For a moment, you think about just caving and telling him – but the resulting earful you’ll get from your grandmother is not worth it.

“I’ll make it up to you,” You say instead. “Promise.”

You glance anxiously at your watch. 3.12 pm. You’d asked Stanley – your chauffer cum body guard – to pick you up three blocks away from school, outside Hunan Kitchen, a dingy Chinese place, and you can practically picture his stern, youthful face as he waits, the engine of the Rolls Royce idling.

“Okay.” Peter’s smiling a little now, and that’s worth something, at least. “As long as you promise.”

like i know i excessively talk abt it but 🌱🌿🌾🌳🌼 abilities ARE good and when i was a child i was absolutely convinced that the reason the 🌻s in our garden grew so tall and all of the 🍅s and bell peppers were so good was bc my grandmother had magical powers and that i, to some degree but not as strongly as her, had them too

The Hunter and The Witch  Chapter 9- For Luck

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean comes up with an idea to defeat Lucifer.

Warnings: Swearing, explicit language

Word Count: 1460

A/N: Hi my lovelies! Omg it’s been a while and so sorry for that! :D But thank you so so much for the amazing feedback and you patience <3 Please don’t forget to tell me what you think about this chapter! I love feedback, it makes me so happy! Kisses, Dream :*

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“I don’t even know what to tell you,” You pressed the phone between your ear and your shoulder as you held the foam tray with two coffees and smiled at the barista “Thank you-“

“Even you gotta admit, that’s creepy.”


“Your grandmother saw you having sex with my brother.”

“That’s just… I mean, it happened more than once.”

“Really? But you’re…”

“Future is fickle.” You said as you walked out of the café. “More fickle when your grandmother threatens your prom date.”

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so. in honor of the yatori week au prompt, i’m publishing the first part of something @paperypiper​ and i have been yelling about. it turned into….more than i thought. so here’s a hades and persephone au.

death and the maiden
ao3 /
“it’s easy to sneak up on me,” she said. “or, so I’m told.” 
one corner of his mouth twitched upward. 
“and who tells you that?” 
“almost everyone…my grandmother calls me a sleepwalker. she says someday i’m going to be so caught up in a distraction that the evil gods under the earth will come snatch me away.”

Something about the air told her this spring would be an early one.

“So…why aren’t you waking up yet?”

She crouched, cupping the tulips’ heavy heads between her hands, trying to coax their tightly clasped petals apart through sheer force of will. The flowers trembled, tugging up through the dirt toward her.

Hiyori lowered her forehead to the soft point of the tallest tulip bud, closing her eyes. She felt the little plant trying to shake off its dream of winter.

It’s time to grow.

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biathelstan  asked:

What's the premise of your urban fantasy story?? Looks very cool

glad you asked

uhhhh basically the story centers around two characters, sarah and mona, who live in new york city aaand basically its at its core a love story between them but it also has a larger plot which surrounds the romance

basically mona (in the photoset shes wearing that pink shirt that says GIRLS) is part fey and she goes around nyc making deals & agreements with folks, generally like money / food / a favor in exchange for a magical gift, like a day of luck or extra charisma or a raise at work. her grandmother is a very powerful fairy, not like a queen or whatever but more like a prominent socialite, so mona grew up on tales of fairy brilliance and heroism and trickery and she definitely wants to continue that tradition, so thats why shes so involved with humanity

sarah’s roommate is named scott, i think (im bad at naming), and he makes a deal with mona when he learns about her through a friend of a friend. hes the tall guy in the photoset. blah blah blah, a bunch of stuff happens, and he ends up not fulfilling his end of the deal and suffers the consequences, which is 1 year of bad luck. about 3 weeks into it he cracks and asks sarah to help him out (shes on the far left in shorts and an ayso soccer shirt). cue sarah tracking mona down and suddenly being thrust into this fey subculture of nyc, where she learns more about mona and mona’s world, and gradually falls in love

there are supporting characters, obvs, but i dont really have names or complete backstories for them yet. the green haired girl lives in the subway tunnels, which is why she doesnt bother with a glamor. the pink haired girl loves the big opaque sunglasses trend bc then she can do the same. theyre both mona’s close friends.

the basic inspiration for this is nyc itself. ive lived there for my whole life pretty much and its always been magical and mysterious to me, yet still intensely comforting and safe. its like…you dont know who anyone is in the city. they could be anyone- or anything- but that doesnt mean that they wish you harm

I’m Ready

Request from: @kylosgenesis

Pairing: Reader x Bucky (hinted at) // Reader x Steve (platonic)
Word Count: 1.3K
Warnings: Death, sadness

A/N: This is set after the events of Civil War, but a few differences. Bucky didn’t lose his arm, Reader helped them both escape the airport and flew them to the Winter Soldier bunker, Steve was badly injured in the fight with Tony and Bucky got him back to the stolen quinjet.

