grandma takes a trip

The Outsiders boys as things I've said

Ponyboy: I’m only a child why are you all like this

Sodapop: I get drunk off of Strawberry Fanta.

Darry: You may call me the mom of the group, but I’m more like the stressed out grandma who takes care of everyone because the mom is on a acid trip.

Two-Bit: I want to be a comedian, but I’m a whole lot funnier inside my head.

Steve: //loses a game of Kahoot// I’M GONNA KASHOOT EVERYONE

Dally: What goes on in my head are the cries of the damned, 24/7.

Johnny: Don’t talk to me, I’m only a baby. (Youre 16) I SAID DON’T TALK TO ME

my grandma and grandpa take a road trip around the country every fall and they’re on it right now and they called as i was getting out of class to tell me that they got lost in the UP five days ago and ended up in christmas town and just… haven’t left. they’ve literally just been fucking around in christmas town for the past 5 days bc my grandma loves christmas and my grandpa found this craft brewery he likes. honestly they’re my favorite people in this entire world i’m glad they’ve found happiness in christmas town.

“What is love?”

Ponyboy goes around and asks the gang what love is to them for a school assignment…

Darry: “I don’t know Pone, I guess… it’s when you care about someone more than you could ever care about yourself. You love them so much that you’d risk your life to make sure nothing bad could happen to them. You put them first just to make sure they’re happy. I don’t know, go ask Soda.” 

Sodapop: “Remember during the holidays mum and dad would take us on long trips to visit grandma and grandpa? And you missed home so much, all you could think about was coming back… Well, that’s kinda like what love is like. It’s the feeling you get when you finally come home.” 

Steve: “Listen kid, I ain’t got time for this- fine, but only because Darry is glaring at me. I guess love is like seeing a really sexy car for the first time, and the body work is so good that you could cry, and you can think about is being able to ride inside of it. That’s what love is.” 

Two-Bit: “I don’t know, kid, I’m really bad at words… I guess love is when you can just sit down with someone you’re comfortable with and have a really good time. Someone who’ll laugh at all your jokes even if they’re not the least bit funny. I guess when you’re so comfortable that you can show them all your bad sides and not worry that they’re gonna run for the hills. And they’ll still be there even though you’re not all that great” 

Johnny: “I guess, I don’t know… Love is when you’d do absolutely anything for them. You couldn’t ever imagine hurting them emotionally, physically or otherwise. It’s when you can finally fall asleep next to someone and not imagine a life where you don’t wake up to them. You can show your vulnerable side to them and know that they won’t judge you because deep down inside of them they understand you. Maybe you shouldn’t put that in, Pone, I guess it was kind of stupid.”

Dally: “Love? God kid, there ain’t no such thing as love. You and your goddamn Shakespeare shit. You gotta live in the real world. You gotta get tough, you can’t be tied down to no woman. You wanna know what love is? The closest thing you’re gonna get to love is when you’re on top of a broad, and the next morning you kick her out.” 

Ponyboy: Love is such a passionate word and I think that I am way to young and inexperienced to answer this question. I could recite you a sonnet from Shakespeare or a passage from Jane Austin’s books and I still couldn’t muster up enough words in this English vocabulary to describe such a simple word. Maybe in 10 years time I could give you a definition, maybe I will never know, but one thing I know is that love is infinite, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find that one person that was made for you and you’ll think that God himself put this angel on Earth to find you. 

the signs as old ladies

aries: always carries butterscotch in her fanny pack, loves rollercoasters, hits rotten kids with cane, “hip” grandma
taurus: bakes cookies every other day and has grandchildren who she always wants to pamper/spoil and fatten up with sweets
gemini: has raised like 13 orphans/foster kids in her care and loves children but usually doesn’t have any of her own, super frugal and knows all the money-saving life hacks
cancer: loves her grandchildren more than her own children, her kids may resent her for trying to steal theirs, goes out of her way to make sure her family is supported and cared for, loves art museums and goes multiple times a week
leo: actually 86 but looks like she’s 46, wears coco chanel and carries coach handbags, probably modeled in her younger days
virgo: independent and self-sufficient small old lady, stays fit and goes on morning power-walks, all about happiness and always loves to see people around her happy/smiling
libra: knows all the grandmas in the neighborhood and loves to host “get-togethers”, lives in the suburbs, always very friendly and approachable and the kids on her block love her dearly
scorpio: hot grandma, dresses in high-end fashion no matter what financial standpoint, “hip” grandma with aries, grandchildren (if any) aspire to be her
sagittarius: grandma that goes out with friends all the times, takes road trips by herself, loves to take grandchildren on adventures and goes against their parents’ wishes often just for fun
capricorn: very close with family and likes to keep tabs on them, enjoys simple things like sitting in the park and feeding the birds, writes novels and short stories to read to grandchildren/community kids
aquarius: always has a new story to tell any time you see her, loves to see her loved ones smile, pretends to sleep on train/bus rides just to scare people into thinking she’s dead
pisces: tiny old woman you feel the urge to pick up and carry around, has the cutest and softest laugh, loves to cook and please her family and friends, very affectionate

