grandmas jewelry

I just need you all to think about wontaek helping each other put their earrings and necklaces on in the morning, sitting crossed legged on a bed and fitting rings on each others fingers ;u;

the signs as parks and recreation quotes
  • aries: "she's the worst person i've ever met. i want to travel the world with her."
  • taurus: “sometimes when you make an omelet you’ve gotta break a few eggs. what’s the alternative? no omelets at all? who wants to live in that kind of world? maybe birds. then all their babies would live.”
  • gemini: "i just slept seven hours, which is twice as long as i usually sleep, so i'm a little disoriented"
  • cancer: "i am not crying, okay? i’m allergic to jerks!"
  • leo: "i am big enough to admit that i am often inspired by myself."
  • virgo: "if i keep my body moving and my mind occupied at all times, i will avoid falling into a bottomless pit of despair"
  • libra: “yes, i’m a hunter… and, it’s 'you' season.”
  • scorpio: "i think i may have found a project i’d actually enjoy doing. helping these cats and dogs. they should be rewarded for not being people. i hate people."
  • sagittarius: "when life gives you lemons, you sell some of your grandma's jewelry, and you go clubbin'"
  • capricorn: "i don't even have time to tell you how wrong you are..... actually it's gonna bug me if i don't."
  • aquarius: "i’m a feminist, okay? i would never ever go to a strip club. i’ve gone on record that if i had to have a stripper’s name it would be Equality."
  • pisces: "leslie, i typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you could have network connectivity problems."

remember in middle school for homecoming week, Gender Bender day, girls as boys, boys as girls. most of the boys skipped or half-assed it, but a couple of the guys, some pretty popular, went all out. grandma clothes n jewelry, old lady hats, floral patterns. and they were the center of attention, in a good way. everyone loved it. & what’s crazy was how much respect those guys got for doing it. yeah, this was before the last 10 years of lgbtq discussion, maybe at the heart of it the point was hey a guy in a dress, isn’t that funny. but most of the humor was just at how brazen and enthusiastic these guys were and the boys who participated got a lot of admiration. idk middle school sucked but that memory makes me smile

ok now ask me about the talent show where i sang while my big dude english teacher dressed in drag & did the hula

the signs as parks and recreation quotes
  • Aries: "When life gives you lemons, you go sell some of your grandma's jewelry and you go clubbing."
  • Taurus: "Sometimes you gotta work a little so you can ball a lot"
  • Gemini: "LITERALLY"
  • Cancer: "Jogging is the worst. I know it keeps you healthy, but god, at what cost?"
  • Leo: "I'm a hunter and it's 'you' season"
  • Virgo: "We will get along just fine, though hopefully not too fine, because I am not looking for any new friends. End speech."
  • Libra: "When I bet on horses, I never lose. Why? I bet on all the horses."
  • Scorpio: "I love her so much, but I think I’m going to draw a mustache on her face."
  • Sagittarius: "I think that comic sans always screams fun"
  • Capricorn: "Most people would say ‘the deets’, but I say ‘the tails’. Just another example of innovation."
  • Aquarius: "Treat yo self."
  • Pisces: "I didn't actually sell my last car. I just forgot where I parked it."
Scots and Recreation: Bonnie Prince Charlie and Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

Hair. Talking about daddy. Delusions of grandeur. Clubs and ladies. Elaborate schemes to get that paper. Showing up in the middle of the night to crash on your couch because “technically I’m homelessss.” Immediately spending/losing all the money he just got from you.  A face that needs to be punched.


The signs as cat aesthetics
  • Aries: tiny kittens hissing, playful paws on mouse toys, barely making daring jumps
  • Taurus: purring with eyes closed, cat naps in the garden, the shake of a treat bag
  • Gemini: meowing in response to words, delicately knocking things down, stretching towards butterflies always out of reach
  • Cancer: relaxing in boxes, waiting next to a half empty food bowl, cleaning a friend's fur
  • Leo: sprawling across a newspaper, leaning into a brush, the perfect patch of sun to doze in
  • Virgo: tails flicking anxiously, bathing after someone's touched you, curling up with the dog
  • Libra: drinking from the human's cup, batting balls of yarn, sleeping in the middle of a king sized bed
  • Scorpio: bringing a favourite plushie to bed, lurking behind couches, creeping out in the middle of a party
  • Sagittarius: 4 AM sprints through the house, emerging from adventures covered in dust, tongues hanging out
  • Capricorn: hiding toys under the bed, eyeing the neighbour's cat through the window, sitting contently in the human's lap
  • Aquarius: trying to be aloof while still in the room, using grandma's jewelry as personal playthings, watching the world through a window
  • Pisces: rubbing up against everyone, staring at something unseen, watching your friend walk away when you wanted to cuddle