For Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, The Sound of Music Was Never “So Long, Farewell”

^ In which Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer act like an old married couple while being interviewed by Vanity Fair. An excerpt:

They had just returned from a photo shoot. I asked how it went, and Andrews leapt in: 

“Well, I was dressed in black. He was dressed in black. We were against some white, I think. I had a great pair of earrings, and my hair was really exciting. It was done up rather wildly.”

“You didn’t notice me at all, did you?” Plummer asked wanly.

“No, I didn’t,” she answered vigorously.

He pouted. “I haven’t eaten anything for days,” he announced.

She responded on cue. “Oh, honeybun, that’s terrible!”

And then she rummages in her purse as he watches her hopefully asakdadakjshk I love them.

(Photograph by Annie Leibovitz)