The signs as grandmas :

Aries : the grandma who likes to do everything by herself, has a really cool house.

Taurus : the funny grandma who will make you feel old.

Gemini : the grandma who always talks about her youth and you just want to escape :’).

Cancer : the grandma who buys you what you want and loves you more than their own sons.

Leo : the grandma who thinks she makes better sweets than her neighbours, lol.

Virgo : the independent grandma with a great memory.

Libra : the sassy grandma hated by the other grandmas but loved by you.

Scorpio : the grandma who still has a better sexual life than you.

Sagittarius : the cool grandma that takes you to cool places and buys you cool things.

Capricorn : the serious, angry grandma who throws water at kids when they do trick or treat at her door.

Aquarius : the smart grandma who loves to read.

Pisces : the grandma obsessed with tv shows, always cries.