Arthur Recap Season 6 Episode 10 Arthur Loses His Marbles

AKA The One With…Well, It’s the One With the Marbles. Duh.

Oh thank God, this is the last season 6 episode. Let’s do THIS!

Arthur informs that Grandma Thora is good at lots of stuff: she has great remedies for the chicken pox, can play Bingo really well (although, to be honest Bingo is just a game of chance), and can comfort D.W. with Scottish accented sock puppets.

TBH, the accent needs a little work.

Even though it’s great to have a grandma who is good at so many things, Arthur wishes that there was one thing his grandma wasn’t good at…Like, say marbles.

“Ready to knuckle down, sonny?” asks Grandma Thora as she sets up the game.

At the playground, Muffy shows off her birthday presents: Pokemon parody cards (”Whoa! You’ve got Stinkachu!” crows Binky), a Polly Pocket convertible, a battery operated Italian singer, and a bag of marbles.

Arthur and Buster are intrigued by the marbles and buy their own set after Muffy takes back her offer to give the boys hers. Even though she is dismissive of the marbles at first, Muffy decides she likes them once she sees other people wanting them.

I’m a little worried for Muffy. She could end up like Regina George.

Arthur and Buster play against each other and Arthur is terrible so he ends up losing all but one of his marbles to Buster, who plans on creating a mini solar system with his. Aw. I’d like to lose a game to Buster. He truly seems like he’d be a good sport about it. Unlike some people we know…

At Grandma Thora’s house, Arthur and D.W. get out of her horrible cooking (that’s one thing Grandma Thora still can’t do well) by distracting her with Arthur’s tale of losing at marbles. Grandma Thora offers to give Arthur her old set and recounts her glory days as a marble player. She tells him that she’d like to watch him him play sometime.

“Sometime” turns out to be the next scene where Arthur is once again losing, but this time to Francine. Grandma Thora asks to take the final shot and Francine lets her, thinking some grandma with arthritis can’t possible be any good.

But Grandma Thora totally kicks her ass! And she’s even a good sport about it, giving Francine back her lost marbles and complimenting her hook shot.

Arthur begs Grandma Thora to teach him everything she knows about marbles. “I thought you’d never ask,” she says.

Grandma Thora gives Arthur drills to improve the strength in his fingers and wrists: balancing cups of waters on the back of his palms. typing on an old typewriter, rolling the marble between his knuckles, and waxing the kitchen floors.

Okay, the last one was because she needed that chore done but still.

While Arthur may not be ready for a professional tournament, he can still show off to his friends so Arthur organizes a marbles tournament. You know, I’ve noticed that Arthur can be quite petty when it comes to competition. Remember that No Guessing game? When Arthur got tired of losing, he rigged the game and cheated to win to shut his friends up. This could be Arthur’s fatal flaw.

The tournament begins and Arthur quickly rises through the ranks. However, his final opponent is someone completely unexpected: Grandma Thora! “I taught you everything you know about marbles,” she tells him smugly. “But I didn’t teach you everything I know.” 

Arthur panics because he knows there’s no way he can win. He even has a nightmare where a giant Grandma Thora try to take him out with her marbles. “There’s only room for one marbles champion in this family,” she says menacingly.

Arthur decides there is only one way to save face: lose on purpose. He tells Buster that he doesn’t want to embarrass his grandma and Buster thinks it’s sweet. He then promptly blabs about Arthur’s intentions to everyone, even though Arthur told him not to.

Did Arthur know Buster would do that so the other kids won’t mock him if he loses? Arthur is one manipulative devil.

Grandma Thora notices Arthur flubbing the easy shots so she disqualifies herself by putting a foot in the marble ring. As Arthur eats his prize (a grand sundae from Cheers aka Brain’s ice cream shop) with Grandma Thora, he admits that he didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of his friends. Grandma Thora tells Arthur that it’s better to lose a hard game than win an easy one.

Arthur cheers up and goes over the highlights of the game with Grandma Thora.

