grandma foster

sometimes i forget the story of my great grandmother accidentally getting high isnt on tumblr so im fixing that

so my my great grandma was a foster parent to this girl who smoked weed. one day she found her plants and, not knowing what they were, thought they were attractive and asked to have one to grow. she started growing this weed plant on a windowsill until one day her daughter came over and started freaking out over it, telling her it was weed. my great grandma suddenly became paranoid that the police were going to come and arrest her, and one day while she was alone, a helicopter flew over the house and she thought it was the police here to take her away. she took the plant and was going to throw it in the trash, but she thought the garbage truck would see it, so she needed to find another place to get rid of it.

she looks over at the chimney, currently lit with a fire.