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“I was a mother for several centuries. I learned how to cook to feed my children.” Shinki smiled, offering the plate of beef stroganauf to the witch.

Patchouli accepted the offered dish. Putting it on the table, she went over to her kitchenette for a proper fork. Finding one, she returned, sat down, and took a bite.

“It’s good, Lady Shinki,” she said.

She hadn’t had this in a long time. She took another bite, and began thinking aloud between others.

“It’s interesting the way you developed differently from the other Lady Shinki. You are both mothers, and have been for a long time. She is a very happy and carefree goddess, with a Makai full of her children who she loves dearly, yet Yumeko tells me her food is inedible for anyone not immortal, and even they have problems with it.

"And you, Lady Shinki; you seem to have developed differently. Your personality is much sterner, but at the same time, your food won’t kill me on its own.

"I hope I’m not being too rude in saying this about yourself and about her,” she said, and finished the last bite.

“Thank you, Lady Shinki, that was delicious, if I knew you were coming, I’d have had a pie ready,” Patchouli said, and the obvious question as yet unasked dawned on her. “To what do I owe this pleasure, Lady Shinki?”

grandmakaianmother replied to your post: “ooo~ Making clothing, Sariel?” Shinki leaned over the Seraphim’s shoulder. “May I see?”

Shinki felt a small sweatdrop run down the back of her neck. Sariel’s choice of colors left much to be desired, but the clothes were well-made. “WEll … you got half of a few outfits here …”

Sariel observed Shinki’s expression, with a bit of a worried look. “Well, I guess it could be seen that way. I actually intended for these to go together with some tights, perhaps as an outfit for slightly chillier seasons, but if you have another idea I would be glad to hear it.”