Grade: B+ (It’s not a bad episode but it’s not particularly outstanding, although it does make me want to play marbles with my friends. What keeps me from giving this a higher grade is that the ending is a bit of a cop out because the writers must have realized there is no winner in this game: if Arthur won, he would have looked like an asshole for beating his grandmother. If Thora won, she would have looked like an asshole for beating her own grandson and a bunch of 8 year olds in a game of marbles. We already think it’s sad and disgusting college guys hang around high school girls to pick up dates. Can you imagine watching a 60 year old woman beating children at marbles and then eating the ice cream sundae prize in front of them?)

Rating: 64% intense. Marbles are intense.

Arthur Recap Season 2 Episode 3 "D.W. the Picky Eater"

Aw yeah, we’re getting a classic episode right here. This is an episode that should have been nominated for an Emmy, I’m not even fucking kidding. It’s truly iconic.I went to go look for this episode on YouTube and all I did was type “D.W.” and this episode was the first suggested search result.

Okay, fasten your seat belts kids. It’s going to be a magical, wild ride. It’s going to be like the best sex of your life. Don’t be surprised if you orgasm; that’s how great this episode is.

Okay, so we start off with D.W. running into the kitchen just as Jane gets back from the grocery store. Jane asks for her to help put away the groceries and D.W. is shocked that she has to put away a trout which still has its eyes. Arthur calls her a pussy for being scared of it and she tells him to fuck off.

D.W. criticizes the olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, but she especially revolted by the spinach.


Arthur explains that D.W. is a picky eater. No shit.

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Arthur Recap Season 1 Episode 30 "Arthur's New Year's Eve"

I said I was going to post this on New Year’s Eve but then you got one for ifyouresosmart. While he was sitting in his bathtub and lamenting his life, wondering where he went wrong, I was at my family’s New Year’s Eve party being eternally grateful my best friend Naomi was there because otherwise I wouldn’t have had anyone to talk to.

It was great. We reminisced about high school, looked at my senior yearbook, I told her all about my New York friends and my ex-boyfriend, watched Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve, and played Apples to Apples with my sister and her friends. 

After they left, the family and I stayed up until 1 am watching House Hunters and here I am, pretending to still be asleep as I write you all this recap from my bed.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and got to kiss someone at midnight and if not, that’s ok, the back of your hand still counts.

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I guess I’m a duck cause I am actually enjoying all this rain

Arthur Recap Season 3 Episode 12 Part 2 Clarissa Is Cracked

Aw, I loved this episode when I was younger! Let’s see how it stacks up now to my 20 year old eyes.

Arthur and D.W. are watching a special on ancient Egyptian mummies and imagine what they would like to have in their tombs. Arthur says he would take his Bionic Bunny action figures while D.W. would take the wrapping paper from her presents, her favorite stuffed animals, her button collections, and her snowball–if it was still around.

Egyptian!Arthur tells her that hasn’t happened yet and shut up about the damn snowball already!

David and Jane go into the living room to find their kids have fallen asleep while pretending to be mummies. They decide to not ask questions and back away slowly.

D.W. is being baby sat by Grandma Thora. She tells Grandma Thora that her favorite thing in her house is Grandma Thora’s doll, Clarissa. Thora tells D.W. she can take Clarissa home for the week as a vacation.

D.W. is delight and she plays with Clarissa all the time–she reads books to her, does her hair, takes her to the playground, allows her friends to touch Clarissa with their dirty hands, and basically all the things a four year old would do with a doll.

Why Grandma Thora let her four year old daughter handle an antique doll without telling her to be careful with it continues to astound me.

D.W. sees Mr. Ratburn’s puppet show of Rapunzel at the library and becomes inspired to play Rapunzel at her house. She puts Clarissa on the bed and jumps on it, accidentally letting the doll fall and break on the floor.

David sees her do this and scolds D.W. for not being careful enough. D.W. says that they can buy Grandma Thora a new doll but David explains that Clarissa is an old doll. “How old?” asks D.W.

“Old as balls,” he replies.