vriskanroserezi road trip shenanigans

- rose vriska and kanaya alternate turns driving
- terezi buys the most disgusting snacks in bulk and buys super big gulps and slurpees at every gas station, so they have to stop a lot for her to pee
- kanaya is the night driver since she’s a bit of a night owl. rose stays up with her and tries to keep her company while terezi and vriska snooze in the back seat
- vriska speeds like a fucking demon and cuts off other drivers and it stresses kanaya out. she forces her to at least wear a seatbelt. kanaya is the Mom and makes everyone buckle up every time. she has hawk eyes and will know if you’re not wearing a seatbelt
- rose drives fairly normally but kanaya… kanaya won’t even go 5 over…. terezi and vriska call her grandma the entire trip bc of this
- they take turns with the music. rose plays classical music, terezi likes weird edm shit, and vriska listens exclusively to shitty pop punk emo music incredibly loudly. kanaya doesn’t have strong music preferences and sometimes just finds a local top 40 station when nobody can agree on what they’re going to listen to
- rose sleeps with her mouth open, which is a problem because terezi will stick twizzlers in there while she’s sleeping. she and vriska have a running game where they see how many twizzlers they can stick in rose’s mouth before she jolts awake and swats them away. they’ve managed to get 8 whole twizzlers in there. this stresses kanaya out
- everything stresses kanaya out. bless her heart. she can’t sleep well in the car so they have to get a shitty motel and they all share a bed in the least romantic and most uncomfortable way possible
- vriska brings booze because she’s irresponsible. she and Rose sneak shots while kanaya is driving
- vriska snores and sleeps like a log in the backseat and there’s more than a few times rose terezi and kanaya are all kept awake
- terezi routinely rolls down the window to stick her entire head out

there’s so much more i could go on about this for days

Fic: The Swear Jar (1/6)

A Six Part Chris Evans Fanfic (ft. daddy!chris)

Summary: On Sunday night, Chris has thirty dollars in his wallet. With each passing day of the week, his wallet gets skinnier and skinnier, all thanks to his potty mouth.

Thanks for reading!! xx


On Sunday night, Chris has thirty dollars in his wallet. A ten, two fives, and ten ones.

It was one of the many things his father instilled in him; ’always keep extra cash on you’. (His wife repeatedly teases him about the suspicious singles, to which he responds by taking a jab at his bachelor strip clubbing days. Chris finds it hilarious; Natalia does not.)

Throughout the week, his emergency stash withers with each new passing day. And by the end of Saturday night, the jar that sits perched on the fireplace mantle that is labeled ‘Evans Swear Jar’ is thirty dollars richer.


Chris is having one of those Monday’s. The one where he’s pretty sure the universe is out to get him, laughing in his face at every turn. It’s just another manic Monday, and just like the song goes, he really, really wishes it was Sunday.

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Rich shouldered his bag and approached Steve. The alpha and himgot close and Rich enjoyed being with steve. They weren’t dating, but sometimes he wished for that to happen, also he didn’t know what might appen when Steve will get himself a mate and it wouldn’t be Rich.

And asking? No, Rich wouldn’t ask. It didn’t feel right for him and also he remembered his father telling him, before they gave him to his grandma to take care of him while they were jetting and business-tripping around the world, ‘An omega doesnt court, he gets court..’

“S..Steve?” He asked timidly, since the alpha stood with some other alphas. “Coming to study at my place?” He asked and blushed as the hollering started.

Nikkei~? Haafu~?

So, pretty soon, my grandma is taking me on a trip to Japan!!! She really wants to show me around, especially Akihabara, Shibuya, and Ginza~

Are there any places you think I should go to~? C: Especially affordable kimono/clothing shops, museums, temples, etc~? Any particular snacks/beauty products I should try and pick up~?

I’ll be there for quite a few days, just under two weeks ^_^ so I’m hoping to hit up quite a few places