grandma nobody

“I got a message from God the other day about how to solve the world’s problems. We’ve got to send all the world leaders to play on one of Trump’s golf courses. Then while they’re gone, we replace them with grandmas. Because nobody ever got invaded by a grandma.”


I bought this acrylic piece of folk art Americana yesterday. It is King size (100, 9" squares set 10x10 with an inch border between each and around the outside). It was so hideous hanging in the thrift store I just couldn’t bear for it not to have a home.  I swear whoever crocheted this, went to the thrift store and bought the grab bags of assorted acrylic yarn scrap balls that people donate when grandma dies and nobody knows how to knit or crochet.

Why would I pay good money for that?

  1. Each individual block contains some REALLY ugly yarn but the overall effect is pretty cool
  2. It had only one flaw that I could find, and that’s easy to fix.
  3. I needed a lighter weight cover for our bed for summer, because our comforter is too hot to sleep under.  This was $10.  Do you know how hard it is to find a bed cover for $10?!
  4. There’s probably $40 worth of yarn in this thing even at cheap Red Heart prices, and it’s more effort than I want to put in right now, ready made.
  5. I want to make a quilt for our bed but I’m slow getting started so this’ll do
  6. It goes with anything
  7. Acrylic yarn is machine wash and dry-able and wears like iron.  I’ll probably still own this thing when Jesus comes back.
  8. I have to admire the dedication and imagination it took to persevere in crocheting 100 blocks of really ugly yarn and then hook them all together.
  9. Have I mentioned it was $10?