He shows D.W. a photo album of Grandma Thora when she was younger and explains that Thora grew up in 1920s Elwood City with only brothers so she didn’t have dolls to play with.

1920s Elwood City was pretty cool. It was a small town but everyone knew each other’s name and everyone got cranky about the Zeppelin that flew overhead. 

D.W. feels bad for Thora for growing up with boys but I still think it was sweet that Thora’s brothers tried to alter their hand-me-downs to suit her needs. Like, her brother tried to make her a horse and carriage with a toy horse and an airplane and her other brother tried to make her a doll with a potato.

Thora begs for a real doll of her own and for her birthday, she receives Clarissa. Because a big deal was made out whether Thora could take care of an expensive toy by herself and because the doll was truly Thora’s own, Thora was very careful to keep Clarissa neat and tidy. 

Unlike D.W. *cough cough*.

But seriously, Thora was anal as hell—she made people wipe their hands before they handle Clarissa, she put the doll on a pillow before she went down the slide. It was a little unnerving.

D.W. sobs that she’s a terrible granddaughter and laments that Thora will probably fire her. Jane says they should see if they can find a doll hospital but all of them have waiting lists or are closed.

Unfortunately for D.W., Thora is stopping by for dinner in two hours and will most likely want to see how Clarissa is doing.

Arthur takes D.W. to Mr. Ratburn, who thinks he can fix the doll before Grandma Thora gets there. D.W. tells Ratburn that he is not as scary as Arthur says.

“STOP TALKING!” screeches Arthur.

Anyway, Ratburn pulls through and fixes Clarissa good as new although D.W. worried that he was destroying her.

Thora arrives and D.W. presents Clarissa. Thora doesn’t notice anything and tells D.W. that she has done a good job taking care of her. D.W. got off scot free but she confesses that she cracked Clarissa anyway and apologizes for not being careful enough.

Thora tells D.W. that it’s okay; Clarissa has been broken before and D.W. did the right thing by taking her to get repaired and confessing her wrongs. She gives Clarissa to D.W. for good as a reward.

“But I don’t think I’ll be letting you handle any more of my antiques, dear,” she says.

Clarissa is no longer cracked.

Grade: A (Okay, I may be biased but I really liked this episode. I think it was a sweet episode between D.W. and Grandma Thora, especially since we got to learn more about Thora’s background. Also, Clarissa can be hella cute or hella creepy depending whether or not you just saw a  scary movie before you recap Arthur. Okay, fine. I’ll talk about this episode seriously. Uh, I don’t know. It warmed the cockles of my heart especially when D.W. confessed even though she got away with it.)

Rating: 65% intense. Dolls are intense.

Plus I got to make an “old as balls” joke in this review.)

Rating: 70% intense. A cracked doll is intense. 

Arthur Recap Season 4 Episode 10 My Music Rules

I’m doing this recap on Saturday night to set up a queue because lord knows I won’t have time this week.

Sweet grilled cheesus in a handbasket, I’m so tired. It’s 12:39 am. 

In D.W.’s preschool class, Ms. Morgan announces that their musical guest Piccolo the Clown has run away from the circus to join a family so does anyone have any suggestions?

D.W. raises her hand and Arthur interrupts to say that sometimes you know you’re not going to like something even without trying it. For example, kids knows that Grandma Thora’s recipes never turn out well and even Pal knows that shots are awful.

D.W. suggests the guy who wrote Crazy Bus and Arthur groans.

D.W. gets dropped off at Thora’s and Thora takes her along to a Yo Yo Ma concert. D.W. thinks it’s going to be boring since Yo Yo Ma doesn’t sing, have a light show, or break his instrument but she ends up enjoying the concert more than she thought!

Meanwhile, Francine and Arthur discuss about who to get for the library’s musical guest. Oliver suggests getting Uncle Joshua Redman, who is a jazz musician who can play anything. Arthur imagines Josh playing a vacuum cleaner.

They look him up and call him to ask if he will come just as D.W. approaches Yo Yo Ma after the concert to be the musical guest. Both musicians say yes!

