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The grandma that is like your best friend and always feeds you: Taurus, Virgo, Gemini, Leo

The constantly drunk grandma: Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries

The always gossiping grandma: Libra, Scorpio

The grandma that can’t cook for anything but is super nice and loving: Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces

What Being a Kitchen/Cottage Witch Means to Me

>>> Fair warning, I’m pretty excited about this post<<

So, when you hear kitchen witch or cottage witch, what comes to mind? Maybe an old rustic looking room, pots hangin from the wooden ceiling, herbs hanging to dry everywhere. Maybe a gnarled woman hunched over a huge cast iron pot, while fog rolls through, and a clock somewhere strikes midnight…

Okay…Maybe not.

For me, being a kitchen witch means that I take great pride in my food. It means I also put a lot of stock (hahaha get it???) in my family, and my ability to care and nurture them. I put a really heavy focus on friends, family, my home, and myself. 

It means I’m constantly looking up recipes. I collect herbs like grandmas collect fancy plates. I’m always trying to learn about new baking methods. I study herbalism and look for natural remedies that are safe and actually work. 

Being a cottage witch means I take everything I focus on in the kitchen, and I turn it outward through my whole house, my whole property even. It means I never throw away even the smallest thread, and that broken glass is something I collect in jars just in case. It means that there are sigils written over every window, door and crack, and that even the simplest thing, like my windchimes, or the screen door or the cute little clock above the doorway, all protect my family and my household and ward off even the littlest shit that tries to worm its way through. 

It means I have happiness charms hiding behind furniture in every room, it means I focus on helping and healing and comfort, but I also know when to get down and dirty. It means taking no shit from anyone or anything. It means protecting your own.

 I take pride in being a kitchen/cottage witch, because it means I’m learning to better take care of myself and my family and home. It gives me peace and comfort and a sense of purpose, to have a literal endless amount of possibilities and no limit on creativity. I can go in any direction I want with my practice, whatever I think will serve my family better. And I love it.


i gave elise a pair of round glasses on her birthday and she became the perfect maid/strategist in my very first revelations playthrough

!!!Side note!!! 

i’ll be flying off for tokyo with my family tomorrow! gonna spam my twitter while basking in the pink shades of sakura trees!!! Ciaoooooo o/

My grandma has her own posable lesbian space warriors.

So my grandma collects dolls, which makes her house Penny Dreadful levels of creepy, but you do you right? Well I live in Toronto, and I’ve been ordering the new SH Figurarts Sailor Moon figures to my grandmother’s house in NY, because they’re so much cheaper in the US. Except this time, my grandma opened the package, assumed I’d bought the dolls for her, and called to tell me that she absolutely loves them thank you so much!

I’m assuming Uranus and Neptune will be living a very chaste life now, but at least they have a good home. - Sam


The participation gift for this month’s challenge is part 2 of my “Hippie Grandma Collection” though these are technically more beatnik-style. It’s a conversion of afbodydaisydressboots, afbodyjessicadrspumps, and the separated sweater from afbodyjosietopjeans for EF. Everything is repositoried and pinned, so H&M is required.

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