grandmother of performance art

helleritscamille  asked:

I have to do research on 3 contemporary artists for my AP art assignment but I'm not really familiar with any. Have any suggestions of some really good/interesting artists?

Hey, Happy Friday! Here are 5 contemporary artists I’d like to share

Marina Abramović, aka “grandmother of performance art” made a lot of news with the youngsters in 2010 with her performance The Artist is Present at the MoMA & Lady Gaga went in to see her. 

Takashi Murakami known for creating “Stuperflat,” a style inspired by manga and anime. Interesting blend of graphic illustration, pop culture, animation and fine arts that comments on  consumerism and fetishism. 

Kiki Smith works in a number of media, including sculpture, prints, and installations. Often dealing with the body in political and social issues, she’s taken on issues such as AIDS, gender, race, and battered women.

Mary Heilmann’s painterly abstraction and bold palette in her ceramics, paintings, and furniture deals with fundamental issues through the interplay off color and shape, surface and object hood, and the spontaneous and systematic. 

Anselm Kiefer works with materials such as straw, ask, clay, lead and shellac in his paintings and sculptures. They are often large, confrontational works that addresses Germany’s recent history and the horror of the Holocaust.