Uh-oh….looks like this means trouble…

The two groups bump into each other at the library and Arthur yells at D.W. for inviting a musician when they already have Francine’s uncle. D.W. insists that “yo momma” already said he’s coming and classical is better than jazz. She tells Arthur that he probably wouldn’t even know when to clap at a classical concert and Arthur snarks, “Never because it’d be BORING.”

That was a good burn.

Thora tells them to calm down and there’s no reason BOTH musicians can come. Arthur and D.W. tell her that’s cute but this means war.

The kids talk about how Yo Yo Ma must be stopped while Sue Ellen tries to suggest that maybe having both isn’t such a bad idea.

Everyone tells her to shut up.

After school, Binky says Saturday is going to be the best because obviously, Joshua Redman and Yo Yo Ma are going to have an epic battle. Arthur pictures the wrestling match where Joshua Redman demolishes Yo Yo Ma. Not only do they have bulging muscles are are dressed in barely there leotards, Joshua Redman wins the fight by playing a bicycle pump as a flute.

I can’t believe those two musicians allowed their likeness to be used this way.

On music day at the library, Joshua Redman arrives first and plays jazz for the kids. Binky teases D.W. about how Yo Yo Ma is late and Arthur tries to get Joshua Redman to diss classical music but Joshua explains that music has all different kinds of forms.

Yo Yo Ma arrives and D.W. tries to get him to say that jazz isn’t real music but he tells her that all music follows a rhythm and Joshua adds that the rules of music change based on what people like to hear which can change all the time. They tell the kids that it’s okay to like different kinds of music.

Binky is disappointed that they’re not going to fight and D.W. is upset that Yo Yo Ma didn’t crush Arthur. However, the two musicians begin playing Crazy Bus and even Arthur is charmed.

However, I’m sitting here in the back, yelling, “PLAY FREE BIRD! PLAY FREE BIRD!”

My music rules!

Grade: C+ (There isn’t much plot here honestly, everything happens too fast even though the guest appearances were greatly appreciated and tons of fun. I don’t know, I felt like this wrapped up really quickly and didn’t really go anywhere with the plot.)

Rating: 10% intense. Music is intense

Arthur Recap Season 2 Episode 15 Grandma Thora Appreciation Day

Alrighty, I don’t really have a cool intro for you guys but I don’t want to jump straight into the episode. Right now, I am at work and several RAs are chilling behind me as they are on call and they are probably judging me for being 20 years old and watching Arthur.

But who gives a fuck, am I right?!

Man, maybe I need to get one of those boyfriend things soon.

Arthur and D.W. spend the night at Grandma Thora’s and discover some very uncomfortable truths. And no, it was not a sex swing in the basement.

They have discovered that Grandma Thora leads a very sad life. For example, she has no cable, must eat tasteless potato chips because her doctor is monitoring her diet, has to keep her teeth in a glass, and is very lonely because her only son is a failed caterer who has two restraining orders against him from Guy Fieri. Oh, and she doesn’t get to spend enough time with her grandkids.

Oy gevalt. If I ever get like that, I need someone to pull the plug. I’ll be damned before I let some Johnny Doctor tell me to lay off the salty potato chips.

Arthur and D.W. decide that they must do something to improve their grandmother’s life.

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Arthur Recap Season 2 Episode 8 Arthur vs the Piano

Alright cats and kittens let’s get our week started with an Arthur recap!

Arthur tells us that he thinks that he could be almost anything. he could be a teacher like Mr. Ratburn—except not as much of a hardass. He could be an account like his mom—except I think Arthur might be guilty of embezzling because there’s no way he could get Ed Crosswire that much of a tax refund without cooking the books a little. Or he could be a caterer like this dad—except he’ll do cool things like make the world’s biggest pizza, not sit in the garage and drink as he watches Food Network, waiting for someone, anyone, to call.

But Arthur thinks he could not be a piano player. But-but but that’s one of Arthur’s character traits! Episodes revolve around him playing the piano.

What could this mean?

Read and find out!

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