I hope I did the request justice! I loved the idea and premise! 

“Y/N, you need to hurry, Steve isn’t doing too well,” Bucky’s voice spoke at you, but you hardly heard him. You could feel that something was wrong. You immediately switch the quinjet over to autopilot, knowing you weren’t going to be able to control it manually for much longer.

Suddenly a searing pain ripped through your head. You cry out in pain and clutch your skull. You knew you couldn’t stop it, not until you’d done what was needed.

The pain stops, and you slowly open your eyes, not wanting to see who the unfortunate soul was in front of you. Steve locks eyes with you, and your heart drops.

“No, no, not you,” you whisper more-so to yourself,

Steve’s eyebrows are furrowed in confusion and he quickly looks around the pristine white room that you were both in, “Is this-?” he trails off, having figured out the answer to his own question.

Tears start to flow from your eyes. This wasn’t the first time you’d had to help a soul over to the other side, it happened quite frequently. You were a sort of usher of sorts, making sure that souls made their way out of the physical world and into the Eternal. It always took a toll on you, but it hurt even more when it was someone you knew. You were just 12 when you had been confronted with your powers; your grandmother had explained that it wasn’t a curse, but a gift, that ran in the family.

“No. No. I won’t do this. You’re coming back with me,” you sobbed out,

“We both know you can’t do that,” Steve’s voice was soft and full of sympathy,

“I don’t care!” you scream. You couldn’t do this, you had convinced yourself that Steve was going to be okay, that you’d make sure he lived.

“Y/N, look at me,” Steve places a comforting hand on your shoulder, “It’s okay. I’m okay,”

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Mistress I need help! Do you know any good scarecrow quotes that are short enough to put on a banner but still give a good sense as to his character?

How short are we talking, one sentence, a few words? Jonathan loves to monologue, so I don’t know how easily it will be to find a shorter quote that describes his character well enough. I’m gonna try and meet you in the middle with several of his more iconic lines, with some of them cut into shorter segments. Anyway, here’s a handful of his best quotes! I hope this helps, and if you’re looking for something from a specific cannon, let me know!  

Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • And at the end of fear… oblivion.
  • There is no Crane… only Scarecrow!
  • Is the world falling apart or just your mind? Are you scared? Embrace it.
  • Fear drives everything, Your life is governed by fear. Every decision you make is a product of that fear.

Batman: Arkham Knight

  • Fear isn’t pure biology, Batman. It’s more than instinct. True fear is the absence of hope
  • Do you know what happens to a man who refuses to be controlled by his fears? He must face them! 
  • You’re not dying, it just feels like you are. My toxin is filling your lungs, drowning you in your greatest fears.

Batman Begins

  • I respect the mind’s power over the body. It’s why I do what I do.
  • Would you like to see my mask?

Batman: The Animated Series

  • I am fear incarnate. I am the terror of Gotham. I am the Scarecrow!
  • Inducing terror has always intrigued me. Even, as a boy, I liked to frighten things. People, animals, it was all the same. I became obsessed with fear’s crippling power
  • Fear is the glue that holds society together. It’s what makes people suppress their worst impulses. Fear is power.

Comics (Various)

  • It was the moment I learned from my own great grandmother–the two most powerful forces on earth–fear and control.
  • Fear is our friend batman, it tells us what to guard against. But deep down we already know that, don’t we? We know the real enemy…is us!
  • Though it is simple to bring on, you cannot escape from fear. For fear is not a delusion. You are a sentient mortal condemned to die, and time is against you. 
  • The sinister Scarecrow is free once more–a living heart attack loose in the dark!
Stardew Valley Headcanon of Mine

The farmer’s grandpa wasn’t all that magically talented, but their GRANDMA was.

No one ever mentions your grandmother, only ever your grandpa. It’s as though no one knew her or something. Which is strange, right? Your grandpa spent years of his life in Pelican Town. Lewis, the forever-mayor, knew him. George and Evelyn, who’ve lived in the valley since they were fairly young, knew him. Of people who’ve been in the valley long enough to have known the farmer’s grandpa, none mention anything about the person who was presumably your grandmother. (I mean, you could just say that he met her after he left the valley, but for the purposes of this headcanon I’m not going that route.)

The only people in town who the farmer can know and be friends with but most of the other townspeople rarely or never interact with are Dwarf, Krobus, and the wizard. And if your life in the valley is going similarly to how it went for your grandfather (adventuring with swords, meeting Junimo, connecting with people and nature, etc.) who’s to say he didn’t also have a few friends of that type? A fairy, maybe. Or a witch.

The farmer is the only person in the valley other than Rasmodius who can see the Junimo. Flower fairies and a cackling witch-classic intermittently visit their farm and perform “helpful” magic in the night. Krobus and Dwarf don’t befriend any other humans in town, just the farmer. It’s almost like the supernatural just kind of gravitate toward them. Maybe because the farm and the family have always been involved with the supernatural. Married into it, perhaps.

