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Drabble Game: Gray & 70

You got it, nonnie :) Thanks for participating and I hope you like it!

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“I’m way worse to live with than you are,” you said.

You were sitting with Gray on a mattress in the middle of what used to be your living room. Everything else you owned had already been moved into the apartment you would soon be sharing together. It was a big milestone in your relationship, one that you had been looking forward to, but it was still daunting nevertheless. You were happy with how things were already, and though you joked about it, you were nervous that living together would change that.

Gray was laying beside you. The bottle of cheap champagne you’d bought to commemorate the occasion sat almost empty next to him. He looked up at you, admiring the way your mouth moved when you spoke, and felt the fit of drunken giggles returning.

Drunk Gray was one of your favorites. You loved the way he got so animated. How he could babble unabashed to his heart’s content in the most endearing way often to the amusement of those around him.

“Yeah?” he slurred. “Worse than leaving wet towels on the floor?”

You tapped your chin with your index finger to act like you were thinking while Gray struggled to refill his glass.

“That’s a tough one but I think I can beat it.”

“Try it.”

“Well I’m awful at doing laundry. You might end up with a bunch of pink shirts.”

Gray let out an exaggerated groan to bide time while he wracked his brain for more of his shortcomings.

“Alright I’ve got one: Never ask me to cook. I’ve been known to set off the fire alarm boiling water.”

“Yah! If you told me that I would never have agreed to move in with you because I can’t cook either.”

Laughter consumed both of you and you leaned against Gray to stop yourself from falling over.

“Don’t worry! I won’t let us starve, jagi,” he said, rolling onto his side to face you. The room was starting to spin around him but he found that his eyes fixated on the curve of your bottom lip. All he could think about was kissing you and never stopping but you were still sitting upright and he doubted he had to coordination to join you. So he let his hand gently roam across the inside of your thigh, noting the way such a simple touch could still make the breath catch in your throat, before he continued. “Even so it’s too late to back out now. I hope you can accept that you’re stuck with me until our lease is up.”

Will you accept that I am hopelessly in love with you, and that there’s nothing you can do that will ever change that?

“Accept?” He asked, finding the strength slide his arm around your waist and pull you down beside him on the mattress. “It’s what I’m counting on.”


Next week will be the 100th day since you’ve been gone. Words cannot explain how much I miss you and how much I regret not visiting you whenever I had the chance to in my teen years. It makes me angry cause I don’t even have a single memory I can really remember with you cause they were so long ago. I hope to see you soon, I really do..

I miss you so much, Grandma..