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Random thought that has probably already been discussed but I need to get it out of my mind: I headcanon (actual canon be dammed) that Kon-el didn't die, he just retired of the superhero bussiness to live in Kansas with Grandpa & Grandma Kent (wherever Clark, Lois & John are living there too is optional) because John is precious and needs a big brother dammit!

like everyone was so pumped when white wally came back from the time stream or whatever, but really - I want Kon to bust out of that time stream so fast and find clark/ma and pa and just the first thing out of his mouth is I HAVE A BROTHER?! WHERE IS HE?!

And Jon’s already chilling with Damian and out of nowhere Kon just SWOOPS IN AND PICKS HIM UP and Damian’s freaking the heck out like what is happening but Clark’s told Jon stories of Kon and he doesn’t know how but he RECOGNIZES HIM and just starts crying and holds Kon so tight. 

I need superbros. GIVE ME SUPER BROS DC. NOW. 

Hi Taylor! This is my cat LoLo! She is my whole world. She is named after my grandma Lois who passed away 3 years ago, (she loved cats too). LoLo is a year old. She is part Maine Coon. We got her after she had a bad first home. So she is very skittish and doesn’t exactly like men. She likes to cuddle at night and I seriously love it. I know people hate when people say their pets are their children but as of right now she is. I just wanted to introduce you, @taylorswift, to my favorite animal in the whole world. I know you like cats so I thought you might enjoy.