Idk I just really like the idea of the farmer’s grandmother being this extremely powerful sorceress who fell in love with this mostly mundane but very kind and painfully sincere farm-boy. I call it the “Rose-Greg Effect”.

(Bonus idea: your grandma is Rasmodius’ ex who went on a vengeful crusade hexing the countryside after he broke up with her. Your grandpa managed to calm her down since they were friends at the time, though he did get set on fire a little bit in the process.

Witches and wizards age slowly compared to normal humans. Your grandma is definitely still kickin’, but refuses to return to Stardew Valley to visit you because “that flashy asshat in the tower is still hanging about. Don’t talk to him, dear, he thinks purple mushrooms are good seasoning. He eats ROCKS. And he refuses to clean out his cauldron between potions! Don’t drink anything he gives you, understand? It’s unsanitary!” “Uh… yeah, about that, grandma…”)

FAKE TV SHOW MEME - southern gothic


“In this family you don’t get nothin’ without paying in blood.”

Ophelia Adams has magic. For a hundred and fifty years her family has lived in the small Southern town of Bone Hollow, practising their craft and hiding their gifts from the close knit townspeople. But all magic has a price, and for the Adams it’s the curse that has haunted them for generations: every time a new child is born, someone else in the family must die.

Ophelia discovers the terrible truth of the curse when she falls pregnant at seventeen and the curse claims her grandmother, a powerful practitioner. In a desperate attempt to save her, Ophelia tries to use magic to avert the curse, and for her troubles is blessed with twins - inadvertently causing the death of her mother also.

Ten years later, Ophelia attempts to balance raising her children alone, managing the family store, and fulfilling her duties as the only remaining elder of the Bone Creek coven, who congregate weekly as the Southern Literature Appreciation Book Club. Books are occasionally discussed. She is managing well until the arrival of a faith healer, who sets up his tent on the outskirts of town. The people of Bone Creek quickly begin to fall under the charismatic preacher’s spell, and soon after members of the coven start disappearing from their homes without a trace.

Convinced that he is sacrificing witches for their power, Ophelia confronts the healer, and is surprised to find that she is not unaffected by his near-violent preaching - and that he in return can sense her true nature. The two are quickly enmeshed in a psychological battle, the stakes of which are bound to have dire consequences for the town, their powers, and their lives.

But that is not all that goes bump in the night in Bone Creek. Darker forces pass unseen through the sleepy Southern streets, drawn to the growing powers of Ophelia’s young children….

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I've decided that I need Game of Thrones AU from you. THANKS.

“You want to be a queen,” he deduces one day, catching his betrothed in the gardens. The notion in itself irritates him because while he can give Sakura every gown and jewel and tome that she may desire, a crown is not something he can provide. No, she would need to marry a Senju for that. He pushes away his pride but certainly not his frown.

She holds a rose to her face, sniffing it delicately, carefully arranging her fingers to avoid the thorns dotted along the stem. “Not at all, my lord,” she replies. She shakes her head, she looks away, and she plays the role of the shy young woman.

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Safiye Sultan (c. 1550 – 10 November 1605) was the favourite consort of Ottoman Sultan Murad III and Valide Sultan to her son Mehmed III, and exercised a strong influence on Ottoman affairs during the reigns of both sultans. Safiye, whose name means “pure one,” is said to have been a native of Rezi, a mountain town in Albania. Until the death in 1583 of Nurbanu, the Valide Sultan (mother of the sultan on the throne), Safiye’s influence was limited. Thereafter, as Haseki Sultan, and after 1595 as Valide Sultan, she wielded great influence at the Ottoman court. Safiye eventually enjoyed an enormous stipend of 3,000 aspers a day during the latter part of her son’s reign. When Mehmed III went on the Eger campaign in Hungary in 1596, he gave his mother great power over the empire, leaving her in charge of the treasury. Among those who enjoyed her favour was the thrice grand vizier (chief minister) Damat İbrahim Paşa. Mehmed III was succeeded by his son Ahmed I in 1603. One of his first major decisions was to deprive his grandmother of power—she was banished to the Old Palace in January 1604. All succeeding sultans descend from Safiye.

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You seem like a pretty established witch.. Question: Do you think that a curse can carry over several generatio- of course it could.. silly question.. how do i word this.. So my grandmother was a pretty powerful witch, my mother told, and got into a curse-war with another and lost horribly. She's worried the curse might have carried over to her (and me) and that i should stay away from witchcraft. (babywitch oh ye). --- running out of space---

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Curses have a way of sticking around.  Can they last generations?  It depends entirely on the witch the cast the curse and your belief in it.  I think that you should discuss with her the details of the curse and research it.  It could just be an old cautionary tale.