grandmother power


See I doubt Ursa would like the idea of having a Jedi/Mando as a granddaughter… 

That is. 

Until she meets the smol Bean and realises how much she reminds her of Sabine. 

Maybe she wasn’t a good mother. But she’s sure as heck going to try to be a good grandmother. 


GW2 Fashion Week - Day 6 - Stalwart Ziia

My precious revenant child is still very new to this whole fighting against evil business. But she just couldn’t sit idly while the rest of her family fights against the Elder Dragons and other baddies. Luckily the ghost of her grandmother, a powerful guardian, reached out to her from the mists and started learning her about the way of the revenant.

Armor Skins:

  • Bunny Ears (Hidden)
  • Banded Pauldrons
  • Electroplated Coat
  • No gloves
  • Body of Koda
  • Carapace Greaves

Weapon Skins:

  • Terracotta Antique Spire
  • Auric Sword
  • Auric Shield


  • Redemption, Honey, Root, Caramel, Umber, Rose Shade, Midnight Fire

La madre, la diosa, la energía de la abuela, el poder de la anaconda, la liana de los muertos, muchos términos están asociados a este compuesto de plantas, originaria de la selva sur americana, planta medicinal y de poder, actúa sobre todas las glándulas del cuerpo buscando la enfermedad y ayudando a sanar esta ya sea física o espiritual. Esta medicina se obtiene de la raíz de la ayahuasca machacada hecha papilla y luego cocinada con otras hierbas y plantas alucinógenas que ayudan a ampliar el estado de conciencia y encontrar las respuestas de nosotros mismos perdidas en nuestro caminar. Para alguno pueblos del Amazonas la Ayahuasca nos brinda la fuerza y la Chacruna la visión, para el mundo occidental tradicional es simplemente una planta alucinógena y de desintoxicación.

The mother, the goddess, the energy of the grandmother, the power of the anaconda, the vine of the dead, many terms are associated with this compound of plants, originating in the South American rainforest, medicinal plant and power, acts on all The glands of the body seeking the disease and helping to heal this either physical or spiritual. This medicine is obtained from the root of mashed ayahuasca made from porridge and then cooked with other herbs and hallucinogenic plants that help to expand the state of consciousness and find the answers of ourselves lost in our walk. For some peoples of the Amazon Ayahuasca gives us strength and the Chacruna vision, for the traditional Western world is simply a hallucinogenic and detox plant.

If pain were power
every little boy who was called faggot
when he was picking flowers 
for the girl he loved 
would rule a kingdom of pastels
and steel-toed boots, 
where no one used slurs
and stereotypes withered 
under his gaze 

If pain were power
the single mother who works
70 hours a week,
abandoned by a broken king
who once called her Queen,
would be able to stop all time,
heal her wounds 
and provide for the flowers 
he planted but never tended
that have bloomed into more 
than their father’s image 

If pain were power 
the grandmother of 16 
who sits on her porch next to
a chair that should not be empty,
would be able to raise the dead,
bring her Golden lover back 
from the double plot 
that is only half filled,
and she would get another 50 years
of loving and being loved

If pain were power
the special forces vet who sits 
in a classroom of kids half his age
would be able to share wisdom
through his gentle touch,
the kind hand on a shoulder 
conveying to those
who don’t know bloodshed 
that all life is worth something,
that we are all human in death

If pain were power
that girl who could not scream
loud enough, who could not
lock her knees together,
would not flinch when alone 
with a man, instead,
she would have thighs of steel,
the kind of sex that bites back
and she would never 
let one of her sisters walk alone

If pain were power 
it would not be called suffering,
but healing is not linear 
and we all have to mend the cracks
that life has left on our glass hearts,
our crystal minds, 
before we gain the strength
to carry on
and to keep going 
is the greatest power of all.

—  If pain were power || O.L.
Review - Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow

A lot of dystopian YA novels try to get away from having too much science in their science fiction, but don’t be fooled by The Scorpion Rules.  This is hard core sci-fi and the result is delightful.  

It’s premise is that the world overlord is a smart-ass cyborg artificial intelligence called Tallus who keeps peace on earth by holding the children of world leaders hostage.  If a war breaks out, he kills the children of the warring nations.  This ensures peace (mostly) and the hostages live in a rural-monastery for most of the year where they have to press their own apples and make their own butter and stuff.  When a tempestuous boy named Elián joins their cohort after his grandmother seizes power in a revolt, the main character Greta re-evaluates her previously docile life.  

And the neatest thing is that both the main character Greta and her roommate/best friend Xie are pretty clearly bisexual.  

Xie was in love with another hostage boy at age 15 and forced to miscarry their child.  But now she is clearly in love with Greta.  I would actually say Greta is more of a demisexual or maybe a biromantic ace, since her interest in both Xie and Elián doesn’t follow a predictable sexual pattern.  Also there isn’t a lot of jealousy between the three so it doesn’t play out like a conventional love triangle.  Between being taken doubly hostage, confronting the megalomaniac AI that controls the planet, and some pretty extreme scenes of violence and torture, romance isn’t really the top of anyone’s priority list.  Which was refreshing actually.  This is mostly a tense science fiction political thriller with some love and romance, not a romance set in a sci-fi setting.  

I listened to this one on audiobook and it was a very well done recording.  The narrator was spot on and the pacing was great.  The voice of Tallus came through exceptionally well, both for the humor and the horror.  

I won’t spoil the ending, except to say that it very easily could be setting up a V model of polyamory much like the end of Malinda Lo’s Adaptation.  The book wraps up a lot of the loose ends of the story, but I believe there is a sequel coming so this is certainly one to keep your eye on.  

- Sarah

trigger warning for: violence, blood, torture, miscarriage, death

actually I definitely got a lot of my 8 from my grandmother (ESFJ 8w9 sp/so). Probably the defining moment i can recall is when she went to a bank ATM to withdraw money on a goddamn Sunday afternoon. And someone tried to rob her, and seemed to be carrying a weapon. Now my grandmother dresses in a powerful way, she’s not crippled, and she’s 5'10. But she’s still old, and this (apparently, the police said, 22 at the time) guy probably thought she was an easy target.

Big mistake.

He began threatening her and was in the middle of pulling out a weapon (probably a knife) and she began to scream. At HIM. Not for help. She screamed,


Now if you’re a robber expecting an easy target, like he was, having a tall ESFJ 8 screaming at your face with fe, you’re probably going to book it, which he did. But that fucking fe 8 man. “You’re not allowed to rob me”. Pinnacle of why I respect that woman so much, I learned from the best, though having two eight sp doms in the same house resulted in a couple wars.